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IWA Mid South King of the Death Matches vs Southern Sickness Cup 2021 - Night 1

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This was one of the more anticipated weekends in death match wrestling. There is Queen of the Death Matches, Double Dutch Death Match Tag Team Tournament, and this 2 night tournament from IWA-MS and Trainwreck Pro. The premise is that Ian Rotten has a team of former King of the Death Match competitors against JC Rotten's team of former Southern Sickness Cup competitors. The twist happened a few weeks prior to this show when Ian announced that JC would be forced to compete on Team KOTDM as he is a former member.

Jake Crist comes out to start the show. Jake remains the top heel in recent IWA-MS history. Eric Wayne comes out where what appears to be Zubaz. I'm a little jealous. Wayne teases bringing a chair into the ring, but ultimately just gets in.

Corey Storm interferes in about 15 seconds and attacks Eric Wayne. We got a no contest immediately. Prayer by Madonna blasts throughout the arena as Brad Cash emerges from the curtain to make the save.

Jake Crist walks away saying that he "only got paid for one match." He is refusing to wrestle the tag team match. Eric Wayne challenges Crist to a tag match anyway. Jake is starting to leave, but Cash and Wayne attack Corey and Jake. The brawling ensues on the outside and a match officially starts.

Jake Crist/Corey Storm vs. Eric Wayne/Brad Cash

Wayne has been out of wrestling for 2 years and this is his return. After brawling on the floor for a bit Crist and Storm take control and get into the ring. After a few minutes, the bell rings. Crist starts off by going after the eyes of Brad Cash. The first half of the match is basically Crist and Storm cutting the ring in half double teaming Cash. The Dream Killer Eric Wayne eventually gets the hot tag and hits a series of clotheslines followed by a code breaker on Crist and a death valley driver on Storm for a 2 count. Wayne slams Storm with a piledriver for 2! Eric Wayne pulls out a fork, but he gets caught by Crist. Wayne eats a super kick from Crist and a Crist Cutter from Storm. Storm gets the win for his team. Post match Storm and Crist stomp the hell out of Cash. Shortly after, Crist smacks Wayne with a kendo stick "baptizing" Eric Wayne. The crowd chants for "one more time!" Crist appeases the fans and does it again. A pair of absolutely brutal kendo stick shots as a parting gift from Crist and Storm.

Rating B-

Crist continues to be an absolute heat magnet. Great way to start the show. Brutal kendo stick shots, that probably won't seem so brutal as soon as the death match tournament starts.

Orin Veidt (KOTDM) vs. AKIRA (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & "The Ritual 2" Death Match

There are some light tubes shaped like pentagrams set up in three of the corners and a door in one. There are at least two other pentagram structures. Orin and Akira start off the match with a bit of chain wrestling because of course they would. The crowd explodes for a headlock takeover! They didn't, but it would be cool if they did. There is a roll up but Akira is thrown into one of the corners with the pentagram. Quickly after, Orin is sent into the opposite corner that also featured a gusset plated cross. Business is about to pick up! Akira throws Orin into the door with a release suplex. Akira grabs half the door and smacks Orin before placing it on him. Akira hits him with another piece of the door before grabbing the business end of a light tube to carve up Orin. Akira picks up the gusset cross and puts it in the middle of the ring. Orin and Akira exchange a few blows before Orin starts to carve up Akira. Orin attempts a suplex onto the cross, but is blocked. Akira locks in the octopus stretch! Orin hits total anarchy and then grabs the cross with gusset plates and applies it generously to the head of Akira. Orin grabs the door and throws it into Akira's head. Akira's head goes through the door. Akira is wearing the door like a turtleneck for a moment. Akira is able to regain some momentum as he looks for the tarantula, I think. Instead he grabs the door while upside down on the turnbuckle and smacks Orin several times. Akira is now in control. Light tubes are set up in the center of the ring. Akira nails a northern lights suplex into the tubes for a 2 count. Akira gets up and double stomps Orin for 2. Akira puts the cross on Orin and steps on it. Akira goes to the top with a pentagram tube bundle. Orin throws the cross at Akira who is stunned momentarily. Orin hits a one winged angel variation for a 3 count. Following the match, Orin helps Akira to his feet. Akira then takes a back bump and gets up and falls into the corner.

Rating: B

Good opener for the tournament. Two rising stars in death match wrestling were on display here.

