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IWA Mid South King of the Death Matches vs Southern Sickness Cup 2021 - Night 2 Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

John Wayne Murdoch won in the main event of Night 1 against JC Rotten via interference from JC Rotten's wife, Tori. Murdoch was representing JC's promotion while JC was representing his father Ian's promotion. This was the biggest storyline aspect of Night 1. After the match, JC Rotten told Murdoch that he "Better win the whole thing now."

The remaining wrestlers in the tournament are Eric Ryan (KOTDM), Amazing Maria (SSC), Satu Jinn (SSC), Tank (KOTDM), Kevin Giza (SSC), Aeroboy (KOTDM), Orin Veidt (KOTDM) and of course John Wayne Murdoch (SSC). A lot of very talented wrestlers left in this tournament. Let's jump right into it.

Orin Veidt (KOTDM) vs. Satu Jinn (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC: Quarter Final Death Match

Hard to tell what this stipulation is, but looks like there's some tubes set up in triangles standing up. Orin inspects some of the hardware as we begin. They start with a lockup, but Satu throws Orin down. They lock up again and Satu throws Orin into the corner. Orin gets a wrist lock in and starts working the fingers for a moment. Satu throws Orin into the tubes in the corner. Satu throws Orin into the other corner with tubes. Orin smashes one on his own forehead before Satu starts chopping Orin. Orin ducks a chop and starts chopping Satu in the corner. Satu grabs a tube and head butts Orin. Satu goes for a back body drop, but its reversed into a bulldog. Satu goes to the floor. Orin goes for a dive, but Satu punches Orin and catches him. Satu grabs a tube and breaks it over Orin after a few tries. Satu grabs a Tennis racket with gussets and jams it into Orin's arm. Orin bails and grabs a few tubes that refuse to break until Orin swings the absolute hell out of them. Orin starts stabbing with the tube, but quickly Satu takes control and carves Orin up with the cleaver. Orin cracks a tube on Satu's shin and stabs him in the back with the tube. The tennis racket is back and now firmly in Satu's back. Satu throws a chair at Orin, maybe hitting his leg. Satu pushes a table of sorts into the ring and smacks a tube on Orin. Satu is now biting Orin's head. Orin gets up and exchanges chops and strikes with Satu. Satu runs at Orin and Orin moves. Satu goes flying into a Wile E Coyote looking weapon with tubes holding up a barbed wire board. Orin tries to bring Satu into the ring, but gets a back suplex from Satu onto the apron. Satu finds a pane of glass and throws it onto Orin. Satu gets Orin into the ring for 2. Orin chops Satu a few times, but Satu hits a ripcord lariat. Satu picks Orin up and hits a death valley driver for 2. Satu has the table again. Looks like there are poppers in the middle of it. Orin starts to get momentum, but receives a pop up spine buster from Satu. Satu nails a falcon arrow for 2! Satu goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Orin hits him with tubes. Orin puts Satu on his shoulders and slams him down through the table for 3.

Rating: C

Match felt a little long without too much going on. A lot of the tubes weren't breaking, but that's nobody in particular's fault. Also have to keep in mind it was the first match of the night so let's put that into perspective. Intrigued to see who Orin gets in the Semi Final round.

Eric Ryan (KOTDM) vs. Amazing Maria (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC: Quarter Final Death Match

Before the introductions are finished, Maria attacks Ryan. Maria absolutely has control early on and smashes a few tubes onto Ryan's dome. Maria grabs a kiddie pool and about 9 tubes from under the ring. Maria puts a few tubes on top of the pool. Ryan goes for a powerbomb, but Maria throws him over her back through the tubes for 2! Maria gets up and head butts Ryan immediately. Ryan gets to his knees and attacks Amazing Maria's knee brace. Ryan works the knee over and starts to take the brace off. Ryan grabs a bundle of tubes and smashes them into Maria's face for 2. Ryan locks a submission on Maria's knee that according to commentary has a partial ACL tear in it. Ryan grabs some tubes and smashes them into Maria's face. One of them didn't break. Where did they get these tubes? Ryan grabs a barbed wire board and places it in the corner. Maria back to her feet throws a few punches. Ryan starts headbutting Maria as the crowd boos. Maria starts headbutting Ryan as the crowd cheers. Ryan runs at Maria as she clotheslines him twice. Ryan grabs some tubes, swings misses and gets hit by a lariat through the tubes for 2! Maria and Ryan throw strikes back and forth in the center. Maria seems to have control as Ryan goes down to a knee until he nails a chin breaker. Maria hits a Russian leg sweep into the barbed wire board. She crawls to cover Ryan, but only gets a 2. Maria locks in a dragon sleeper on Ryan. Ryan gets out by going after the knee. Ryan gets out and locks in the sharpshooter for a submission victory.

