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S3 Episode 4 Raw & Smackdown Card

Episode #4 (May 8, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Seth Rollins and Murphy opens RAW. Seth Rollins says that 3 weeks ago, they made their statement clear. Legends of the past no longer have a place on this show. Only legends of the present like myself and legends of the future like Disciple Murphy here. You see, I am here to save Monday Night Raw and it's ok if you don't understand my reason just understand that what I am doing is right. I tried to get rid of Edge years ago and he squirmed his way back into the shadows. Now he returns like a virus, like a weasel, like a nagging injury (and Seth rubs his neck). We have no use for Edge and more and I will send him back and save Monday Night Raw. Murphy then says now they have to focus on tonight, the #1 Contenders match for our RAW Tag Team Championships between The War Raiders and The New Day. Murphy says The New Day have returned to RAW to look for something new. They problem is that they themsleves are growing old with you fans. We are here to breathe change into the locker room and turn RAW into something better. Then there's the Viking Raiders who are adamantly different and bring a sense of change. But they want to help Edge. They don't want change but rather live in a past that no longer exists. Seth Rollins says that The Disicples have brought change to Raw and will continue when...The New Day walk out. Big E and Xavier Woods says that they had enough of listening to some preacher watanbe. They say Rollins isn't bringing a change to RAW he's just holding down the divison with an iron fist. And how can they dog on Edge. The man is a hall of famer, a man who made a legendary comeback from a torn down neck, plus he's entrance music slaps. Then Woods and Big E sing the song a little bit until it irates Rollins so much that Murphy and Rollins attack New Day. After a bit of a beat down, The Viking Raiders come out to make the save, but The Disciples roll out the ring. The Viking Raiders help up New Day but they give each other a little staredown, then raise each other's hands.

Match #1: Liv Morgan vs. Bianca Belair w/ Naomi

-During the match, the ref gets hit and Naomi and Belair beat down on Morgan. Rhea Ripley makes her debut saving Morgan.


Segment: Alestier Black is seen backstage on the floor knocked out. Superstars, trainers, and other personel rush to help him.

Match #2: Ricochet vs. King Corbin

-Before the match, Corbin tries to get Ricochet to kneel to him. Ricochet refuses.


Segment: Roman Reigns backstage interview, he asked if he knows anything about what happened with Black. Roman says what happened to Alestier Black was really awful and it's a shame. He hopes that the person that did it steps forward, cause he knows a lot of people in the back did not like him, namely Sheamus and maybe also AJ Styles, since he looked a little upset after their match a few weeks ago. The interviewer then says that luckily enough, it appears that Roman has replaced Black in his qualifying match tonight which means he will face Keith Lee yet again. Roman says that he is a very very lucky man to have received this opportunity. And he's going to make the most of it. Keith Lee has been an amazing competitor but this is his yard and he wants his WWE Championship back. The interviewer asks Roman that him receiving Black's spot does seem a little suspect. Is there any chance Roman attacked Alestier? Roman denies it, saying that will never go down that road. He has worked too hard to earn the respect of his peers and he isn't going to take that all way. He's lucky he got Black's spot but he did not attack him to get it.

Match #3: Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

-Shayna is "playing with her food" in this match


Segment: AJ Styles backstage interview. AJ is asked if he attacked Alestier Black earlier tonight. AJ Styles denies it saying that after that match he earned a great deal of respect for Black. Yes he was mad but who isn't after a match. AJ then asks who was suggesting it was him and the interviewer says it was Roman. AJ is surprised and says "Roman? Why is he coming after me? He should be focusing on his own shit. Besides he wants to be in that MITB match and now he's in it. Looks like a clear motive to me."

Match #4: The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day - #1 Contenders Match for the RAW Tag Team Championships

-LLC try to take out The New Day but The Usos stop them


Video Package: Announcing and hyping a #1 Contender's Battle Royal for the IC Title at MITB

Main Event: Alesiter Black (replaced by Roman Reigns) vs. Keith Lee - Men's Money in the Bank Qualifier


Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Charlotte Flair opens up Smackdown to talk about Money in the Bank. She says that no matter what happens in that match I promise the WWE Universe that the queen will walk out with that briefcase. Then she says and Asuka I promise you that I'm going to use that briefcase to take back MY crown and run Smackdown. Then Mandy Rose's music hits and she comes to the ring to confront Charlotte. She says not to look past what's in front of you first. The competitors in the MITB match are fierce, and all want that briefcase for a shot at glory and no one wants it more than me. Then Ruby Riott comes to the ring, then LeRae and the four women stare each other down until Riott takes a shot at Flair and all hell breaks loose. The four women brawl until security has to come break them up.

