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S2 Episode 40 Card

Episode #40 Card (Jan. 24, 2020):

Show Opener: The Pure open up Smackdown. Daniel Bryan says that with Elimination Chamber coming up, he is refusing to wrestle in the Chamber, citing that the structure doesn't promote pure wrestling, just dumb entertainment for you fans. You could never see the likes of William Regal, Ricky Steamboat, Lou Thesz, Dynamite Kid, Misawa in that match, so why should someone of his caliber compete in it. Then GM Paige comes out and says that if he doesn't want to be in the chamber, that's fine, but you'll still be defending your title at the PPV. However, you will not face just one opponent, but rather, two opponents. Velveteen Dream and Keith Lee walk out and the pure freak out. Match #1: Sheamus vs. Mustafa Ali -Miz & Morrison on commentary RESULTS: SHEAMUS WINS Segment: Sit-Down Interview with Ember Moon. Ember says that she honestly surprised herself with how far she went in the Rumble, let alone win the whole thing. For the past couple months, she's been a successful tag team wrestler with Asuka and with this Rumble win and a singles title match at Wrestlemania down the road, it looks like her career is heading down a whole new path. THe interviewer, probably Michael Cole, transitions the conversation to the Elimination Chamber and reveals the 6 participants in the Women's Elimination Chamber, getting Ember's reaction to each one, reminding her that she will be facing one of these people at Wrestlemania for the Women's Championship. Ember says Carmella is a former champ herself and a great competitor but they haven't wrestled that often so she'll be excited to see how that goes. Moon says Nikki Cross and her had a great rivalry back in NXT and she hopes those great matches can make it to the big stage. Moon says Naomi is an amazing competitor that has had a rough year but hopefully she can turn it around at Elimination Chamber. Moon says Sasha Banks is the Boss. She's got a little bit of an attitude now but she can still go inside that ring. Ember wants to see them lockup extremely bad because she can maybe teach her some things. Moon says Asuka is an interesting choice but makes sense. The possibility of facing Asuka definitely intrigues her but we'll see what happens. And of course Moon says Shayna Baszler has been a thorn in the side of this woman's division for months. She's been bullying people into submission constantly and if she can make it out of the Elimination Chamber alive, when then maybe the sun will set for Baszler and the moon will rise for her. Match #2: Burch & Lorcan (replaced One Nation) vs. Heavy Machinery -Street Profits attack One Nation during their entrance and fight them to the backstage area, meanwhile Heavy Machinery is in the ring and looking for challengers, cause they want to stay blue collar solid and still have a match! GM Paige comes to the ramp and says, I love your energy guys so you'll still get a match, against these guys! Burch and Lorcan enter the ring and we get HM vs BL. RESULTS: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with New Day about how people are saying they won't fair well without Kofi around, They responded saying that The great thing about The New Day is that each individual is an amazing competitor and that they don't need each other to thrive. We have our own goals we want to pursue in WWE and we will pursue those! We wish Kofi the best in his recovery and when he gets back we'll still be The New Day and have each other's backs like we always have. Match #3: Naomi vs. Sasha Banks vs. Carmella & Nikki Cross RESULTS: CARMELLA & NIKKI CROSS WINS Segment: The IIconics promo package where they say they have talked to management, they've talked with the government, they've talked with their parents, everyone's talking about where the women's division. We'll guess what. The women's division is still here and they are going for it all. At Elimination Chamber, they will defeat The Country Club for the titles and then we take on whoever at Wrestlemania and finally become the best Women's Tag Team in the World. Billie Kay corrects Peyton Royce saying that they won't be the best, will be...IICONIC. Match #4: Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro w/ Zayn - Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match RESULTS: KEVIN OWENS WINS -After the match, Sami Zayn attacks Owens with a chair, then they put him into the tree of woe and attack his knee, rey mysterio style. Segment: Cameras try to get an interview with Zayn and Cesaro after the match and attack but Zayn shoves the camera out of his face and they both get in a car and speed out.

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