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GCW: Nick Gage Invitational 6 (2021) Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This is the 6th installment of the Nick Gage Invitational, a GCW death match tournament. The tournament has 8 competitors. Previous winners are as follows:

Nick Gage Invitational 1 (2015): MASADA

Nick Gage Invitational 2 (2017): Matt Tremont

Nick Gage Invitational 3 (2018): Masashi Takeda

Nick Gage Invitational 4 (2019): Nick Gage

Nick Gage Invitational 5 (2020): Mance Warner

Truly a great list of winners for the NGI. This year, Masashi Takeda will be defending the Ultra Violent Championship in each of his matches to add a great wrinkle to the whole tournament. And should be said but graphic violence warning. Let's get into it.

Atticus Cogar vs. Rina Yamashita - Round 1 Match

Rina Yamashita is busted up early from broken light tubes being shoved into her skull. Cogar starts biting her and licks some of the blood off his hands. Cogar is drop kicked into a skyscraper set of tubes by Yamashita. Yamashita smashes a tube over her own head and fires up the crowd. She uses part of the tube to stab Cogar. Both competitors smash tubes onto each other in a face off until Cogar grabs several and smashes them all on Yamashita. Cogar grabs a light tube fan and smashes it on Yamashita for a 2 count. Rina Yamashita hits the Jig and Tonic on Cogar onto some tubes for 2. Yamashita smashes another giant light tube fan onto Cogar. Yamashita grab about 4 tubes and places them on top of Cogar as she goes to the top rope. She does a big splash onto Cogar and pins him after a little bit of an awkward moment for 2. Cogar throws Rina into the last tower of tubes for 2. Cogar starts throwing several tubes and pins Rina for 2. The crowd has come alive as Cogar pulls out his signature green skewers. Cogar shoves them near Rina's eyebrows looking like she has green horns! Cogar nails a headlock driver for a 3 count.

Rating: B-

Very good opening match for the tournament. Cogar continues to be one of the most underrated performs in the Death Match World.

Kit Osbourne vs. *Mystery Opponent* - Round 1 Match

Charli Evans emerges as the mystery opponent for Kit Osbourne. Big pop from the crowd. The bell rings and Shlak comes out as the crowd explodes and also joins the match. Loudest the crowd has been so far. Shlak just looks like a maniac. I love it. For for the first several minutes Kit and Charli go after the much larger Shlak. They kick him into a door wrapped in barbed wire. With Shlak disposed, Kit and Charli begin fighting each other by smashing a few tubes over each other's heads. Charli Evans smashes a tube over her own head as she is in complete control until Kit hits a big clothesline on Charli. Suddenly, Shlak just runs over Kit and drives him into a board. Charli throws a few ineffective forearms on Shlak before a super kick that stuns him. Evans hits a super kick on Kit and locks Kit into a leg lock. Shlak is just hanging out in the corner, which was odd. Shlak decides to stomp Kit a few times. Shlak looks like he's bleeding pretty badly on his right forearm, which might explain him kicking it in the corner. The referee is now taping Shlak's arm up. Shlak head butts Kit a few times.

Kit Osbourne fires up with a few blows to Shlak. They go to the top turnbuckle. Kit tries to hit a top rope rana, but to no avail. Shlak goes for some type of powerbomb/styles clash variation into a barbed wire board. Evans sends Shlak to the floor into a pile of chairs and tubes. Looked ugly. Shlak gets up immediately throwing chairs. Kit hits a pedigree on Charli onto a barbed wire door for 2. Charli Evans gets a 3 count via a small package.

Rating: C

Always hard to do triple threats properly. A little bit of chaos and a few minor miscues knocked this one down for me, but it was a fine match. Hope Shlak is alright, didn't look good.

