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S1 Episode 21 Card

Episode #21 Card (Jan. 8, 2019):

Show Opener: Seth Rollins announces that he will be entering the Royal Rumble, says he's fighting for the title and the dream match that him and the entire WWE Universe have been robbed of. Undisputed Era come out and announce that they will be entering the Royal Rumble as well, they will win the rumble and takeover the SDLive brand like they promised. Rollins says sarcastically that has totally worked so far. Adam Cole says that Rollins wasn't even supposed to be in the match at COC. Rollins says well then let's settle our differences and have a match tonight, and let's make it interesting, i'll talk to GM Paige, loser of tonight's match, enters at #1 in the Royal Rumble. Match #1: Tamina & Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax RESULT: CHARLOTTE FLAIR & NIA JAX WINS Backstage Segment: Cut back from commercial, and the announcers show us some footage of Becky Lynch and Tamina brawling, we do not know who started it. Match #2: Heath Slater vs. Sin Cara -During the match, Drew McIntyre comes out of nowhere and just destroys both Slater and Sin Cara and throws both of them over the top rope, proving that he will be a threat at Royal Rumble. RESULT: DRAW Match #3: English & Elias vs. Sanity (Dain, Wolfe) w/ Young RESULT: SANITY WINS Rey Mysterio Promo: He will defend this title in any way possible, Owens may have gotten his hands on it last week, but it's still around my waist. he has to earn his shot at the title, he can't just take whatever he wants. Owens comes out and says that since Mysterio took his WWE championship opportunity from, Owens is just going to take Mysterio's US Title. And if he has to earn it, then so be. Owens then attacks Mysterio. Match #4: Rey Mysterio vs. Kevin Owens -Owens attempts to remove the turnbuckle, ref stops him and tries to fix, Owens hits Mysterio with the US Title. RESULT: KEVIN OWENS WINS -After the match, Owens stands tall with the US Title. Main Event: Seth Rollins vs. Adam Cole w/ Fish, O’Reilly, Strong -Loser is #1 in the Royal Rumble RESULT: ADAM COLE WINS

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