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S3 Episode 18 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #18 (August 14, 2020):

Raw Card:

Match #1: The Bloodline vs. R-Truth & 2 Fly Guys


-Reigns and The Usos beat down Truth, Ricochet, and Cedric after the match, The New Day makes the save

Segment: Backstage Interview with Aleister Black. The interviewer asks when will Black get his revenge on Roman Reigns. Black responds saying that it will all happen in due time. Roman Reigns is a man that doesn't deserve the satisfaction of immediate revenge. Instead, I will tear down his army piece by piece. Before it was Cesaro, tonight it will be Bobby Lashley. I am no saint, and what I do to Bobby Lashley will not be pretty but mark my words Roman, I am coming for you, I will destroy you. I will make you pay for everything you have done. But tonight, say goodbye to your LLC.

Match #2: Daniel Bryan & Chad Gable vs. Andrade & John Morrison w/ Vega


Segment: Backstage Interview with Lucha House Party. They say that next week they are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Last week they defeated the Raw Tag Team Champs, and now next week they're challenging for those very same titles. We've beaten the Disciples already. We will do it again.

Match #3: Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax w/ Bliss

-Naomi & Beliar are on commentary


-After the match, Baszler holds up her briefcase to Bliss who cowers, but then Belair & Naomi jump Baszler from behind and together hold up the briefcase over Baszler

Video Package: The Opener to Raw last week and the hype for the triple threat Summerslam

Segment: Sheamus announces that as your newest Intercontinental Champion and official Grand Slam Champion, he has been told that he needs an opponent next week. Sadly, there is not a single person of my caliber that is deserving at a shot on my Intercontinental Championship. However the rumors are true, next week there will be Battle Royal to determine a new #1 Contender and whichever loser is able to squeak out. victory, well, I'll see you at Summerslam.

Match #4: Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Cesaro & Lana


Segment: Backstage Segment with Edge and Christian. Christian asks Edge if he thinks he's ready. Edge confirms that he is. Christian tells him that whatever happens out there with Rollins and his Disciples, focus on the match. You got this Edge. Edge and Christian hug it out, then Edge leaves for the ring.

Main Event: Edge vs. Murphy

-During the match, Rollins pulls out a bloody Christian and a chair and threatens to curb stomp Christian's head into the chair if Edge doesn't let himself get pinned. Edge, visibly concerned for his friend, looks towards Chrisitan then back at Murphy. Edge goes to the ground to get pinned, Murphy goes to pin him but then Edge rolls up in the last second getting the win!


-After the match, Edge immediately rolls out of the ring to Rollins but Mastiff cuts him off and Rollins slams Christian's head into the steel chair. Rollins and the Disciples leave Edge to the massacre.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Randy Orton comes to the ring surrounded by security again. This time he actually has something to say. "Drew, I want you to know one thing right now. I am not afraid of you. You and I both know that at the end of the day I can beat you no matter what kind of match we're in. You know you should start taking your own advice about 'watching your back' because at Summerslam the hunter will become the hunted when the viper strikes again." Randy leaves.

Match #1: Kevin Owens vs. Adam Cole


-Cole wins with the help of O'Reilly and Fish. After the match, Owens grabs a mic and yells "Just like old times huh Cole?? Back then we used to kick the crap out of each other and you know what? I know I can beat you. So how about it, let's see how you do when the heat is really on at Summerslam!" Cole grabs his own mic and laughs "Why would I ever accept that challenge, you idiot? I beat you down twice in two weeks! What are you trying to prove?" Owens responds "Oh I get it, Cole, you're scared! You know you can't win without your cronies over there!" Cole responds "You think I'm scared of a walking bowling ball? You think I can't kick your ass no matter who's at ringside or not? You think I can't end this sorry little career of yours any time I want to?" Owens comes back again "Oh? You think you can take me out for good? You wanna put me on the shelf? Fine Summerslam is your damn chance, you vs me If I lose I Quit how's that for a stipulation?" Cole smirks "Bold choice Owens, you wanna have one last shot at glory before I knee your teeth down your throat and put you in the unemployment line? You're on!" Owens laughs "I knew you'd like that, oh there was one last stipulation I wanted to mention. Just to make sure your boys over there don't get involved we're gonna be locked inside a STEEL CAGE!" Cole looks shocked at what he just agreed to. Owens chuckles and says "See ya at Summerslam!"

Segment: Backstage Interview with Roderick Strong and Ruby Riott about their challenges last week. Riott starts and says "The Undisputed Era is gonna take every damn title Smackdown has to offer and Bayley, sorry to say you're first on the chopping block. When I take that title off your shoulder at Summerslam, our takeover of Smackdown will officially begin." Roddy interjects "However that's not where it'll end because I am gonna show that loser Pete Dunne who rightfully deserves that United States championship. And that is un-" Pete Dunne and Bayley step in Dunne talks "Lotta talkin from someone who let his partner do all the hard work last week." Bayley speaks up "And Ruby, I've already beaten you, and then won this title, you made it to the finals of that tournament and you blew it. Anyway, we came here to issue our own challenge. Me and Dunne were talking last week and we thought of an awesome idea since you two wanna run your mouths so badly. Next week champs vs. challengers, mixed tag match. We'll show you that we're still the champs for a reason." Ruby and Roddy look at each other, nod, and then Roderick says "Fine, we'll take any chance we get to kick your asses." Ruby and Roddy leave.

Match #2: Piper Niven vs. The IIconics


Video Package: We are on a beach and have a shot from behind of two beach chairs and a table in between the chairs with a drink on it. Someone reaches out and grabs the drink. We cut to the shot from the front and it's revealed to be Sami Zayn in one chair and The MITB briefcase in the other. Sami starts to talk to the briefcase "don't you just love the beach this time of year? It's so nice for relaxing, taking in some rays, and who knows maybe at Summerslam we can even get a cash in! There are so many titles on the line because it's one of the biggest events of the year! it's like a buffet for us! We can take any title we feel like! Universal, United States, WWE, Intercontinental, how can one man choose!? Those champions better watch their backs huh?"

Match #3: Sasha Banks vs. Candice LeRae


-After the match, Asuka comes to the ring and she looks really mad. She gets in the ring and starts to approach Sasha who backs herself into a corner. Then as Asuka is about to get her hands on Sasha the lights go out. When they come back on Ember Moon is on the top rope and hits Asuka with an Eclipse and sends her out of the ring! Ember helps Sasha to her feet and gives Sasha a nod. Ember leaves and Sasha stands confused in the ring.

Segment: Backstage interview with Sasha Banks about what just happened out there. Sasha completely ignores the interview and shoves the mic away and then the camera follows her and catches a glimpse of her meeting up with Ember Moon.

Main Event: Burch & Lorcan vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Street Profits vs. Mustafa Ali & Rey Mysterio - #1 Contender Ladder Match

-One Nation on commentary


-Danny Burch is injured during the match

Segment: One Nation comes out and attacks Burch and Lorcan. Then the rest of the tag teams in the match swarm back in the ring to get rid of One Nation. The three other teams raise the hands of Burch and Lorcan and give Burch and Lorcan their best wishes for their match at Summerslam.

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