Akira vs. Alex Colon - Round 1 Match

This match is being billed as Alex Colon having a legacy already intact and Akira being an up and comer. Colon is 100% a GCW guy, but at some point, someone will beat him and they'll be over like rover, pal. Each wrestler starts the match with a...*checks notes*...knife. Yep that's right. Akira puts Colon in a cross arm breaker in an attempt to steal Alex's knife, but no luck. The knife fight appears to be over for now as Colon is hit with tubes via a rolling kick. Akira starts eating some glass because death match reasons. Colon is holding a tube in a chair on the floor. Akira comes running at him, but Colon moves and Akira goes into it. They continue brawling on the floor for a bit. Colin runs across the entire building to hit Akira with a tube, but the tube doesnt break. Crowd chants "One more time" and he obliges. This time he crushes the tubes into Akira. Suspiciously close to the concession stand as Dave Prazak iterates. Colon puts Akira in the ring for a one count. Colon puts his fingers in Akira's mouth and grabs A KNIFE! Alex Colon uses the knife on Akira's forehead! Oh man, this is hard to watch. The fans really want to see Akira get stabbed on their side. Akira is stabbed several times with the knife. Colon goes to each side of the ring stabbing Akira. The crowd loves it. A litle bit of wreslting before Colon swings the light tube at Akira like a baseball bat. Akira is smiling and dares Colon to keep going. Colon smashes a tube on his head before smashing it on Akira. Akira is holding his own arms behind his back and dodges Colon. Akira hits a high knee and a back suplex as Colon rolls to the floor. Akira smashes a tube on his own head. Akira hits some tubes into Colon with a 619 type move. Crowd chants "this is awesome." Colon lays prone as Akira goes to the top. Colon gets up and smashes a tube on Akira. Colon goes for a spanish fly, but Akira catches him for a poison rana from the top turnbuckle. Akira back up top and attempts a senton, but Colon moves. Colon needs his hand taped due to injury. Both men are on their knees in the center exchanging blows. They get to their feet and grab some tubes. Colon gets Akira with a knee to the back of the head and locks in the camel clutch. Akira gets out and rolls up Colon for 2. Reversal by Colon for 2. Colon locks in the ankle lock. Akira gets up but Colon hits a sleeper suplex and grabs some tubes. Colon puts the tubes on Akira and heads to the top turnbuckle. Akira flies up however and stops Colon with a tube. Both men are now up at the top turnbuckle. Akira falls into the tree of woe momentarily before throwing Colon off the rope. Akira goes to the top with tubes. Akira hits the senton onto Colon for a 2 count. Akira hits a tiger drive for a 2 count and moves into a Muta Lock! Colon gets out, but Akira hits him with a tube for his troubles. Akira grabs a knife covered board and puts it in the center. Headbutts by both men as Akira suplexes Colon into the knives. Akira puts the knife board between the two chairs and grabs some tubes. Colon hits double knees onto Akira and suplexes Akira through the knifes. Akira kicks out at 2. Akira is holding the tubes while on his knees as Colon super kicks Akira for 2. I think the bell rings, but it was only 2. Colon locks in the Camel Clutch and Akira passes out!

Rating: B+

Akira is going to be a major name in the death match world and this match is going to be a reason why. Alex Colon remains one of the best in the death match world. The crowd gave Akira a standing ovation post match.

Eric Ryan vs. Masashi Takeda - Round 1 Match & GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match

This match is easily the most anticpated match of the tournament. Takeda comes in with the Ultraviolent Championshp and will be defending it throughout the tournament. Eric Ryan puts some tubes in the ring and jumps into them, as one does. Takeda does the same. When Takeda gets to his feet, Ryan throws tubes at Takeda. Takeda grabs Ryan and throws him into the turnbuckle and some tubes. Takeda smashes tubes on his head and fires up. They got to the floor and Takeda is firmly in control, smashing tubes on Ryan and cutting him with the sharpest edges. Takeda rolls Ryan back into the ring and has scissors! Takeda sends Ryan into the ropes and knocks him down with a blow from the scissors. Ryan, now seated. gets stabbed a bit with the scissors. Ryan is cut badly. Eric Ryan reaches into a bucket and grabs a fork. Ryan forks Takeda up! Ryan empties the bucket of forks and slams Takeda into them for a 2 count. This match got out of control in a hurry. Masashi Takeda shatters tubes into the chest of Eric Ryan with a double kick. Ryan has the tube in his mouth as Takeda breaks it. Takeda hits a top rope bulldog on Ryan into some tubes and forks for 2. Both men are to their feet until Ryan hits a snapdragon on Takeda who gets up and does the same to Ryan. Takeda launches tubes into Ryan before a knee strike plus tubes for 1! They get up and exchange blows as the crowd erupts. Takeda sends Ryan chest first into some tubes. Takeda places a few tubes on Ryan and then punches him in the face for the 3 count!

