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S2 Episode 47 Card

Episode #47 Card (Mar. 13, 2020):

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens up Smackdown. He says he talked to GM Paige last week and she talked to Vince and it turns out, theres nothing he can do. Goldberg is in the match. I'm out. ButI'm not going to let that stop me. I've been a fighter my entire life and I'm not going to let this one stop me. If Vince wants me out of the match, then I'm going to find a way back in. Vince McMahon walks out and says that he tried for years to make Roman a star in this business and he's failed at every junction. So he' s giving up on him. Goldberg is a star, he is money. He is the talent that this company needs. Not you Roman. Roman says that he's been carrying this company on his back for years. Roman's worked so incredibly hard to get where he is today and he's not losing his opportunity. Vince asks what he is going to d o about it. Roman walks away then hits the Superman Punch on Vince and says this is only the beginning, and leaves. Match #1: The Miz & John Morrison vs. Cesaro & Sami Zayn -During the match, Kevin Owens interferes but he gets kicked out by the ref. RESULTS: CESARO & SAMI ZAYN WINS Segment: GM Paige announces that tonight and next week will be IC Ladder match qualifying matches for the final entrant in the match at Wrestlemania. Tonight it will be The Velveteen Dream taking on Keith Lee and Big E and next week will be Drew Gulak vs. Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens.The winners of those two matches will face off and the winner will enter the IC Ladder match at Wrestlemania. And I know you're wondering who's already in the ladder match at Wrestlemania? Well you will have to wait because in 3 weeks, we will have a Gauntlet Match featuring all of the Ladder Match participants. So stay tuned to find out. Match #2: Ember Moon w/ Asuka vs. Carmella w/ Naomi RESULTS: EMBER MOON WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with AJ Styles talking about ladder match at Wrestlemania. He says that this whole thing that GM Paige has cooked up is the dumbest thing he has ever heard and she's working for some dumb bosses in his life. Match #3: The OC vs. Burch & Lorcan RESULTS: THE OC WINS -After the match the OC grab a mic and say that Heavy Machinery is not worthy to carry these championships. You are just two bumbling idiots who wiggle their hips and dance and GOT LUCKY! One on one you'll never be able to take down the greatest tag team Smackdown has ever seen! OC Leave. Segment: Video Package showing Ember Moon and Asuka's tag team domination Match #4: The IIconics vs. Local Jobbers RESULTS: THE IICONICS WIN -After the match, The IIconics say that they are watching Raw this Monday very closely to see who will win the #1 Contenders Match and challenge them at Wrestlemania. Plus NXT cause they're doing something as well. Then Bayley comes out and attacks the IIconics, then leaves. Segment: Shayna Baszler walks out and says that it's amazing how much desperation ignores intelligence. You see, Ruby has had me in her sights since May of last year. And in every outing together, I've beaten her. At Stomping Grounds, I proved i could beat her anywhere in this building. At Summerslam, I proved that I was the Last Woman Standing. At No Mercy, I showed her and the so-called Queen my history of being a cage fighter up close and personal. And I showed Ruby that so bad that she got injured. All because she was determined yet not using her brain. The difference between you and me Ruby is that I am smart and determined and best of all dangerous. I know you want this match Ruby, but you're too determined for your own good. So because I'm smarter than you and every single person in this arena, I'm going to you that against you. You want to fight me Ruby Riott, here's what has to happen. #1 Next week, you're going to have to face two of the baddest woman on the planet, and no, I'm not talking about WWE's stupid horsewomen, I'm talking about the real horsewomen. Next week it's you in a handicap match against Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. If you can beat them, in 2 weeks, you have to take on the person you tried to save, Nikki Cross in a tables match. Oh hey and Nikki, if you win, I'll personally give you $100,000. Pay off some of those hospital bills. Finally Ruby, I really don't want this match at Wrestlemania against you, but if you can get past all of these challenges, then you'll get your match, but it's not just any match, it'll be a Tampa Bay Street Fight. Main Event: The Velveteen Dream vs. Big E vs. Keith Lee - Ladder Match & IC Ladder Match Qualifier RESULTS: BIG E WINS

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