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S1 Episode 11 Card

Episode #11 Card (Oct. 30, 2018):

Show Opener: The Country Club open up the show complaining about how there are no more women to qualify for the women’s Survivor Series team, and they will just have a match right now to decide. GM Paige comes out and says that they have already had their second chance last week, so they are out, but she does have two women that will have their chance right now. Match #1: Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina - Women's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match RESULT: CHARLOTTE FLAIR WINS Match #2: The Miz vs. Finn Balor - Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match -Mike Kanellis runs in, trying to get involved, but Dan Bryan stops him RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs. Bray Wyatt RESULT: REY MYSTERIO WINS -Following the match, the lights go out and The Wyatt Family goat masks appear in the center of the ring. Match #4: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dan Bryan - Men's Survivor Series Team Qualifying Match -Mike Kanellis comes out and the ref stops him from interfering, The Miz hits Bryan with the Skull Crushing Finale, then Nakamura his Bryan with Kinshasa RESULT: SHINSUKE NAKAMURA WINS Backstage Segment: Charlotte Flair is interviewed on what it’s like being back. She’s interrupted by Becky Lynch, who then welcomes back Flair with a sarcastic one liner. MAIN EVENT: The Bar & AJ Styles vs. The Undisputed Era (Fish, O’Reilly, Cole) w/ Strong RESULT: THE UNDISPUTED ERA WINS

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