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S2 Episode 49 Card

Episode #49 Card (Mar. 27, 2020):

Show Opener: Vince opens Smackdown and demands that Roman Reigns gets out to the ring. We see Roman in a casino on the tron. Roman says that he's sorry, but he won't be able to make it to Smackdown tonight. Me and my family The Usos took the private jet to Vegas! Thanks for letting us use yours by the way. We hit the slots, We took a couple mil each in chips, we were high rollers and guess what. We hit big. Roman and The Usos showed their fat stacks of cash. Roman thanks Vince for paying for their trip and pulls Vince's credit card out of his pocket. Then he takes a few stacks and throws them into the air for passerbyers to have. Match #1: Mojo Rawley w/ Gronk vs. Rowan w/ Young RESULTS: ROWAN WINS Segment: Ember Moon is interviewed backstage about the roll her and Asuka have been on since the Rumble. She says it's amazing and it just goes to show how great of a match they will have at Wrestlemania. Interviewer asks if Ember thinks she is better than Asuka. Ember says that down in NXT she never really got to prove it, but yeah she thinks so. Asuka stands Moon during this. Ember says that she's gone through 29 other competitors for this match. She is not going to lose. Asuka steps up and says that You better watch your words friend. And Ember and her hug it out and leave. Match #2: Tucker w/ Otis vs. Luke Gallows w/ Anderson & Styles RESULTS: TUCKER WINS -After the match Gallows and AJ attack Tucker from behind, when Otis tries to interfere he is taken out by Gallows. OC beat down Heavy Machinery and then the Street profits come out and save Heavy Machinery, then One Nation come out to attack the Street Profits then Burch and Lorcan come out to save the SP then the tag team locker room empties to a huge brawl. Segment: Sasha Banks is being interviewed backstage. After last Monday Night Raw, where Bayley picked up a pinfall over the champions. Because of this Vince has awarded them entrance into the Tag Team Title match at Wrestlemania. Sasha Banks then thanks Vince McMahon like she won an Oscar. She ends with saying that just like last year, Wrestlemania will be her moment. Match #3: Daniel Bryan vs. Elias -Bryan uses a spear and a jackhammer to win the match RESULTS: DANIEL BRYAN WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Heavy Machinery asking them about their Wrestlemania match with the OC. Tucker says that their feeling confident as ever, and that it's now clear to them that OC will use any advantage they can to get a win, legally or illegally. So we think that it would be fair if we ev- Otis cuts him off and grabs the mic and stares straight into the camera. "OC WE WANT A LUMBERJACK MATCH OHYEAAAAAA!" Tucker shrugs his shoulders "What he said" and HM leave. Match #4: Ruby Riott vs. Nikki Cross - Tables Match RESULTS: RUBY RIOTT WINS -After the match, Shayna Baszler comes out and throws Riott through a table in the corner with a gutwrench suplex. Segment: Drew McIntyre is at the gym and says that John Cena is not just any challenge, he is the biggest hunt of his life. 16 time world champion. Future Hall of Famer. But he is no match for the Hunter. I have taken down legends and losers. Every single person that has stepped to me has fallen. John, Wrestlemania will be no playground. It will be a battlefield. And you will join my mantle. Main Event: Kevin Owens vs. Big E - Match for the Wrestlemania IC Ladder Match Last Spot -Sami Zayn & Cesaro tries to interfere but Owens & Big E fights them off RESULTS: KEVIN OWENS WINS

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