Rating: C-

It's hard for me to grade this match fairly knowing what we know now about Eric Ryan's health. This match was fine nonetheless. When Eric Ryan is back at full strength, I'm excited to see him reclaim his throne as the King of the Death Matches.

John Wayne Murdoch (SSC) vs. Tank (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC: Quarter Final Death Match

This is a stuck on you death match. The cross with gusset plates made its return on night 2. There's several tubes throughout the ring and a bat in barbed wire. Probably some other things, but I can't really tell right now. Tank goes after JWM immediately and grabs a circular blade and slices Murdoch's head. Murdoch goes to the floor as Tank follows. Murdoch puts some tubes on Tank's forehead and hammerfists them, but they don't break. They break on the second attempt. Tank grabs some tubes and smashes them on JWM. Tank grabs another and headbutts it into Murdoch. Murdoch does the same and then grabs the barbed wire bat and kicks it into Tank's backside. Tank headbutts a gusset to the head of John Wayne. Murdoch stabs Tank with a BBQ Fork and smacks him with a light tube. Murdoch grabs a gusset plate and sticks it in Tank's arm. Tank gets a dustpan with thumbtacks and smacks Murdoch with it. Tank misses a tube shot but Murdoch connects on a couple. The crowd is coming alive for this one. Tank rubs a thumbtack bat into JWM's head. Tank and Murdoch both have mini-saws on each other's forehead as the crowd chants IWA. Tank kicks Murdoch then puts a tube in his nether region. Tank kicks JWM a few times before the tube finally breaks. JWM smacks Tank with a gusset bat. They are now back in the ring. Tank goes after JWM's little JWM with the BBQ Fork. They exchange headbutts in the middle of the ring until they both collapse. Tank is to his feet first. They start to exchange forearms then chops. Tank goes for a backfist, but it is blocked. JWM hits a flatliner into a koji clutch. The reverend throws Tank the curved blade and JWM grabs it and shoves it into Tank's forehead for the submission victory.

Tank cuts a post match promo calling JWM the best on the planet. He talks about how he retired and was not having any fun when he retired. Talked about thanking Ian Rotten and Bill Beherns. Tank says that he loves Ian and his family and all the people here! He expresses his gratitude as the crowd erupts in a Tank chant and a Please Come Back chant.

Rating: B+

Shorter match, but it was good. Again, I loved Tank in the past and it's good to see him doing this again. Murdoch continues to be one of the best in the game. The finish to the match made sense and was different from any other match so far in the tournament. They deserve some points for creativity. I do want to know why these light tubes seem to be made of cement, but whatever.

Kevin Giza (SSC) vs. Aeroboy (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC: Quarter Final Death Match

