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S1 Episode 3 Card

Episode #3 Card (Sept. 4, 2018):

Show Opener: The Miz comes out with a boot on his leg and walks into the ring. He then proceeds to recreate Matt Hardy’s retirement speech from last week. Dan Bryan comes out and tries to get The Miz to shut his mouth, citing that he shouldn’t make fun of legends who are forced to retire from something they love. Miz is “confused” because that’s what he is doing right now, trying to retire because of the leg injury the Bryan caused, but lucky for Bryan, he has a new protege, a new rookie. Mike Kanellis comes out and beats up Bryan, and stands alongside The Miz. Backstage Segment: Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins comes up to GM Paige and asks to be #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. Paige tells them they need to move on because neither of them won, and she picked a new #1 contender. In walks in Drew McIntyre. Paige informs them all that if McIntyre wins his match with AJ Styles tonight, he will be the new #1 contender. Match #1: Lana vs. Becky Lynch -Carmella on commentary -Quick squash match -Following the match, Charlotte Flair storms the ring and her and Becky Lynch fight. At some point during the fight, Lynch throws Flair onto Carmella. Lynch then walks out. RESULT: BECKY LYNCH WINS Match #2: The Bar vs. Slater & Rhyno - Tables Match -Sheamus brogue kicks Heath Slater who falls onto Cesaro. Rhyno goes to Gore Sheamus, but Sheamus uses Rhyno’s momentum to throw Rhyno threw a table in the corner. RESULT: THE BAR WINS Backstage Segment: Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins meet up backstage to talk about what they are going to do about Drew McIntyre. They decided that even though they don’t meet eye to eye, neither of them think McIntyre deserves the #1 Contender's position. Sing Off: Elias vs. Aiden English: The two try to out-sing each other. At one point, Elias and English harmonize perfectly, they pause and look at each other, Rusev sees this look, gets jealous, and attacks Elias. English pulls Rusev off and the two walk backstage. Match #3: Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan vs. Bayley & Nia Jax RESULT: BAYLEY & NIA JAX WINS Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre -Halfway through the match, Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins come out an attack both Styles and McIntyre. Chaos ensues. RESULT: DRAW Paige comes out and says she has enough of this #1 contender crap. She makes the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Hell in a Cell and Hell in a Cell Fatal Four-way; Styles vs. Owens vs. Rollins vs. McIntyre!

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