The Carver (SSC) vs. Tank (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & Rope Roulette Death Match

I love these stipulations. Oftentimes, I have no idea what I'm about to see until I see it, but I trust IWA-MS to deliver on my wildest expectations in death match wrestling. At first glance, it looks like the ropes have some boards attached to them. It looks very strange, but let's let see how it play out. Also, this is the first time I've seen Tank in IWA-MS in a long long time. According to Nick Maniwa, KOTDM 2015 was his last appearance. Bell rings and The Carver attempts to literally murder Tank with an axe, but he misses. Carver throws some gussets on the rope boards. Tank pounds one into Carver's arm. Carver gets up and throws a few punches. Carver grabs a tube and smashes it on Tank's head. Tank smashes one on Carver's back. Tank stabs Carver in the corner between his legs. They both go outside. Tank throws Carver into a post and follows it up with a head butt., Carver then headbutts Tank. They exchange headbutts. Tank gets the better of the exchange as Carver goes to his knees. Tank walks away and grabs a few chairs from under the ring. Carver runs over and smacks Tank with his Axe before carving Tank's forehead with the axe. Tank sets up two chairs for the bar room brawl spot. These two go back and forth throwing haymakers until Tank starts headbutting Carver. Now back in the ring Tank throws Carver into one of the boards on the ropes, but they can't get it off. Carver and Tank exchange punches in the center. Tank hits a big backfist followed by a Saito suplex for 2. Tank asks his manager, The Reverend, to bring him a chair Tank puts the chair on Carvers head and stomps on it several times. The referee calls for the bell as Tank wins by referee stoppage.

Rating: C+

Tank is an old veteran of the death match game. It was great to see Tank again in an IWA-MS ring. Excited to see Tank tussle with his next opponent in the tournament. I'm a big fan of that man. The Carver has an amazing gimmick for death matches. The idea of starting the match attempting to murder your opponent might not work more than once, but hey maybe he'll succeed one day. There were a few minor issues that I had with the match, but in time Carver will end up rising to the top of the scene.

Amazing Maria (SSC) vs. Insane Lane (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & Iced Out Death Match

There are a few bats in the ring covered in thumbtacks, thumbtack dustpans, and a pool filled with thumbtacks! Insane Lane is over like rover. He also eats some dude's nachos in the front row. Not sure I'd want to have a bunch of nacho cheese in my mouth right before a death match. Lane, like Tank, hits all the right nostalgia buttons for me. Lane smacks Maria with the thumbtack dustpan and grinds it into Maria's head. Lane grabs a bat, but Maria gets away and grabs one of her own. She grinds it into Lane's head and smacks him for good measure. Maria grabs the dustpan and hits Lane with it as well. Maria puts the thumbtack bat in between Lane's legs. Lane grabs a hulk hand covered in tacks and pounds away. Lane hits a big body slam followed by a few bat shots. Lane moves the kiddie pool filled with tacks to the center of the ring and suplexes Maria into them for 1! Lane uses a bat again and then the tacks fell off the bat. Lane grabbed them and used them in an Iron Claw fashion for a 2 count. Lane screams. Maria hits Lane low, but Lane pushes Maria several times in the ring. Lane hits Maria with a piledriver into the pool of tacks for 2! Maria hits a few forearms on Lane and a couple head butts. Lane knocks her down and creatively pins her with a jack knife pin using the ropes for 2. Lane hits Maria in the head again with a bat followed by a death valley driver into the pool of tacks for 2. Lane hits a swinging neck breaker into the pool and pins Maria with a bat on top of her for 2! Maria is wobbling before flipping Lane off! She hits Lane with a spinning back fist, throws the kiddie pool with tacks on top of Lane and pins him for a 3 count while holding the ropes!

Rating: C+

Match told a great story. It's always hard to tell the story of a much larger man against a woman. That being said, Amazing Maria earned credibility in the death match world long ago. Nonetheless, they avoided many of the normal tropes that you would see in an intergender match or at the very least took a creative spin on a lot of it. Well done by both competitors.