This is a Death Doors and Ladder match. There's a lot of boards with a lot of dangerous things on them. I see a few barbed wire boards and a few light tube boards. There are a couple of ladders too that should lend themselves to their wrestling style. The crowd has a little dueling chant as the bell rings. The two competitors push each other a little bit until Aeroboy hits a death valley driver through a door with tubes on it. Aeroboy goes for a powerbomb but it is reversed, eventually he hits a super kick that sends Giza to the floor. Aeroboy goes to dive to the floor, but Giza hits him with a light tube. Aeroboy dives to the floor anyway similar to Giza's spot from the night prior. Now on the floor, Aeroboy grabs a bat and smacks Giza a few times. Giza gets up but is irish whipped into a light tube ladder. Giza is down for a while. I think a fan passed the tape to the referee. Giza is now favoring his arm. Aeroboy hits a body slam. Giza whipped into the corner, two standing switches, Giza hits a german suplex. Giza hits a suplex into the barbed wire door in the corner. It does not break. Giza hits it again and Aeroboy goes through it this time. Giza is bleeding an awful lot through that tape. Giza and Aeroboy exchange slaps and chops and backhands in the middle. Aeroboy is clotheslined to the floor. Giza hits a suicide dive to the floor! The crowd really likes Giza. Giza hits a springboard destroyer on Aeroboy for 2. The referee is just moving stuff out of the ring. Giza goes to the floor and grabs a ladder with a few tubes on the inside. Giza opens the ladder on the apron, inserts Aeroboy and goes to the top turnbuckle. Giza hits the splash onto Aeroboy who is inside the ladder on the apron for 2! Aeroboy takes off his shirt. Giza goes for a frog splash, but Aeroboy gets his knees up. Aeroboy hits a crucifix powerbomb for 2. Aeroboy goes for an assault driver but is rolled up for 2! They roll each other up a few times for 2! They slap the heck out of each other in the center of the ring as the crowd chants IWA! Aeroboy nails a huge kick to the head and whips Giza to the corner. Aeroboy hits a Death Valley driver variation through the light tube door for 2! Aeroboy puts the door on top of Giza and nails a double stomp off the top turnbuckle for 2! The crowd has come alive! Aeroboy goes for a tiger driver, but Giza reverses into a pin for 3! The crowd chants for Giza!

Rating: B+

I hope Giza is alright after that, his arm did not look great. It was a good match between these two though. Their styles were very complimentary. I really enjoyed the unique ladder spot on the apron.

Orin Veidt (KOTDM) vs. Eric Ryan (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC: Semi Final Death Match

This is a rematch of the finals from King of the Death Matches from 2021. Eric Ryan walked a little gingerly to the ring, but he still has enough in him to flip off a fan. In the ring we have a barbed wire board, several tube bundles, and several solo tubes. Hard to tell what some of the other things are, but I have a feeling we will find out shortly. Eric Ryan immediately goes to the floor. Orin throws some forks at Ryan. Ryan feigns getting in the ring and throws a few forks at Orin. Orin grabs a tube bundle and points it at Ryan like he's Babe Ruth calling his shot. Orin puts the tubes back down per Ryan's request. Ryan gets up to the apron as a fan throws a fork into the ring. Orin clocks Ryan and hits total anarchy onto tubes that don't break. Now on the floor Orin throws Ryan face first into some tubes, but they don't break. They repeat and it breaks. They do the same on another side of the ring. Orin goes after Ryan's knees with a tube shot. Orin cracks a tube on Ryan's head. Orin stabs Ryan with a fork. Ryan powers back with a fork shot to Orin. Orin goes down and Ryan rubs the fork into Orin's head. Now both to their feet, Ryan hits a back suplex onto the apron onto a tube bundle. Ryan goes for a pin, but the referee is unable to count. Orin gets out and is now in a chin lock. Ryan goes after the face of Orin too. A few strikes between men when Orin on the canvas gets stabbed by a fork through a tube. Ryan sets up a pile of forks in the middle and disrobes Orin. Ryan suplexes Orin into the forks for 2! Eric Ryan grabs a bunch of tubes to pair with his forks. Ryan scoop slams into the assorted items. Ryan goes outside and gets a chair. Ryan throws a bundle of tubes at Orin like Nolan Ryan. As Ryan grabs a board of barbed wire, Orin hits Ryan with a tube. The board is set up in the corner. The crowd chants "King!" as Ryan puts a glass door on top of Orin who goes to the floor. Ryan throws a chair at it, but it does not break. Orin hits Ryan with a tube, runs into the ring and hits the assault driver through the barbed wire board for 3!

Rating: C-

As I said before, it's hard to give Eric Ryan a fair grade knowing the state his body was in during these matches. These two are both great deathmatch guys and I hope to see them run it back in 2022.

