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S1 Episode 31 Card

Episode #31 Card (March 19, 2019):

Show Opener: Seth Rollins opens Smackdown Live saying "Give me the match”, over and over again, ramping up the crowd. Rollins calls for Paige to come and out and give him the match, Styles attacks Rollins from behind and says "You're on". Match #1: Bayley vs. Nia Jax RESULT: BAYLEY WINS Match #2: Bray Wyatt & Rowan vs. Slater & Rhyno RESULT: BRAY WYATT & ROWAN WINS -Post-Match Beatdown Backstage Segment: GM Paige is talking to Batista in her office, thanking Batista for helping with her Triple H problem, Triple H walks in and says "Problem? I'm the solution. Raw and Smackdown ratings are failing, you need NXT to save your show, We are the future, we are Nxt." Batista says that After Smackdown 1000, all the years all the road together, Batista is sick of Hunter. I don't even have to be here, yet, Paige has given me the opportunity to prove that you cannot beat me. Batista says the line in the sand has been drawn, and at Wrestlemania, Batista will destroy Triple H one last time. Match #3: Kevin Owens w/ Adam Cole vs. Mike Kanellis w/ Shinsuke Nakamura - United States Championship Match -During the match, the ref gets knocked out and Mike Kanellis gets a visual pin on Owens. Cole hits The last shot on Kanellis, and drags Owens onto Kanellis. RESULT: KEVIN OWENS WINS Segment: English & Elias perform a song, talking about how they are not a joke, and that the Revival can say they are the best tag team in the division, but the current champions are English & Elias; Revival come out and say that this is not up for debate, they have proven they are the best tag team in the world, time and time again, on Raw, On Smackdown, on NXT, heck they can go around the world a beat every single tag team all the way from here to Japan. The Usos come out and say that they have forged the tag team division of Smackdown Live, that the division circles around them, that everyone can play around a fight over who's the best team in the world but know that every person is playing in the yard of the Uso penitatary. The three teams start bickering, then Sanity attacks them all. The Usos stand tall. Main Event: Finn Balor & Becky Lynch vs. Drew McIntyre & Charlotte Flair RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE & CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS -Following the match, McIntyre beats down Balor, Lynch tries to break it up by attacking McIntyre, Flair grabs Lynch and they fight, McIntyre & Balor fight out of the arena, Bayley runs down to help Lynch, Jax runs down to help Flair. The four brawl, Bayley accidentally hits Lynch, resulting in Flair and Jax standing the tall.

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