Rebecca Payne (KOTDM) vs. Satu Jinn (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & A "Fans Bring The Weapons" Death Match

I'm always a big fan of Fans Bring the Weapons. There are no exceptions. Rebecca Payne is one of the toughest people that I've ever seen. I'm probably going to mention her getting smacked by Jake Crist's kendo stick from night 2 of King of the Deathmatches 2021 every single time I see her in a match. Just get used to that. If you have seen it, you know why I mention it. If you haven't seen it, you should. Payne is significantly smaller than Jinn. Payne tries to go after Jinn but is thrown aside several times. Payne continues to throw some forearms and Jinn slaps her down. Payne grabs a tube and smacks Jinn, twice. Jinn is unphased and hits Payne. Jinn grabs a thumbtack bat and a fly swatter with gusset plates. Payne grabs the swatter with plates on it and tries to get control, but Jinn quickly starts dominating again. Jinn grabs a blade that he came to the ring with and starts slicing Payne's forehead. Some real violent stuff is happening here. Jinn puts the blade in her mouth and carves her up a bit. Jinn hits Payne with a haymaker and Payne answers with some shots of her own. Jinn slams Payne with a body slam and grabs a few tubes. He swings the tubes into Payne's back. Jinn sends Payne to the floor and follows. Payne grabs a board with poppers on it and smacks it into Jinn's back. They're fighting over a door. Payne takes control and dives off the apron onto Jinn. Payne grabs another popper board and smashes it on Jinn's back. Crowd loves this spot! Payne puts the door into the ring and is smacked by a tube from Jinn. Jinn hits a back suplex onto the apron. Jinn smacks Payne with the gusset swatter before Payne does the same to Jinn a few times. Jinn destroys Payne with a thumbtack bat before throwing her into the post and steps. Payne pushes Jinn into a post. Jinn grabs the door and props it up on the apron and the floor. Jinn goes for something but it is reversed into a bulldog through the door. Payne is now in the ring as Jinn grabs a few chairs. I'm sure he just wants to sit down. No! Jinn throws the chair at Payne and covers her for a 2. Jinn grabs the second chair. Pretty sure he is going to sit on the chair this time. No! Payne hits a tornado DDT off the top rope into the chair for 2! Jinn uses the fly swatter again to the head of Payne and grabs another chair that he refuses to sit in. Jinn puts a triangle light tube contraption in between the two chairs. Payne throws a few hard forearms to Jinn. Jinn hits a uranage through the light tubes for the 3!

Rating: C+

I like that this intergender match told a very different story than the one exactly one match ago. Very dangerous match order, but it worked out. Payne continues to be one of the toughest people walking God's Green Earth!

Aeroboy (KOTDM) vs. Eric Dillinger (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & Shattered Death Match

It looks like all 4 corners have mirrors in them. There are some tubes laying around and an additional mirror or two. There is also a kiddie pool filled with something. I assume something is broken glass. The match starts with a very hesitant handshake. They lock up, but neither has the advantage as they break off. They tease the mirror for a bit between a few standing switches and a near fall. They shake hands again, but this time Aeroboy kicks Dillinger and sends him flying into the mirror. Dillinger then sends Aeroboy to a mirror across the ring. A series of strikes by Aeroboy before Dillinger hits a falcon arrow for 2. Dillinger gets to the top rope and Aeroboy kicks him in the head. Dillinger goes to the apron. Dillinger is sent to the floor via back handspring followed by a super kick. Aeroboy starts the carving process with a tube. Aeroboy grabs some pieces of glass and rubs it into Dillingers face before kicking a tube to his back. Aeroboy with a series of strikes before sending Dillinger into the ring. Dillinger quickly up to his feet and hits a suicide dive. Dillinger throws a bundle of tubes into Aeroboy. Aeroboy nailed with another tube bundle. Aeroboy low blows Dillinger before sending him into the post. Both men are back in the ring as Aeroboy maintains control until Dillinger rolls up Aeroboy for 2. Aeroby kicks Dillinger and sets up the kiddie pool of glass. Dillinger is leaning above the pool, but moves when Aeroboy misses a senton into the glass. Dillinger fires up and hits a blue thunder bomb into the pool of glass for 2! Dillinger to the top rope goes for a tornado ddt, but Aeroboy blocks it and hits a death valley driver into the mirror in the corner for 2! Aeroboy nails a curb stomp on Dillinger. A few lights went out, but everything is visible. Aeroboy hits a brainbuster and goes for a double stomp, but Dillinger moves and hits a super kick. Dillinger hits a tornado DDT from the top rope for 2! Dillinger places a bundle of tubes on Aeroboy and heads to the top. Eric goes for a frog splash, Aeroboy moves but leaves the tubes. Aeroboy kicks Dillinger a few times before hitting a tiger driver into the glass for 3!

Rating: B

I'm a big fan of Aeroboy and this was my first time seeing Dillinger (I think), but they did very well together.