Match #1: Heavy Machinery vs. Street Profits


-After the match Heavy Machinery walk up to the Street Profits and shake their hands. They say "Dawkins, Ford, we have had hard fought matches in the past but that was one of the best. You guys aren't just all talk, you have the guts, the heart, and the determination to be on top of this division and we respect the hell out of you. Anyway I'm gonna cut to the chase, tonight you guys beat us fair and square and my boy Otis and I want a rematch at Money in the Bank, and since you did beat us, I think it's only fair we put these on the line this Sunday. The Street Profits accept the rematch for MITB and the teams go their separate ways.

Segment: GM Paige is in her office with Randy Orton finalizing some paper work for the contract signing between him and McIntyre later tonight. Ember Moon storms in and demands Paige gives her a shot at Asuka's title one more time at MITB. Moon wants that title more than anything and she wants to prove to the WWE Universe that she doesn't need Asuka to win and be succesful. Paige says well after what Asuka has done to her it seems like a fair request and Asuka doesn't have a challenger yet so you're in. We can work out details between you two another time, right now I gotta finish up my business with Orton. Moon leaves and Paige and Orton go back to talking about McIntyre and we fade out.

Match #2: Braun Strowman vs. Robert Roode - Men's Money in the Bank Quaiflier


Video Package: Undisputed Era are coming to Smackdown

Match #3: Charlotte Flair vs. Mandy Rose vs. Ruby Riott vs. Candice LeRae


Segment: Backstage Interview with Samoa Joe about his US Title reign so far. Joe says "I'm just getting started, I have only held this title for a few weeks but I can already see that I'll be holding this title for a long while based on the 'challengers' I've faced so far. No one has been able to step up to me and give me a match I can be proud of, I want a fight!" Someone taps Joe on the shoulder from out of frame he turns around and gets decked by a straight right hand. Kevin Owens steps into frame and says "So Joe you want a fight huh? Well I'm pretty good at those." Owens picks Joe up hits him with a few more punches and then throws Joe into the Monitor and knocks him out. Owens leans over Joe grabs the US Title and says "If you wanna fight for this. Meet me this Sunday at MITB then he throws the title back at Joe and walks away.

Match #4: Mustafa Ali & Drew Gulak vs. One Nation - Street Fight

-Both teams knock eachother out and no man can reach a count of 10.


-When they get back to their feet GM Paige makes her way to the ring and says. No way this can't end like this, these fans deserve more and they'll get it. At MITB you two teams will face off again in a first time ever match. Last Men Standing. Whichever team takes the other down for a 10 count will get the victory. See you all then.

Segment: Contract Signing between Orton and Drew McIntyre for a match at MITB. Orton comes to the ring and says "Listen Drew I will accept your challenge as soon as you come down to this ring and settle it like a gentleman. Over contract. Let's make this match at MITB 100% official. Get down here and we can talk man to man." Randy sits at the table with the contract. Drew makes his way to the ring and sits at the table. He grabs a mic and says "Okay Randy we can do this your way, I don't really mind all I want is a shot at that trophy on your shoulder and come this Sunday that's exactly what I'll have, along with the Viper joining the mantle." Drew signs the contract and slides it over to Randy who picks up the pen and goes to sign his name and that's when the lights go out. On the tron we see a message written in red. DREW. I SEE YOU DIDN'T TAKE MY WARNING SERIOUSLY. The lights come back on to reveal THE DEMON Finn Balor behind McIntyre. Drew turns around in horror as he sees one of his trophies staring him directly in the eyes. The Demon takes Drew down with a 1916 and throws him on the table and beats him down until Drew is barely conscious. Then the Demon hits drew with a Coup de Gras through the table. Orton picks up the contract and says "By the way Drew the match wasn't against me, it never was. It was against him." The Demon uses the pen to prick his finger and smears blood on the contract to sign it. Orton says "If you beat him this Sunday, then you get to me." Orton and The Demon leave and Smackdown comes to a close.

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