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S2 Episode 17 Card

Episode #17 Card (August 13, 2019):

Show Opener: Pete Dunne and Drew McIntyre open up SDLive. Dunne says that after 5 long weeks in this tournament, Pete Dunne has walked out holding the WWE Championship. Everyone doubted him saying that he's this new guy from NXTUK and whatever, but after Summerslam, Pete Dunne has that the Bruiserweight is here to stay. And he has one man to thank, Drew McIntyre, his fellow member of the great United Kingdom. When GM Paige came up with the idea to make McIntyre the special guest referee in Dunne's match, Dunne messaged McIntyre right away and a deal was struck. "Turns out the two of us see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues and we both agreed the keeping the WWE Championship in the UK territory and finally give it some much-needed class." As a team, Dunne and McIntyre will take down anybody in their path. The Hunter and The Bruiserweight are here to stay. Match #1: Heath Slater vs. Samoa Joe - 4th Inaugural Heath Slater 24/7 Championship Call-Out RESULT: SAMOA JOE WINS Segment: Backstage promo with AOP talking about how nobody can stop them, not even two quote unquote legends. Whoever comes for these titles next will be written off too. Match #2: Ricochet vs. Andrade w/ Vega (replaced ALI) - Intercontinental Championship Match -Ricochet comes out and issues an open challenge to anyone from either NXT or 205 Live. He wants to promote the greatness of those brands and the great people on those rosters. Ali comes out but Andrade attacks him before he can make it to the ramp, and then faces Ricochet. RESULT: ANDRADE WINS. NEW CHAMP!!! Segment: Backstage Interview with The IIconics who are asked about their month long title reign. They said they are extremely disappointed and that you have got to be joking them. They've been teaming for how long and they lose their most prized possession that being the Women's Tag Team Championship after one measly defense. They even allowed The Country Club to challenge them. They start thinking that maybe they are being too naive. Just because they won the titles and achieve their dream, maybe they need to work harder and smarter to defend it. Match #3: Heavy Machinery vs. The Ascension RESULT: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS Segment: The New Day are talking to GM Paige about what does Kofi need to get another shot at the WWE Championship. McIntyre just created another hurdle to get through, but this won't derail the Summer of Kofi. Kofi wants another shot. GM Paige says that next week Big E and Woods will face Dunne and McIntyre and if they win, Kofi will get a title shot at No Mercy. Match #4: Natalya vs. Dana Brooke RESULT: NATALYA WINS -Following the match, Alexa Bliss comes out onto the ramp and Natalya and her yell at each other. Nia Jax then appears behind Natalya and Samoan Drops here. Then Nia comes over to Bliss at the entrance ramp and the two pander to the crowd. Segment: Backstage Interview where Velveteen Dream explains that despite winning, he isn't satisfied. "See, I wanted the fight, I wanted the challenge, I wanted the Demon. But no, No Demon for the Dream. But Velveteen Dream isn't leaving Finn Balor alone until he's fully satisfied. Whatever Finn needs to do to get his little Demon powers, until then, I'll be waiting.” Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan -During the match, The Revival come out to distract Roman Reigns, which allows Bryan to hit the running knee and lock in the LeBell Lock. RESULT: DANIEL BRYAN WINS

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