Kevin Giza (SSC) vs. Dale Patricks (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & "The Bigger, The Better" Death Match

There are some large tube bundles, a barbed wire table, a door, These men are currently the IWA-MS Tag Team Champions. Both are crowd favorites evident by the chants and applause prior to the match starting. Giza extends his hand, but Dale needs to think about it a bit. They shake hands. Dale lays down in the middle of the ring. As Giza goes to pin him, Dale hits him with the small package for 2. Patricks and Gize exchange forearms. Patricks smashes a big bundle of tubes on Giza for short count. Patricks hits a senton and a running powerslam for 2. Gize hits a german suplex on Patricks and smashes some tubes on his head. Patricks on the floor is met by 2 suicide dive from Giza on the 3rd, Patricks hits him with tubes. Giza hits a third anyway. Crowd loves it. Now back in the ring, Giza goes to the top turnbuckle and misses a frog splash and hits the apron. Patrick now has control again. Patrick lays Giza on a barbed wire table and heads to the top turnbuckle himself. Patricks hits a rolling senton through the table as both men lay there. The crowd chants this is awesome. Patricks looks to be hurt as he's laying there for a bit. The referee comes over with tape for Dale Patricks. It looks like it is his hand or finger. Dale rolls Kevin into the ring for a 2 count. Patricks now pounding away on Giza. Giza hits a big satellite DDT on Giza for 1. Giza sets up the door in the corner with some tubes on top of it. Giza goes for a DVD, but Patricks gets out of it. Patricks whips Giza toward it but gets out of the way. Giza runs back in, Patricks follows. Giza hits a destroyer through the tubes and door for 2! Giza locks in the crossface, but Patricks rolls through for a 2 count. Giza keeps the hold in the center of the ring. Giza breaks the hold and puts some tubes on Patricks. Giza goes to the top rope looking for the splash to the apron and nails it. Patricks back in the ring and Giza hits another splash for 2! Giza gets a barbed wire table into the ring. Patricks hits a super kick, a thunder driver for 2. Giza is sent to the floor as Patricks starts to set up the table. Both men are now on the apron and moving to the top turnbuckle. They are slapping the heck out of each other as they are handed light tubes and smash each other. Neither tube breaks the first attempt, but we get there. Now Giza seems to be in control until Patricks head butts him low. Patricks nails a top rope chokeslam through the barbed wire table for 2! Giza is caught in the barbed wire for a bit as Patricks puts a giant bundle in the middle. Patricks hits a pile driver through the bundle for 2! Patricks goes for a slam of sorts, but Giza rolls up Patricks for 3!

Post match Patricks teases a chokeslam, but does not kill Kevin Giza.

Rating: B+

This tag team is one of the most entertaining pieces in IWA-MS. Seeing them go head to head here was fun. Both men can do it. I'm a little surprised Dale didn't get the win, as he's definitely more seasoned in death match wrestling. Good match though, looking forward to what Giza can do the rest of the tournament.

Eric Ryan (KOTDM) vs. Reed Bentley (SSC) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & Panes From Hell Loose Tubes Death Match

This one is one of the most anticipated matches in the tournament. Reed is one of SSC's top guys and Eric Ryan has won the last 2 KOTDM. There are 4 pools with panes of glass on top of them. There are pools of rubbing alcohol, salt, lemon juice, and one with forks.

Immediately, Ryan goes to the floor. After a bit of time, Reed follows and they run around the ring like the looney tunes. Eric Ryan gets back in the ring when Reed Bentley does. One of the panes of glass is set up in the corner. The two start with a lock up, but Ryan gets out and goes to the floor. Bentley grabs Ryan by the beard but Ryan gets out . Ryan gets in the ring and nails a shotgun drop kick on Reed through the pane of glass in the corner. Ryan grabs a fork and starts stabbing Bentley. Ryan does a Garvin stomp variation and then chokes Reed on the ropes. Ryan grabs some broken glass and shoves it into Bentley's forehead. Crowd starts to get behind Reed as he hits a few forearms before Ryan hits a neckbreaker for 2. Ryan has Bentley in a chinlock and Bentley gets up. School boy pin with the tights for 2 by Ryan. \ Eric Ryan literally puts salt into Reed Bentley's wounds. Ryan grabs a couple of chairs and puts them into the ring. Ryan uses the chair then sets both up a few feet apart. He grabs a large pane of glass and puts it on the chairs. Ryan goes for a maneuver, but is blocked. They tease it a bit before Bentley bulldogs Ryan into the pane for 2. Reed smashes a bed of forks on Ryan. Ryan's head is dipped into the alcohol by Reed. Reed nails a brainbuster through the pane of glass into the lemon juice for 2. There is one more pane of glass remaining. Reed sets the pane up in the corner and tries to send Ryan into it, but Ryan gets out and rolls Reed up for 3!