Rating: B

This was a good death match by two great death match wrestlers. Eric Ryan looked a little worse for wear here. Both men are stars in the death match world!

Nate Webb vs. Ninja Mack vs. Yoya vs. Cole Radrick vs. ASF vs. Brayden Lee vs. Gringo Loco

The GCW Scramble is a staple for the promotion. That being said being able to describe everything that transpired during this one, is an impossible task. I'll be honest, it isn't impossible, but I'm not doing it. The whole point of the match is to give a break from death matches and it definitely did just that.

Rating: C

Charli Evans vs. Alex Colon - Semi-Final Match

The match starts with a lock-up. Evans takes Colon down and kicks a couple of tubes into his back. Colon is not down long though before being sent to the floor. Colon goes running at a seated Evans. Evans throws a chair at Colon as she takes control of the match-up back. Back in the ring, Alex Colon smashes a tube on Evans and uses it to cut her arm. Colon grabs a bucket and pours thumbtacks over Evans. Evans gets up, grabs some tacks, and inserts them into Colon's mouth. Quickly, Evans follows that up with a kick to the mouth for a 2 count. Charli Evans hits a big swinging DDT on Colon for 2. Charlie ties up Colon's legs into submission and moves into a STF. Evans lets Colon out. Both wrestlers are at their feet exchanging forearms. Colon gets the better of the exchange and goes for a pin for 2. Alex Colon grabs a tube a tries to hit Evans, but she blocks it and hits Colon with it. She smashes several tubes on Colon's head. Evans bounces off the ropes and delivers a big lariat for 2. Charli Evans slides some chairs into the rings and places a pane of glass on top of them with Colon underneath it. Colon wiggles his way out and catches Evans on the top turnbuckle. He hits her with a bundle of tubes. Colon and Evans exchange punches and headbutts until Colon delivers a superplex through the glass for a 1 count! Colon runs over and smashes her with several tubes and locks in the camel clutch. Evans passes out.

Rating: C+

Colon is GCW's guy. Not a real surprise he is going to the finals.

Atticus Cogar vs. Masashi Takeda - Semi-Final Match & GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match

Masashi Takeda is again defending the Ultraviolent Championship. Before Takeda can enter the ring, Cogar smashes two tubes onto Takeda. They brawl on the outside for a bit until Cogar rolls Takeda into the ring. Cogar smashes a bundle of tubes on Takeda for 2. Cogar starts shoving his fingers into every inch of Takeda's face. Atticus Cogar smashes another tube and stabs Takeda with the business end of the tube. Cogar chokes Takeda on the ropes. Takeda ducks a tube swing by Cogar and spears him! Takeda throws a few tubes at Cogar and hits him with a big kick. Cogar, now in the tree of woe, is kneed in the face with some tubes. The crowd is solidly behind Takeda here. Takeda gets a two-count and sets up a big pane of glass in the corner. After a brief exchange, Cogar gains control. Cogar hits the air raid crash through the glass for 2!

Atticus Cogar pulls out the lime green skewers. Takeda stops Cogar from using them temporarily, but Cogar ends up shoving a whole stack into Takeda's head. Takeda grabs a gusset plate and pounds it into Cogar's head. There is a headbutt exchange. Takeda hits a big brain buster for 1! Bodyslam by Takeda! Cogar is holding a few tubes as Takeda goes to the top rope. Takeda flips off the turnbuckle for a 2 count.