John Wayne Murdoch (SSC) vs. Eric Dillinger (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC: Semi Final Death Match

We have a sheet of glass in one corner and triangle cubes of tubes and carpet strips. Eric Dillinger is taking Kevin Giza's spot due to injury. The match starts with the competitors trading forearms. Murdoch throws Dillinger through the glass door. JWM puts a light tube pyramid on Dillinger and drop kicks him for 2! Murdoch breaks a few tubes on Dillinger as Dillinger starts to get to his feet. On a third shot Dillinger goes down for a 2! Murdoch throws a pyramid of tubes, but it doesn't break. He repeats it and it does that time. Murdoch bites Dillinger's head and covers for 2. Murdoch chops Dillinger, but Murdoch goes to the ropes and is met with a blue thunder bomb by Dillinger who gets his first offense of the match. Murdoch kicks at 2. Dillinger goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a block buster that would make Buff Bagwell happy. Dillinger goes to the top again but misses a big frog splash. Murdoch gets to his feet and sends Dillinger to the floor. Murdoch follows with about 4 tubes. He swings them, but nails Dillinger's manager Erin when Dillinger pulls her in front of him. Dillinger gets a second life and goes after JWM. He hits a leg drop onto JWM who is on the apron. He puts a tube and hits a leg drop off the second breaking the tube. Dillinger covers for 2. Dillinger swings several tubes at Murdoch who is on his knees and begging for more. Dillinger goes for the frog splash again and gets a 2 count. Dillinger grabs a chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Murdoch sits in it. Dillinger hits him with a tube. Murdoch stands up and nails a series of forearms and a brainbuster into the chair for 3.

After the match, Murdoch grabs a microphone and thanks Dillinger for stepping up when he didn't have to. Murdoch talks about how great Giza was and how great Dillinger did. Kept the post match speech short but meaningful.

Rating: C+

Dillinger took a bit of a beating during this one, but he did fine for the role he was given. Murdoch and Orin are going to tear it down in the finals.

Insane Lane vs. Rebecca Payne vs. The Carver

There is a door in one corner and some smaller items in the others. Carver goes after Payne immediately with a big boot. Lane and Carver throw some forearms at each other. All 3 go to the floor now. Carver pushes Lane into the post. Lane grabs a pizza cutter but Carver ends up using it on Lane. Payne interrupts with a bundle of tubes into Carver's head. Lane smacks Carver with a barbed wire bat a few times. Lane and Payne are working together for a moment as Lane hits a swinging neckbreaker on Carver. Lane grabs a chair and puts it in the ring. Lane grabs two bats covered in bottle caps. Carver smacks both competitors with the bat. Lane gets up and hits Carver with it once. Now all 3 are back in the ring. Lane grabs a mini pinata with thumbtacks and crushes Carver with it. Everyone sits in a chair in the middle of the ring and we do the bar fight spot. Carver loses that one definitely as he goes to the canvas. Payne goes after Carver's nether regions with a leg drop. Lane hits a leg drop on Carver's head with a chair on top of it. Carver rolls to the floor. Lane and Payne exchange blows. Payne tries to clothesline Lane, but he doesn't move. Payne bounces off the ropes and hits a bigger clothesline to take Lane down. The crowd is into it to say the least. Lane has a cheese grater and goes after Payne. Lane throws several punches until Carver screams and flies into Lane. Carver and Lane throw some punches and headbutts. Carver hits an impaler DDT on a chair for 2. Payne goes after Carver now. Carver set up the door between two chairs. Payne hits a tornado DDT short of the door. Payne might have hit her head on it. Lane gets into the ring. Carver hits something on Payne. Lane hits a falcon arrow through the door on Carver for 3. Crowd loves Lane.

Rating C

It was a long weekend for a lot of wrestlers, but Rebecca Payne may have experienced one of the toughest, having won Queen of the Death Matches earlier in the day. Not sure if that had something to do with this one.

