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Intergender Bonanza 9 Preview

Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza 9 is taking place on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at H2O Wrestling Center at 3pm EDT. There are still tickets available and if you can’t be there live, the show will be streaming live on IWTV. Here, I will run down the matches on the cards and give my predictions as to who will win.

Marcus Mathers ( c ) vs Billie Starkz for Super Championship

Billie Starkz is debuting in Intergender Bonanza, and she is going to head-to-head with Mathers for the championship in her debut match. Between Billie Starkz and Marcus Mathers, it feels almost impossible to pick between them. Billie has been on a dominant streak when it comes to collecting titles in her debuts.

Marcus Mathers recently won the IWTV 100 Ladder match to hold the briefcase for an opportunity for the IWTV championship. I will admit that Marcus is a very good wrestler and when Billie and Marcus go head-to-head it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Also, at Intergender Bonanza 8, Marcus Mathers went head-to-head with Zoey Skye to become the Number One Contender for The Super Championship. Later that night, Marcus went on to fight Marc Angel (Former Champion) and Ray Lyn in a triple threat to gain the championship.

On social media, Marcus posted that he wanted a challenge at the same level as Sizzling Stan Stylez and Billie Starkz was the one to answer the challenge for the title. What will happen when Billie Starkz takes on Marcus Mathers for the Super Championship. Will she walk away with the title or will Marcus retain it? I personally think that Billie will pick up the win as I think she knows Marcus’s style better than he knows hers and because of that, Starkz will capitalize on a mistake that Mather’s makes at some point during the match.

Sky’s prediction: Billie Starkz to win the Super Championship

Riley Shepard vs Darien Hardway

Both Riley Shepard & Darien Hardway will be making their debut at Intergender Bonaza 9. Riley is overly excited to go face to face with The Kryptonian Darien Hardway and in my opinion, this could cost her in the match. Darien seems confident but with Intergender Bonanza you never know what to expect! Either way though, this is a match you won’t want to miss.

Both competitors want to prove themselves and this match could go either way. Who is going to pick up the much-needed momentum in this match-up? Could there be some possible interference from Frankie Pickard as there seems to be some bad blood between him and Darien Hardway? I feel like this match could go either way but at the same time, my gut instinct is telling me that Darien has more to prove, and he will use the hard-hitting moves to keep Riley down for the count of three.

Sky's prediction: Darien Hardway to win

Higher Society vs Happy Hour and Frankie Pickard

Happy Hour and Frankie Pickard are teaming up to take on Higher Society in what I believe will be an action-packed tag team match. We can expect to see lots of chaos, madness, and a lot of pain too!

Happy Hour is known for having drinks and Frankie Pickard is known for making things painful so the question is if these two can team up well together, match styles, and make the perfect team. I think they can because Higher Society are rich and aren’t afraid to flaunt it . Because of this Higher Society will be out of their depth and crumble to people that aren’t like them.

Higher Society have been making a name for themselves and have been pretty dominant across the independent scene. Will Higher Society know how to react in these circumstances against Happy Hour and Frankie Pickard or will Higher Society be able to take the win? I personally think that Happy Hour and Frankie Pickard will be able to win against Higher Society as I think they will struggle to know how to react.

Sky's prediction: Happy Hour and Frankie Pickard to win

Sean Henderson vs Notorious Mimi

Sean Henderson lost his last match against Kennedi Copeland at Intergender Bonanza 8, so he will be looking to get the ball rolling against Notorious Mimi. It’s going to be a hard-hitting match and it could go either way. Sean will be willing to do whatever it takes to pick up the win especially if that means he can get back to winning ways. If he must think outside of the box to beat Riley and maybe even get weapons involved, I think he will.

Notorious Mimi is making her debut at IGB 9 and she has been taking names across the country as well. Can Mimi pick up the win and have a successful debut or will Sean gain back some momentum?

Sky’s prediction: Sean Henderson to win

CHAD vs Becca

CHAD is trying to gain some redemption after losing at the last IGB against Adena Steele. Can CHAD get himself out of the headspace he was in at the last IGB or will Becca take the win and throw CHAD off completely?

I personally do not know too much about CHAD but across social media, it seems like he wasn’t coping well after a recent loss and went to ask for help. Whether he gets the help he needs or not I think this could be the start of the downfall of CHAD if he loses against Becca.

Becca is also debuting at this event. Becca is becoming one of the fastest-rising independent wrestlers around. Personally, she is becoming one of my favourites and I'm excited to see her debut here at IGB 9. She is on a dominant streak of winning and seemingly that isn’t going to end any time soon. Will CHAD be able to throw her off course and beat the streak?

For me, I think Becca win pull the win away from CHAD as she has been on a pretty good streak recently. Plus, with her making a debut, I think she will go out there and prove herself to everyone and start her time with IGB with a victory.

Sky’s prediction: Becca to win

Davienne vs Jeff Cannonball

Jeff Cannonball has not picked up a win in IGB history. Across social media, it was suggested that he wanted an easy match to try and pick up that easy win. Jeff needs to pick up some momentum and there’s where the dominant and confident Daivenne steps in to make that difficult.

For me, I think Jeff has recently become one of my favorites but I'm certainly not going to take anything away from Davienne. I really think this could potentially be my match of the night due to the fact they both really want to fight each other. This match has all the potential to get bloody so it instantly grabs my attention.

Davienne vs. Jeff Cannonball was meant to take place a couple of IGBs ago but due to circumstances, it got delayed but now it’s finally happening. Will Jeff Cannonball pick up a much-needed win or will Davienne leave with the victory?

Right now, I think Jeff Cannonball will win. The reason I think that is because Jeff needs to redeem himself and I think if that means he must be a little more brutal than usual he will do so to finally pick up a win.

Sky’s prediction: Jeff Cannonball to win

Drew Blood vs Adena Steele

Drew Blood is making his return to IGB. He had a loss a couple of shows ago in a fatal five way for the Intergender Bonanza Title. He is a hard hitter in the ring, but it didn’t earn him a win in the five way so Blood needs to get back to the winning ways. On the other hand, Adena Steele has some momentum going behind her after she beat CHAD at IGB 8. Both competitors in this match have a lot they want to prove but only one of them can walk away with the victory. Adena can see through Drew’s puns but can she see through his game plan?

I personally think that Drew will walk away with the win as he is returning, and I think he may have that last loss playing on his mind which will motivate him to pin Adena. I think that this could be a match that people won’t want to miss because Adena is confident and Drew will be ready to show Adena just what he is capable of to get that victory.

Sky’s prediction: Drew Blood to win

Kennedi Copeland vs Marc Angel (No rules match)

Former Champion Marc Angel has been focused a lot on Marcus Mathers ever since losing the title, which could prove to be his downfall here against Kennedi Copeland. Mix that with him being a little too busy attacking Sizzling Stan Stylezand he’s coming into this No Rules match distracted.

Kennedi has been kicking ass and taking names across the country. The Girl From Ocean Avenue is my favourite to win this match because she’s been on a roll and Marc is underestimating her. When Marc and Kennedi go head-to-head in a No Rules match, who knows what kind of chaos and mayhem will go down?

Kennedi is one of my favorite wrestlers so I guess I could be a little biased here but with Marc seemingly not at all focused on what Kennedi is capable of in the ring, I think Kennedi is going to beat Marc without even having to get any weapons out. Kennedi is known for being able to pick out weaknesses and I think Kennedi has Marc worked out.

Sky’s Prediction: Kennedi Copeland to win

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