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S3 Episode 26 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #26 (October 9, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Liv Morgan & Rhea Ripley


-Bliss pins Ripley, after a miscommunication moment with Morgan, causing Rhea to refuse to tag in Morgan

Segment: Backstage Segment with Aleister Black. Black says that in no way am I through with Roman Reigns. I have yet to get my revenge on that monster. But it appears to move forward in my mission on this earth, I must move from a monster onto a demon. Bray Wyatt, you say you know the whereabouts of my friend Keith Lee and I am taking your word on faith. But you say that the price to pay is my soul. Well, Bray, that is simply a deal I cannot make. A deal with a devil is a tricky one and I am not accepting your deal. But I will give you a new deal. Give me Keith Lee or I knock your head so far off your neck that you will be calling me the fiend. I am Aleister Black and when I demand something, it is in your best interest to make it so. You give me Keith Lee, Bray, or I will see you at Hell in a Cell

Match #2: Viking Raiders vs. Andrade & John Morrison w/ Vega


Segment: Backstage, Morgan finds Ripley. Morgan yells at Ripley saying that when my hand is out you tag me. This is our arrangement. Hand out, me in. That's how we won the titles. That's how we will get them back. Ripley stands up, showing the size difference between the two. Rhea says I want out and then walks away. Morgan is stunned.

Video Package: Hype video talking about Sonya Deville's return and her going back to her MMA roots during the off-time

Match #3: Sonya Deville vs. Kayden Carter


Match #4: Sheamus vs. Lince Dorado w/ Metalik

-Similar to last week, Sheamus comes out strong and destroys Dorado

-Ricochet watches this match backstage


Segment: Backstage segment with Ricochet. Ricochet is asked why he has been watching Sheamus's matches. Ricochet says isn't it obvious. I am coming for that Intercontinental Championship, the championship I have already won once. Sheamus has weak spots and I will capitalize on them. He's asked if this is a formal challenge but before he can answer, MVP walks up. MVP says whoa whoa whoa hold on there Ric. You and I both know how difficult Sheamus can be when he's focused, I learned that the hard way. But again I ask you, Ric, let me help you. Let me be your studying partner. I have years of experience more than you and I know a lot more tricks of the trade. I can help you beat Sheamus. And if you don't, well let's just say you can become a tag wrestler again over on smackdown. MVP leaves, with Ric kinda stunned by that threat.

Main Event: Edge & Daniel Bryan vs. The Usos


-Edge pins Jey

Segment: After the match, Seth Rollins comes out congratulating Edge & Bryan on their first win as a tag team. If you're going to start, start with a win. And good job, Edge. You took apart the Tsos with ease for a 46-year-old. And Daniel, well Daniel you were there too. It's a shame to see someone outshine you like that Daniel, but hey he's a legend. And all legends come to an end eventually. The answer is still no. One win is nothing. Daniel quickly grabs a mic and yells to Seth that if you think you're so much greater why don't you get your boys and step into the ring right now. Seth laughs it off asking if you think getting a win gets you a match with the champs, buddy, that is simply untrue. You don' deserve to walk in their boots. We are the next generation. And it sucks Daniel, you know. I would think you would like our case, seeing that you took Chad Gable under your wing. Maybe you nervous you will fail as you failed him. Suddenly, Murphy and Mastiff jump Bryan and Edge from behind. Seth is maniacally laughing. Rollins & The Disciples stand tall to close out the show

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Undisputed Era opens up the show and come to the ring and grab some mics. Cole speaks up "What we did to Drew McIntyre last week was a sign of things to come. I plan on taking that title one way or another Drew. It means everything to me. It means everything to us. WE will run Smackdown and hold every last bit of gold they have to offer!" Finn Balor comes out to the ramp and says "Guys, Drew isn't the only one you messed with last week. I had the opportunity to prove that I'm deserving of a title shot and you took that away from me and I'm not gonna stand for it. I don't think Drew is either." Drew comes out side by side with Finn Balor. Balor continues "I think the only logical way to settle this is to clear it all up amongst ourselves in that ring, how bout it Cole? Me and Drew take on you and O'Reilley later tonight and settle this?" Cole has fire in his eyes and he says "Done."

Match #1: Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton


Segment: Ziggler and Roode are backstage arriving at the arena and they walk by One Nation who stop them. "You two really think you have what it takes to be Tag Team Champions? You guys win 2 matches and you get all high and mighty? Well, let us tell you something. We dominated this division for months and we want those titles back. You two better get in the back of the line where you really belong and stop biting off more than you can chew." Ziggler steps up "We know we've had our rough patches, but we beat two former teams that held those titles. If you two wanna put your money where your mouth is later tonight We'd be glad to make it three." The two teams stare each other down and One NAtion gives Ziggler and Roode a nod and walks off.

Match #2: Cedric Alexander w/ Ali vs. Humberto Carillo


-After the match as Ali and Cedric celebrate zayn runs to the ring and helps Carillo take out Ali and Alexander. Zayn and Carillo walk out leaving their prey in the ring..

Video Package: Replay of the attack from Cole and O'Reilley last week on McIntyre and Balor hyping up tonight's main event.

Match #3: Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte Flair


-After the match Era tries and pat Riott on the back but she shakes them off and heads to the back alone.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Kevin Owens about his win over the former Universal Champion Owens says "Oh it feels great to get a big win like that of course, but uh I actually have an announcement I'd like to make while I'm here if that's alright. Next week marks the return of the KO Show! To celebrate such a momentous occasion I have a very special guest in mind, The United States Champion himself, Tomasso Ciampa. See you all then!"

Match #4: One Nation vs. Ziggler & Roode


Segment: Backstage Interview with Alexander and Ali about the attack earlier. Alexander speaks up "If those two wanted a fight they could have just said so. I'm sure Ali would be game to take them on after what happened last week and tonight." Ali chimes in "You're damn right I'm game, Zayn and Carillo need to be taken down a peg and they will be once I and Cedric kick their teeth in next week.

Main Event: Drew McIntyre & Finn Balor vs. Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly & Adam Cole)


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