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S2 Episode 30 Card

Episode #30 Card (Nov. 15, 2019):

Match #1: Drew Gulak vs. Apollo Crews - Future Stars Eliminator
Segment: Backstage, Cedric and Akira congratulate Drew on his win, until Velveteen Dream interrupts them saying that he is a sho-in to win this future stars match and earn his title opportunity and tells them that the reason he is The Velveteen Dream "is that every show dreams of having me as champion."

Match #2: The Miz vs. Eric Young
    -Andrade distracts Miz mid-match
Segment: Backstage Promo with Eric Young after his match saying that he was robbed of the Future Stars Qualifier. Akira Tozawa robbed him of that by getting a roll-up victory. Well guess what, two could play that game and The Miz just say what happened when you take your eye off the prize. I can promise you one thing, Akira will not win that fatal four-way.

Match #3: Zelina Vega vs. Michelle McCool - Women’s Survivor Series Qualifier

Segment: Backstage interview with Captain KO says he's glad he can finally use that name. Sami Zayn interrupts saying that even though they are cut from the same cloth, Owens gets more respect from the WWE Universe. Zayn says he finally realized that this is because Kevin Owens has sold out to the WWE while Zayn has stayed true to his roots. Owens says that he never sold out and called himself the Captain. He's the Captain because he's better than Zayn. Owens questions how good Zayn is when he failed to qualify for the team. In fact, he prefers Mustafa Ali. Kevin Owens says that he never soled out and he just made smackdown the KO show and leaves.

Match #4: The Pure vs. The New Day - Road to Survivor Series Open Challenge
    -Before the match, The Pure talk about the streak that they have been building and how it's sorta sad that the WWE Universe needs to be reminded of how good they are everyone because they are too stupid enough to remember. At Survivor Series they will put on a tag team wrestling clinic and no team is good enough to step to their...The New Day interrupt and say that they've sat in the back every week seeing The Pure talk trash on everyone and today's the day. The New Day have always had their eyes on the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. And they will challenge The Pure tonight to prove to them what great tag team wrestling looks like.
Segment: Backstage, Shayna Baszler attacks Naomi, "severely injuring" her. It is announced that Natalya will replace Naomi

Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre - Men’s Survivor Series Qualifier
Show Closer: As Reigns is celebrating, GM Paige comes out with the rest of Men's Smackdown team. Paige rallies the troops getting everyone hyped, then on the tron, we see the smackdown and raw women's battling until the nXT women's team invades and wrecks everyone. Then the men's raw and NXT teams come to the ring and there is a huge three way brawl

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