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S2 Episode 31 Card

Episode #31 Card (Nov. 22, 2019):

Show Opener: Drew Gulak open Smackdown patting himself on the back over his Future Stardom and his Survivor Series win but admits that could not have down it without the help of one team, The Pure. The Pure walk out and Daniel Bryan says that from Day One, all the way back to the Cruiserweight Classic when he was commentating on Gulak's matches, when Drew Gulak became the 205 Live Champion, Gulak has always impressed Bryan. So much that Bryan admits that he convinced GM Paige to bring Gulak to Smackdown simply because of his wrestling skill. I've seen the potential in you, Dawson and Wilder see the potential. The potential of a great pure wrestler. And that is why we The Pure want you to join our team. Bryan sticks his hand and waits for Gulak to shake. And Gulak shakes his hand. The Pure celebrate and then Velveteen Dream's music hits. He says that he hates to interrupt this beautiful moment but everyone single person in the WWE universe knows I should have won that Future Stars Opportunity. And you four took that away from me. So we have some issues to work out. Bryan says that he can try to step into their ring but it's 4 on 1. Dream says that's no problem, Dream's got backup. and then The New Day's music hits. All four of them run to the ring but The Pure escape. Match #1: Cedric Alexander vs. Rowan RESULT: CEDRIC ALEXANDER WINS Segment: Backstage, Heavy Machinery are preparing protein shakes and like Otis is eating like a shit ton of food. The OC comes out and Anderson and Gallows talk about how they look disgraceful. Where is the decorum the respect to the locker room. The OC is wrestling royalty at this point. Tucker says that heavy Machinery have no qualms with the history of The OC but they need to recognize a god of mass when they see one. Then Otis like eats a blender full of eggs or something and shakes and stuff, like he does, then wipes his mouth with his hand. Anderson says that if you need to see a god, don't look farther than this, and shows off his 6 pack. Otis wipes his mouth goo onto Anderson's abs. The OC are grossed out and leave. As AJ Styles leaves with Anderson and Gallows, The Miz stops Styles and says he wants the IC Title, Styles laughs and says "didn't you lose at Survivor Series"?, laughs and then leaves. Match #2: Sasha Banks vs. Natalya RESULT: SASHA BANKS WINS Segment: Ember Moon is interviewed backstage about missing out on Survivor Series. She says that she is upset she had to miss it, especially because her tag team partner Asuka did such an amazing job. Asuka walks into frame and Moon says that her and Asuka want to regain the women's tag team championships and that they're gunning for the Country Club. Match #3: Drew McIntyre vs. Lucha House Party - 3 on 1 Handicap Match -On commentary, they talk about how he requested this match RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS -After the match, McIntyre is sort of upset/unsatisfied with that win. Segment: GM Paige brings all the women from the Survivor Series women's team out to the stage to congratulate them on a job well done and to show the WWE that the SDLive women's division is nothing to be messed with. Then she calls Shayna Baszler to the ring to congratulate her as well but when her music hits she doesn't come out and we cut to the Tron to see Naomi and Baszler fighting backstage. Naomi gets her hands on a kendo stick and beats Shayna down. Match #4: Akira Tozawa vs. Eric Young - 2 Out of 3 Falls Match RESULT: AKIRA TOZAWA WINS Segment: Backstage, Kevin Owens is talking to some guy and Zayn slowly claps up to him, congratulating Captain KO and his victory. "Oh, wait, you lost, to NXT. You remember the NXT, the place we came from. Where we had some of our greatest matches." Kevin responds asking what Zayn's point is. Zayn says that Owens went against his roots and this is what happens when you forget about your roots. Cesaro then attacks Owens from behind awhile Zayn is talking down to Owens. Cesaro and Zayn leave together Main Event: The Pure vs. The Velveteen Dream & The New Day RESULT: THE PURE WINS

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