Rating: C+

That was abrupt, but honestly I liked the finish. Oftentimes you know a death match is going to end when all the weapons are used, but this time right when it looked like they were going to use the last pane of glass, Ryan got the win. That finish was one of the most surprising and smartly booked in recent memory.

John Wayne Murdoch (SSC) vs. JC Rotten (KOTDM) - KOTDM vs SSC First Round & World Series of Pain Death Match

Some big ol bundles of tubes laid out in the ring. There are few of those boards with gusset plates on it too. There's also a pane of glass in the corner. Looks like anything that wasn't used earlier and several tubes are in play for this one. JC comes out to Ian's theme song, "Beautiful People." Ian grabs a microphone. Ian says that he "wants to make sure things are on the up and up and that JC remembers he's a Rotten! Rottens don't lay down for anything!" Billy the P, the best dressed man in wrestling comes out to manage JC. The bell rings. JWM hits a blow and JC stays down. Billy the P complains as does Ian. According to commentary, JC threatened to fire them both. JC smashes a tube on JWM and pushes a gusset plate into JWM's forehead. JC has a big gusset plate and kicks it into his ICP tattoo on his arm. JC bites the arm of JWM. Murdoch grabs the gusset cross and smacks JC Rotten and bashes it into his head. JC locks in the claw on JWM and pushes him into the cross. JC swings the cross into Murdoch a couple times. They go to the floor where Murdoch smashes a bundle of tubes on JC. JC is now sitting in the front row. JWM smacks a pair of gusset plates in the arms of JC. Rotten grabs one and pushes it into JWM. Murdoch breaks a tube on JC. JC and Murdoch smack each other with tennis rackets with gusset plates on them. Jim Cornette would be proud. JWM throws a tube cabin at JC but he moves. JC grabs one and smashes it on JWM. JC throws Murdoch back into the ring and grabs a cabin. JC hits a 619 on the lower rope on JWM through a cabin for 2! JWM goes in with a series of strikes before JC starts to retaliate. They exchange until JC hits a suplex into the pane of glass for 2. Both men sit in the middle of the ring and take turns hitting each other with tubes out of a box. They start using hammer fists on the tubes. Eventually it turns to headbutts. John Wayne hits JC with a Russian leg sweep into the box with the remaining tubes for 2. Murdoch smashes a log cabin and a few tubes on JC before a DDT for 2. Murdoch motions for a destroyer through a barbed wire log cabin, but JC gets out and drops Murdoch onto it. JC walks over to the weapons and grabs a barbed wire bat. Gets a few good swings before JWM throws JC into a cabin. Murdoch gets a bucket of gusset plates and dumps them on JC and smacks him a few times. Murdoch is back in the ring organizing a contraption with 2 log cabins and carpet strips. JC is back and stops JWM. JC calls for Ian who comes running over. JC says "Let's finish this." Ian head butts JWM with light tubes and then runs away. What the hell! JC hits the Rotten Rush on JWM for 2. What do you mean 2? JC motions to Billy the P who shakes his head. Smart man. Doors and tubes have made their way to the ring. Murdoch and JC are on the top turnbuckle. Murdoch acts like he's going to hit a destroyer. JC Rotten's wife Tori (partial owner of Trainwreck Pro) comes running out and smacks JC with tubes. Murdoch hits the superplex into the double log cabin and carpet strips for 3! Post Match JC says "You better win this whole thing now." He used more expletives than I did but that was the gist of it.

Rating: A-

This was a good death match, but the storyline behind it really drove it home. I love when wrestling in general has stories, but I really like it when death matches and specifically deathmatch tournaments do. Ian Rotten and IWA-MS have delivered on that for years. This tournament so far has been no exception.

A good part of the tournament was based around JC having to wrestle for Ian's IWA-MS against Trainwreck Pro. Was awesome to see Ian get physical. Throwing in JC's wife was fantastic too. Call it whatever you want, but I'll tell you what, I can't wait to watch night 2!


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