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The Game Changing Event of 2021: An In-Depth look at GCW Fight Forever

When looking at the independent wrestling landscape, it is full of opportunity. But did anyone imagine that Game Changer Wrestling would once again change the game with a twenty-four hour live stream of professional wrestling unlike anything you have ever experienced? Well, although it may be too good to be true, we are only a few days away from this historical event. While we have been in a global pandemic since March of 2020, Brett Lauderdale and the fine folks at GCW have been working hard to keep us not only entertained but have been making sure the welfare of independent wrestling is all kept in good spirits. The aptly named “Fight Forever” truly is a sentiment that GCW has been preaching during these hard times; the independents will fight forever and will prevail no matter what happens. From starting independent shows in Indianapolis, Indiana to bringing The Collective in a safe environment, GCW has been able to do independent wrestling proud in 2020 and are making sure 2021 will be just as good.

With the help of the sponsors around the world, Fight Forever is the most ambitious event GCW has put together to date. When asking Brett Lauderdale about his thoughts about “Fight Forever”, he had a lot to say. I asked him how the idea came to be, as well as his motivation to put on this event and he said the following: “I’ve had the idea of a 24-hour wrestling show for a couple years now. It always sounded like a crazy idea and a big challenge which if you follow GCW, you know that is right up our alley. When Covid restrictions picked up again and shows suddenly got super limited all over again, I wanted to think of a way to do a fundraiser style event but do one that benefitted not just GCW wrestlers but Independent wrestlers from all over. Eventually I put 2 and 2 together. How can we include and help a lot of people all at once? A 24hr show funded by donations with 100% of the proceeds going to the wrestlers!”. This is an idea years in the making and Brett wants to show the world what happens when independent wrestling comes together. As for what is happening during these 24 hours, well, I will give you a little synopsis of some of the shows I am looking forward to the most. There is an abundance of shows to choose from for these 24 hours, but here are several of the events that will be sure to make your time worthwhile.

GCW Presents The Wrld on GCW Part III

This is the show to cap off the culmination of 24 hours of wrestling. If the first match announced gives you any idea how great of a show this is, we can only imagine what else is in store. This show expects to bring out the best of GCW in a 2-hour variety show.

Confirmed matches as of this article:

  • G-Raver vs Cole Radrick - Raver comes back to GCW for the first time since he defeated Jimmy Lloyd in the exhilarating I Quit match from New Years day. Cole Radrick is ready, willing and able for any challenge that crosses his path.

  • Chris Dickinson vs Juicy Finau- This is as big of a Hoss Fight as it gets, Finau making his return to GCW since So Much Fun in November and he's looking to make a bigger name for himself at the expense of Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson. Dickinson who is now a NJPW America standout looks to keep up his dominant reign over the GCW roster as he faces what could be his biggest challenge yet in the future star in Finau. This one will be physical as they come.

  • Joey Janela vs Everett Connors “Lemme Know”- Joey Janela once again returns to the GCW ring (will be facing Treehouse Lee in the first event GCW Wind of God), but this time, against the supposed Indie upstart Everett Connors. Connors looks to make a name for himself on a grand stage against the Bad Boy and this will be sure to be a highlight worthy matchup.

Effy’s Big Gay Block

It's back and Gayer than ever! Effy gave the world something truly special when The Collective came to Indianapolis and presented Effy’s Big Gay Brunch. Now with Fight Forever, Effy gets two more hours to prove that wrestling is truly for everyone with this encore performance and we here at Count Out are excited to be sponsoring the 2nd hour of this block. Who knows what Effy has up his sleeve to entertain us but when this show is during brunch hours, you know it's time to whip up some pancakes and have yourself a Mimosa or two and enjoy an amazing two hours of wrestling that has no genders or identity.

Confirmed matches so far for this show include:

  • Effy vs Billy Dixon- Effy being the trailblazer he is will do battle with Billy Dixon as this should be an amazing showcase of two of the most charismatic characters in wrestling duke it out under the bright lights of GCW.

  • Dark Sheik vs Devon Monroe pits two wrestlers who both had a huge part of Effys Big Gay Brunch at The Collective. Sheik was a part of the show stealing match with Still Life Apricots and Pears. Monroe was the winner of the twink gauntlet. Both competitors are looking to make a statement once again and this is sure to be a show stealer as well.

