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Hell in a Cell (2018) PPV Card

Hell in a Cell PPV Card (Sept. 23, 2018):

Pre-Show: The Country Club v. The Bear Huggers -Morgan pins Bayley RESULT: THE COUNTRY CLUB WINS Match #1: The Bludgeon Brothers v. The Bar - SDLive Tag Team Championship & Hell in a Cell Match -Sheamus hits White Noise to Harper threw a table on the outside -Cesaro giant swings Rowan into the steel steps inside the ring, then a Neutralizer to Rowan off of the steel steps, Cesaro pins Rowan RESULT: THE BAR WINS. NEW CHAMPS!!! Match #2: Daniel Bryan v. Mike Kanellis w/ The Miz -Kanellis throws Bryan to the outside and distracts the ref, The Miz hits Bryan with his boot, throws Bryan back into the ring RESULT: MIKE KANELLLIS WINS Match #3: Finn Balor v. Shinsuke Nakamura - United States Championship Match -Nakamura goes for a low blow, Balor reverse into a 1916, Nakamura reverses into a Kinshasa, pins Balor to retain RESULT: SHINSUKE NAKAMURA WINS Match #4: Carmella v. Charlotte Flair - SDLive Women’s Championship Match, Becky Lynch is Special Guest Referee -Anytime Flair goes for a pin attempt, Lynch counts slowly RESULT: CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS. NEW CHAMP!!! Match #5: Rusev w/ Aiden English v. Elias RESULT: RUSEV WINS -Following the match, Aiden English sings a song he wrote for Rusev, announcing that Rusev will have a “terrible Rusev Day”, Elias then attacks Rusev with English’s help, Elias and English walk to the back together. MAIN EVENT: AJ Styles v. Seth Rollins v. Kevin Owens v. Drew McIntyre - WWE Championship & Hell in a Cell Match -During the match, McIntyre and Owens goes through the cell wall -During the match, McIntyre suplexes Owens while being powerbombed by Rollins and Styles through the announce table (Tower of Pain) -During the match, Rollins and Styles throw Mcintyre and Owens out of the ring, and then proceed to go one-on-one, which is then interrupted by McIntyre and Owens RESULT: AJ STYLES WINS

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