44OH's Gregory Iron and Eddy Only enter the ring and attack Takeda. Cogar hits Takeda with more skewers. Jordan Oliver hobbles to the ring with a crutch to make the save! Gregory Iron kicks Jordan Oliver's crutch away. Oliver grabs the crutch and starts clearing house.

Takeda dumps Cogar on his head and follows it up with a back fist through some tubes and a knee strike for two! Takeda has some tubes set up in the middle. Cogar has more skewers but Takeda blocks them and shoves them in Cogar's mouth. Takeda hits a scorpion death drop into the tube bundle for 3!

Rating: B-

Takeda and Colon will put on a hell of a match in the finals, I am supremely confident.

Masashi Takeda vs. Alex Colon - NGI6 Final Match & GCW Ultraviolent Match

Wild that Takeda has to wrestle almost immediately after. Yeah, they took a 15-minute intermission to get things set up and all, but get real. This is a task!

There are doors set up at ringside. There are tubes on every side of the ring. This looks hellacious. Colon grabs a tube and smashes it on his forehead before Takeda is even out there. The match officially starts with neither man connecting on their moves. Takeda and Colon each grab a tube and circle the ring as the crowd chants. Both men smash each other and each man is sent into the ropes. Colon is cut open by Takeda and his friend tube, light. Takeda grabs a handful of tubes and puts them in Colon's jersey. Takeda kicks them but they didn't seem to break. Alex Colon rolls to the floor to escape. Takeda follows. There are some ladders set up with tubes in between them. Colon grabs a few tubes and smashes Takeda. Colon goes back in the ring to dive on Takeda. Takeda catches him and hits what looks like an exploder suplex through the tubes between the ladders. That looked very painful. Colon may be legit hurt. Alex Colon is set up on the doors. He gets up and launches a chair at Takeda who is perched upon the turnbuckle. Colon builds a second level on the doors with 2 chairs and a glass pane on top of that. Colon hits Takeda with a tube on his way up and nails a superplex through everything on the floor. Colon is bleeding a ton. I'm concerned. The ring crew wraps Colon'shead with a wash cloth and some duct tape.

Back in the ring, Colon pins Takeda but only gets a 2. Colon smashes a handful of tubes on Takeda's forehead. Takeda gets up and hits an STO on Colon. Takeda gathers about 4 tubes and places them on Colon. Takeda goes to the top turnbuckle. Colon gets up and hits him with the tubes. Colon climbs up and nails a Spanish Fly for 2! Masashi Takeda is sitting up with tubes on him. Colon kicks him in the chest/head for 2. The referee tries to hand Colon a fresh towel, but Takeda decides to kick more tubes into Colon for a 2 count. Takeda does the scorpion death drop driver for 2. Colon is bleeding a ton as Takeda smashes himself with a light tube. Takeda pulls out about 15 tubes as both men go to the top. Colon attempts a sunset powerbomb, but Takeda holds on. Colon hits a Spanish Fly through all those tubes for 2! Colon locks in the camel clutch as Takeda taps out.

Rating: A-

Colon wins his first NGI after winning TOS 3 years straight. He is kneeling in the middle of the ring with his newly won GCW Ultra Violent Championship. Colon cuts a post-match promo putting over everyone in the tournament. He also says that he would like to fight Moxley at some point. A masked man enters the ring and attacks Colon. It is John Wayne Murdoch! Murdoch starts choking Colon. John Wayne picks up the title and places it on Colon. The crowd is chanting for Murdoch. Wow, they turned on Colon fast. Some faint ICW chants, but the boos drown them out. GCW chants begin.

If you like violence, this show is a good one for you. Colon put on the 2 best matches of the tournament, one against Akira and one against Takeda. I'm not sure why anyone in the death match world would even consider doubting Alex Colon. The man is an icon. I'm very interested to see Murdoch vs. Colon and where GCW goes from here.


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