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S1 Episode 7 Card

Episode #7 Card (Oct. 2, 2018):

Show Opener: Mella-bration -Carmella comes out to talk about how she is the best women’s champion, Flair is no longer “genetically superior”, has more titles wins than Becky Lynch, in fact more title wins that all the other Smackdown Live Women’s Roster members combined. Becky Lynch comes out and tells Carmella to “put her money where her mouth is”, Mella says no because she’s the champ, she makes the matches here. GM Paige comes out and says no, she’s the one that makes the matches here, and makes a match for tonight. If Carmella wins she can pick her opponent for SD1000, if Becky wins she will take on Carmella for the title at SD1000 Match #1: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sin Cara -Finn Balor on commentary -Nakamura throws Sin Cara into Balor, Balor gets up and Nakamura says “come on”, Balor looks to be ready for fight, but stops RESULT: SIN CARA WINS -Following the match, Balor goes up to Nakamura and says “come on”. Match #2: Lana vs. Liv Morgan - Women's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match RESULT: LANA WINS Match #3: The Bar vs. The Revival - Open Challenge for the SDLive Tag Team Championships -Before the match: The Bar show respect to the Bludgeon Brothers by saying they love to fight and the Bludgeon Bros. brought it RESULT: THE BAR WINS Backstage Segment: Carmella walks over to the Country Club and says that if they watch her back, when she beats Becky Lynch, one of the Country Club members can challenge for her championship, they agree MATCH #4: Rusev vs. The Miz w/ Mike Kanellis - Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match -Mike Kanellis tries to slide The Miz some brass knuckles, but Dan Bryan comes out and stops Kanellis -Elias & English watch the match backstage RESULT: RUSEV WINS -Lana comes out and the two celebrate MAIN EVENT: Becky Lynch vs. Carmella w/ The Country Club -Stipulation: If Carmella wins she can pick her opponent for SD1000, if Becky wins she will take on Carmella for the title at SD1000. -During the match, The Country Club try several different ways to get Carmella to win but to no avail. -Carmella blames the Country Club, say it’s their fault for not winning, and calls their deal off. The Country Club leave RESULT: BECKY LYNCH WINS

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