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Orin Veidt - KOTDM vs SSC: Finals Death Match

The ring has a similar setup to both of the KOTDM and SSC finals. There are tubes hanging above the ring and on the inside of all 4 sides of the ring ropes. There is also barbed wire behind the tubes. The ring announcer knows better as he's already outside the ring when Orin is getting in the ring. Crowd cheering for both wrestlers as we begin the match. Murdoch punches a tube into Orin's chest. Orin grabs some tubes from above and breaks them on Murdoch. Murdoch does the same. In the opening seconds, they've almost gone through all of the hanging ones. Murdoch is thrown into the ropes with barbed wire and tubes. Orin grabs more tubes and smashes them on JWM. Murdoch gets up and flips off Orin, daring him to bring it on. Orin hits a few punches on Murdoch and motions that he's going for an elbow like JWM does.

Murdoch hits a few punches before a Dusty elbow on Orin. Murdoch throws some tubes on Orin. Murdoch grabs hold of Orin's face. Orin smacks Murdoch with a tube to get up. Orin goes after the legs of JWM as he goes down. Orin starts carving up Murdoch who is now seated. Orin grabs several more tubes off the ropes and puts them in the middle. Murdoch, to his feet now, hits a russian leg sweep into the tube pile. Both men are seated and throwing elbows. Some 8 foot giant tubes are in Orin's hand and he hits JWM who is on the outside. JWM grabs some tubes and throws them at Orin on the outside. Orin returns the favor. Orin and Murdoch smash tubes on each other. JWM goes for a destroyer through a glass pane that's set up on 4 chairs on the side. Orin reverses it and sends JWM through the glass pane. Orin is taking out an entire box of tubes. He is headed toward Murdoch. Murdoch throws a chair into everything and Orin goes down. Orin is thrown into a pane of glass that doesn't break. Orin has it against him and JWM throws a chair at it, but it doesn't break until it falls. Murdoch smacks a few tubes on Orin. Orin gets up and smacks several tubes on Murdoch. Murdoch rolls back into the ring. Murdoch throws a tube into Orin's hand but it doesn't break. Orin grabs a bundle of tubes and throws them into Murdoch's back. Orin fires up the crowd, smacks some more tubes and pins Murdoch for 2. Murdoch rolls through for 2! Both men are seated as Murdoch grabs some tubes and breaks them over Orin's head. Orin does the same to JWM. A few fight forever chants break out as the men throw forearms from their knees. They start viciously headbutting as the crowd goes nuts! Both men go down, the crowd starts clapping to will them to their feet. Now on their feet, Orin grabs some tubes and breaks them over Murdoch's back. Orin breaks a tube over Murdoch's legs then head. Orin heads to the outside and takes a glass pane off some chairs. Murdoch hits Orin as he enters and steals his pane of glass. Murdoch puts the pane in the corner. Orin hits a cradle shock through a glass pane, gets JWM up and hits the assault driver through the other pane of glass for 2! Orin looks frustrated now and grabs almost all of the remaining tubes and puts them in the middle of the ring. Murdoch kicks Orin and hits a deep south destory into the tubes. JWM locks the koji clutch in but his shoulders are down for 2! Murdoch breaks the hold and hits a brain buster for 2! Crowd chants this is awesome. Orin gets up and goes for the assault driver. Murdoch grabs the ropes that were used to hang the light tubes and rolls through for a victory roll pin for 3!

The two men shake hands as the crowd cheers. JC Rotten gets into the ring with Satu Jinn, Carver, and his wife Tori. JC hands Murdoch a sign that says "Trainwreck Pro." Murdoch says "Nothing against you Ian, but you knew I'd be the last one standing." Murdoch gives Orin credit as well and thanks the fans, JC, and Tori. Tori and JC raise John Wayne's arms as we fade to black.

Rating: B+

That was a very good main event to cap off the tournament. Murdoch continues to be one of the best. There is no way around that at this point. It was a creative way to end the main event too.

Personally, two nights of deathmatch wrestling is often too much for me, but both shows were paced well. Aside from a few people looking worn out and some tubes not breaking (what are you supposed to do about that?), this was a very good tournament. Check out the great things that IWA-MS and Trainwreck Pro are doing in professional wrestling!


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