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S2 Episode 7 Card

Episode #7 Card (June 4, 2019):

Show Opener: Miz TV w/ Drew McIntyre. Miz asks if Drew has thought over his question last week, will he challenge his protege Braun Strowman (who is there) to a match at Money in the Bank for the WWE Championship. After some back and forth between the three, Drew McIntyre says that Miz better need a new protege because the monster hunt is on. Braun and Drew stare each other down, then they fight, which ends with Braun Strowman standing tall. Match #1: Natalya & Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler -Charlotte Flair comes out with her guards, Flair and Baszler don’t get along and Riott and Natalya barely get along but they all still team together -The match dissolves when Flair and Baszler start arguing with each other, Riott and Natalya get the upper hand and attack them both. Riott and Baszler brawl to the back. Natalya pins Flair. RESULT: NATALYA & RUBY RIOTT WINS -Following the match, Natalya puts Flair in the sharpshooter and the guards pull her off. Segment: Riott and Baszler are brawling backstage, throwing chairs, storage equipment, ladders. Baszler goes to choke on Riott but at the last second Riott grabs a tray and hits Baszler, then hits Baszler with a Riott kick. Baszler lands on a table to which Riott puts Baszler through with a diving seton. Trainers and refs come and check on the two of them. Segment: Riott and Baszler are being put into ambulances. Interviewer comes up to GM Paige who is looking on and asks what’s happening with Baszler and Riott. GM Paige says she didn’t realize how much hatred the two have for each other and that she doesn’t know how injures they are but the medics say they could be out for a little while. Because of this, Shayna Baszler will be out of the women’s money in the bank match. GM Paige says that next week will be a match between Peyton Royce and Tamina to see who will replace Baszler. Match #2: The Revival vs. The Usos - #1 Contender Table Match for the SDLive Tag Team Championship -The New Day is on commentary -Before the match, The Revival cut a quick promo to save face from last week, saying that they could have beaten the Usos if it wasn't for the New Day. RESULT: THE REVIVAL WINS Match #3: Ricochet vs. Jeff Hardy Segment: Heath Slater and Rhyno are hanging backstage, lights go out, and Rhyno disappears, leaving a ham sandwich. Slater runs around, sees a fast moving chair, then runs into Rowan who has a ref as a hostage, then Slater runs into Wyatt then the lights flicker, and Slater is on the ground, Wyatt pins, Rowan forces the ref to make count. Bray Wyatt wins the 24/7 Championship. Lights flicker and the family leaves. Match #4: Carmella w/ Crews vs. Zelina Vega w/ Andrade -Andrade and Crews stare down each other during the match RESULT: ZELINA VEGA WINS Segment: Backstage, Authors of Pain are beating Xavier Woods, then Big E and Kofi shoo them away Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match -Roman Reigns rolls up Bryan during the LeBell Lock RESULT: ROMAN REIGNS WINS -Following the match, Bryan has a fit in the ring.

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