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Warrior Wrestling 17 (2021) Preview

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Warrior Wrestling 17 is set to take place Sunday, December 12th, 2021 at 4 PM (CT). The show is titled 17 as it is the 17th show of Warrior Wrestling. They most recently ran Warrior Wrestling Sweet 16 featuring Bret Hart. Warrior Wrestling currently has 3 championships. Below is a little bit more information about the championships. Warrior Wrestling Championship Current Champion: Trey Miguel Date Won: 09/26/20 vs. Brian Pillman Jr and Brian Cage Defenses:

-Lee Moriarty (06/05/21) -Jake Something (08/21/21) -Jonathan Gresham (10/16/21) -No Contest Warrior Wrestling Women's Championship Current Champion: Thunder Rosa Date Won: 08/21/21 vs Kylie Rae Defenses:

-Madi Wrenkowski (09/12/21) Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship Current Champion: Aramis Date Won: 06/05/21 vs. Arez, Black Taurus, Dragon Bane, El Hijo de Canis Lupus, Golden Dragon, Gringo Loco, Laredo Kid Defenses:

-Daga (07/17/21) -Mr Iguana (08/21/21) -Gringo Loco, Rey Horus (10/16/21)

Dante Martin vs Joey Janela

Last time Warrior Wrestling saw Joey Janela, he was diving off of the field goal post through a table onto Frank The Clown and Robert Anthony. Good times if you ask me. This time, Janela is stepping in for Bandido against Dante Martin. Dante is a rising star and everyone realizes it by now.

Winner: Dante Martin

KC Navarro vs. Rocky Romero

KC Navarro won the GMSI and can challenge for the Warrior Championship at any time. KC Navarro was last seen wrestling Alex Shelley at Sweet 16. This time KC takes on another savvy veteran of the squared circle in Rocky Romero. I expect the result to be the same. Since KC has the GMSI Medallion, he can take a loss here too, pal. Winner: Rocky Romero

Thunder Rosa vs. Mercedes Martinez - Warrior Wrestling Women's Championship

Speaking of veterans, Mercedes Martinez makes her Warrior Wrestling debut against the Women's Champion, Thunder Rosa. While this match is not a first-time-ever match-up, it will most certainly deliver on all expectations. I can't see Warrior taking the title off of Rosa yet. Winner: Thunder Rosa

Chelsea Green vs. Skye Blue

While we are talking about the women of Warrior Wrestling, I would be remiss to mention Chelsea Green taking on Skye Blue, a hometown favorite. Blue has started to make a name for herself while being featured on AEW in recent months. On the other hand, Green is an established name in independent women's wrestling. I really don't have much to say on this match, but it should be interesting. Winner: Skye Blue

Sam Adonis vs. Brody King

This match is something I was sure we'd see in Mexico before Warrior Wrestling, but here we are. After Brody King withdrew from the event, Taven is stepping in for him against Warrior Wrestling mainstay Sam Adonis. Sam Adonis has been an absolute workhorse for Warrior Wrestling, having wrestled in the most matches in the promotion's history. Unfortunately, Adonis is often on the losing end of the exchange. Here is a shortlist of the talent that Adonis has lost to in Warrior Wrestling: Nick Aldis (NWA Championship), LA Park, Pat Monix, Brian Pillman Jr, Brian Cage, Lance Archer, Matt Cardona, and Jay White. Adonis has beaten Jake Something, Colt Cabana, and most recently Moose. If there is a Mister Warrior Wrestling, it should be Sam Adonis. I have no idea if Sam is winning or losing, but I want him to win. Winner: Sam Adonis

Frank the Clown often refers to himself as Mister Warrior Wrestling, but he's been banned from the building. I highly doubt that he'll be able to get around that. If by some tragedy Frank does make an appearance, I hope he has the decency to use a really fancy method like in the show's past. If he never appeared again, I wouldn't miss him. Prediction: Frank the Clown does something stupid

Aramis vs. Flamita - Warrior Wrestling Lucha Championship Match

Since The Lucha Championship's creation, we've seen some very good matches with superb talents. Flamita is making his Warrior Wrestling debut in this match and I'm sure they will add to the early legacy of the Lucha Championship. I could see them doing a title change here to keep the crowd on their toes, but the smart money would be for Aramis to retain. Winner: Aramis

Fuego Del Sol vs. Carlos Romo

Fuego Del Sol makes his Warrior Wrestling debut against a returning Carlos Romo. Romo has not been in Warrior Wrestling for nearly two years. His last appearance was in a triple threat match for the Impact X Division Championship against Blake Christian and then champion Ace Austin. From the very little I've seen of Romo, he has all the potential in the world to be a star, but I can't see Fuego Del Sol losing here. Winner: Fuego Del Sol

Trey Miguel vs. Blake Christian vs. Will Ospreay - Warrior Wrestling Championship Match

The main event of Warrior Wrestling 17 features champion Trey Miguel defending his crown against Blake Christian and Will Ospreay. Obviously, Ospreay is a massive name to have here, but with that being said I can't see him winning the championship. I also can't see Osprey taking the pin. That leaves Warrior Wrestling regular Miguel and former Warrior Wrestling regular Blake Christian. You almost have to assume one of them is taking the pin. To me, Miguel has been a fine champion for Warrior and he'll get the victory here. Winner: Trey Miguel

Post match, however, I think that KC Navarro is going to cash in his GMSI medallion and defeat Trey Miguel to become the new Warrior Wrestling Champion. It would make more sense as a babyface to challenge Trey for the next show, but I don't think KC waits. I can't really figure out how we get there, but I have a vision of KC holding the championship as the show ends. Winner: KC Navarro

This card is absolutely stellar. I have not been to a bad Warrior Wrestling show and 17 won't be the first. There are still tickets available to Warrior Wrestling 17 on 12/12 with a 4:00 PM bell time. To purchase tickets click here: I hope to see you there!


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