  • Still Life Apricots and Pears vs MV Young vs Ace Perry- Still Life is another competitor who stole the show at Big Gay Brunch with the previously mentioned Dark Sheik and is coming back for another opportunity to wow fans. MV Young, Leader of the supposed Polyam Cult, is always looking to shine under the brightest of lights. Ace Perry is a new face to GCW fans who are always looking for the next big thing in wrestling and Perry will be sure to wow some new fans along the way. This is a surefire triple threat match that will bring the heat bright and early.

GCW Presents UV:60

Only the crazy folks at Game Changer Wrestling could give you 60 minutes of Ultraviolence. This is most certainly an hour of wrestling you do not want to miss even if this show is during the late-night hours of “Fight Forever”. Deathmatches have been a GCW staple since their inception and I expect nothing less than ultra-violent goodness.

Confirmed matches for this show are as follows:

  • Orin Veidt vs Shlak: Orin is making his return to the GCW ring for the very first time since the Japan tour of 2020 for GCW and he has a lot to prove to the GCW faithful returning against the unchained animal of deathmatch in Shlak. Two of the best right now in deathmatch will collide in a contest that is sure to wake viewers up around midnight for.

  • Mad Man Pondo vs Jeff Cannonball. Pondo is a GCW deathmatch hall of famer who needs very little introduction. Cannonball is a viral sensation who loves his soda as much as he loves to get violent. Both men will go to war to see who will reign supreme. Will Pondo cement another win to his illustrious deathmatch career or will Cannonball be able to use this opportunity to pick up the biggest victory in his career?

  • Homicide vs Lowlife Louie- A match that no one saw coming since Homicide expressed his interest in retirement early in 2020, the “Notorious 187” is back and this time ready to get violent with his long-time friend and rival LowLife Louie Ramos. These two have seen it all in this industry and GCW is giving them one last platform to get violent for the masses watching at home.

No Peace Underground Presents: Odium

The minds who bring you no ring deathmatches and other no ring insanity are proud to join GCW on this historic show presenting an hour-long spectacle. Hot off their first ever ring show on IWTV earlier this month, NPU is ready to show a larger audience what they have to offer, and the Florida based promotion is sure to give some late-night excitement. Do not let the interesting show name fool you as many of NPUs shows are named after the dark arts and superstition. Who knows what is in store for the fans, but it will be sure to give us some of the best that this promotion has to offer.

Confirmed matches for this show are as follows:

  • Orin Veidt vs Matthew Justice. For a first match announcement this should sure be a match of the night candidate much like the rest of this event. Orin has slowly become one of the true mainstays in deathmatch with his hybrid style and his daredevil spots, but is he ready for the challenge of the One Man Militia in Matthew Justice. Justice has been wowing the independent scene for years with his no nonsense approach and ECW style hardcore wrestling. Both men are on a late night collision course and No Peace Underground is providing us with the matchup that is sure to turn heads during Fight Forever.

  • Bam Sullivan vs Atticus Cogar- Two of the younger men in the hardcore/deathmatch scene are out to prove who is better. Sullivan is the current H20 Danny Havoc Hardcore Champion (the belt will not be defended this match) and Cogar is the 2020 IWA Midsouth Prince of the Deathmatch. Both men will be sure to provide the spark that is surely needing during this late night slate full of violence. This is one match that will be sure to have the deathmatch community talking.

GCW: Ironman Challenge

We can officially confirm that an iron match between Tony Deppen vs Jordan Oliver has been slated for this show. If there are any two men who deserve this slot it would be Deppen and Oliver. They are both very capable of going 60 minutes and are able to stand toe to toe with independent wrestling's best. Synergy Wrestling’s promoter Colin West sent in a video on twitter stating they have decided to up the ante to this Iron Man match and their Champion which happens to be Jordan Oliver will put his Synergy Wrestling Championship on the line against Deppen who happened to be last years Garden State Invitational winner while Oliver was runner up so the story writes itself. This match will sure be a treat for those watching this event.

GCW: “Fight Forever” will air starting Friday January 29 at 8PM EST/7CST and can be seen in simulcast on GCWs YouTube Page as well as Fite TV. For more information on the show, keep an eye on their social media accounts such as their twitter (@GCWrestling) and their Instagram page (gamechangerwrestling) for more info and match announcements for the show.

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