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S2 Episode 25 Card

Episode #25 Card (Oct. 11, 2019):

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens SDLive, saying that he never lost the title, and wants his trophy returned to him. GM Paige comes out and says McIntyre has a good point but she is isn’t going to give away so easily. You will have to win a #1 Contender's match in the main event against this person. Kevin Owens comes out and talks his mouth off. McIntyre leaves to prepare for his match. Match #1: Rey Mysterio, Ricochet & ALI vs. Cesaro, Drew Gulak & Sami Zayn RESULTS: MYSTERIO, RICOCHET & ALI WIN -After the match, the match The OC attack the faces Segment: Kofi Kingston and The New Day talk about who might be the next challenger for Kofi's title, no matter who it is, they know their boy has got the win. They want to make sure they have Kofi's back so we're going focus on help Kofi, but it doesn't mean our eyes are coming off those titles. Match #2: Bianca Belair vs. Carmella - Winner stays on Smackdown RESULT: CARMELLA WINS Segment: The Pure comes out to the ring to tell the WWE Universe that they don't care about this stupid draft, shakeup, or whatever it is. And they definitely don't care about The Rock. They don't care because no matter who comes to Smackdown no one will be able to hold a candle to The Pure and they will take down anyone who thinks otherwise. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out and storm the ring, looking for a fight. Burch says that The Pure has never faced a team like us and challenge Dawson and Wilder to a tag match. Match #3: Burch & Lorcan vs. The Pure w/ Bryan RESULT: BURCH & LORCAN WIN Segment: Backstage Interview with Keith Lee and what he hopes to do on Smackdown. but in the background, we hear screaming. We look over to see The demon doing a coup de grace to Dream through a table. The Demon can scare away people. Keith Lee goes to help Dream. Match #4: The IIconics vs. The Empresses of the Night -Before the match, The IIconics call out any team to face them, then Empresses of the Night come out. RESULT: THE EMPRESSES OF THE NIGHT WIN Segment: Backstage Interview with Natalya and she says that she wants a title match against Shayna Baszler because she may have lost her title, but she wasn't beaten. The Sasha Banks appears and hits Natalya with a chair. Banks says that the Blueprint has found a new home on the blue brand and there is no way someone like Natalya will get a title shot before The Boss. Main Event: Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre - #1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Championship -The New Day on Commentary RESULT: KEVIN OWENS WINS

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