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S3 Episode 11 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #11 (June 26, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens RAW. Roman says he's just out here for answers. Bray, show yourself. Firefly FunHouse intro plays. Corporate bray appears and tells Roman that I warned you. You made Him very upset. And no, I'm not talking about the boss. I'm talking about him. You see, in this corporate world, if someone does a bad job, that someone gets dismissed, discharged, fired. And the thing is Roman, I have done nothing wrong, the boss likes me. But you, the boss hates you. but, he can't fire you. So he's in a weird pickle of a situation. He has two superstars he can't fire. Luckily for us, I have the greatest idea. Bray pulls out a plush dog with a roman reigns collar. He then pulls out gasoline and lights the toy dog on fire. At Extreme Rules Roman, this will become your destiny when you are fired. When you face Him, in an inferno match. It's gonna be tough Roman, but don't worry, the severance pay is to die for. All you have to do is let him in. The lights go out and The Fiend pops up holding a torch. Roman sees this and escapes leaving The Fiend with a lit torch in the middle of the ring laughing.

Match #1: The Viking Raiders vs. LLC w/ Lana


Segment: Sheamus comes down in handcuffs with R-Truth, Sheamus no-sells the What's Up chants. Before the match starts, Detective Truth asks Sheamus where he was the night Aleister Black was attacked. Sheamus says he wasn't on Raw that night. He had the night off. Detective Truth asks Sheamus what he was doing on said night. Sheamus said he had personal business. Truth asks, as serious as possible if Sheamus's personal business was figuring out how to clone himself into 4 different people to attack Aleister Black. Sheamus responds calling Truth insanely delusional. Truth gets in Sheamus face demanding the Truth, chanting Truth over and over again. Sheamus headbutts Truth. Sheamus signals the ref and the match begins. After one brogue Kick, Sheamus pins Truth and wins. Sheamus goes into Truth's coat and pulls out keys to the handcuffs and unlocks himself. Suddenly, John Morrison jumps him from behind with the steel chair. Morrison handcuffs Sheamus to the ropes and grabs a second chair, Morrison hits Sheamus with a chair in the leg several times and then goes to conchairto Sheamus' leg but Miz makes the save with his own chair. Miz unhandcuffs Sheamus. Sheamus refuses help to get up and leaves. Match announced later in the night for next week. Sheamus & The Miz vs. John Morrison and a partner of his choice.

Match #2: Shayna Baszler vs. Carmella


Video Package: Mastiff's Debut last week

Match #3: Mastiff w/ Rollins & Murphy vs. Big E w/ Woods, Kingston


-LLC is watching the match backstage

Segment: Backstage Interview with LLC. Lana tells Charly that they are after something much better than cash. Gold. And what's even better is that they will get cash for winning the gold. It's a win-win for us all. Her's the thing Charly, when The New Day is done playing their games, we are taking those Raw Tag Team Championships. And if we don't get win them, well, everybody's got a price". Detective Truth comes up after the fact with a magnifying glass, repeating the phrase "everybody's got a price"

Match #4: Alexa Bliss w/ Jax vs. Natalya - RAW Women's Championship Match


-After the match, the Genetic Goddesses say that they are looking to add more titles around their waist and want the Tag Team Titles. So they drop a challenge to Morgan & Ripley for the Tag Titles at Extreme Rules.

Segment: R-Truth Detective Segment: Truth is back at his corkboard and rummaging through pictures, repeating the phrase "everybody's got a price", until he stumbles upon a picture. Cut to a Zoom call with Detective Truth and none other than the Million Dollar Man Ted DibBase. Truth begins interrogating him asking him like where was he on the night Black was attacked, what's his motivation and who's his money man. Dibaise says he's the money man, the million-dollar man. Truth tells Ted that this is too confusing and he has to loop in his money man. IRS comes on the screen. Ted Dibiase asks why he is helping out R-Truth. IRS says times have gotten rough and this guy has weirdly a lot of money. Ted Dibiase says he understands. Eventually, Ted Dibiase tells Truth that he didn't attack Black, however, if it was a hit like it sounds it was, maybe the question isn't who attacked Aleister Black, but who hired those goons to attack Aleister Black. Truth thanks Ted and hangs up the call. Truth starts thinking.

Main Event: Keith Lee vs. King Corbin

-AJ Styles on commentary


-After the match, Styles goes to beat down Keith Lee. Styles stands tall.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Randy Orton opens up Smackdown and he says "At Backlash, I defended my Universal Title yet again. I beat Braun Strowman, not because of any stupid interference, but because I am and always will be the better competitor. Now the question is who's next? If 'The Monster Among Men' can't take this title who can?" as he says that the titantron comes on to reveal Drew McIntyre sitting by the fire and he says "Randy, you know I can beat you for that title. And sooner or later I will. However, your so-called partner has been standing in my way. But rest assured Randy, once I take care of that little problem, the hunter will have his rifle trained on that Universal Title of yours. tick tock Randy." Orton storms to the back.

Match #1: Pete Dunne vs. Dolph Ziggler


-After the match, Pete Dunne grabs a mic and says "As of recently I've been on quite a tear through SD. I think I've earned myself a little challenge. So I'm calling you out Mr. US Champion. whaddya say? man enough for a proper sorting?" Joe comes to the ring and says "Now see the problem we have here about this cute little challenge of yours is that you haven't impressed me. I've taken on some pretty high caliber competition in the past, what makes you think you got what it takes to take this title off me? As far as I'm concerned you aren't even a blip on my radar. So why don't you move on from this stupid idea of you beating me for the US Title cause you can't even hold a candle to me." Joe drops the mic and walks away.

Segment: Backstage interview with Bayley about the attack from Asuka last week Bayley says "Whether or not Asuka is over her loss at Backlash doesn't matter, what matters is that she clearly wants a chance to get her title back and I'm willing to oblige. I beat you at Backlash and I can beat you again any time, any place. So Asuka you name it, I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for your response."

Match #2: Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke

-Banks gets frustrated as she can't put away Dana Brooke. She gets so mad that she grabs a chair and rocks Brooke. Sasha throws the chair down and leaves the ring.


Video Package: Humberto Carillo is sitting in a film room watching some of his old matches. The one, in particular, he's stuck on is his first match on Smackdown after Wrestlemania against Joe where he lost the US Title. Then the clip of him attacking Maverick last week shows up on the screen and he says "Maverick, it was nothing personal. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when everything reached a boiling point. I'm done being the smiley face everyone sees me as. To be on top of this company you need to be Merciless, Ruthless, and cutthroat. So I've decided to move on from that old Mr. Smiley and get serious. I'm coming for you Smackdown. be ready for the new Humberto Carillo

Match #3: Bayley vs. Mandy Rose


Segment: Backstage interview with The Street Profits about their loss last week against the tag team champions. Ford speaks up "We are pissed off. Not because we can't take an L cause that's how we improve, but because One Nation got sneaky. We could have had a clean match but they weren't interested in that. I think I know why too, they're scared of us! They can't handle this smoke and they know it so they had to cheat to win!" Dawkins chimes in "When we get another shot at them. we aren't gonna let it slip through our fingers. So One Nation, be ready for the Profits."

Match #4: Undisputed Era vs. Burch & Lorcan


Segment: Randy Orton storms through the back frantically searching for Finn Balor. He's grabbing people and asking where he is and he finally finds him and looks at Finn and says "Go take him out. I don't care what you have to do." Finn nods and heads through the backstage area. Then suddenly Orton eats a Claymore kick to the face and Drew McIntyre leans over and says "I appreciate you leading me right to him." Drew begins chase

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