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Neitzey v Edwards 2021 Match Race - June Update

In a brand new joint partnership between Count Out and LWOPW’s Wrestling With Edwards, Scotty Edwards and Ryan Neitzey come together for the good of charity to see which wrestling fan can watch the most wrestling matches by the end of the year.

This is their story.

Ryan: Ok, Scotty, look. Before we say anything, just know that I already know what your match of the month is and honestly, it should be obvious to everyone that follows wrestling. I, however, have not seen it, so before you scold me on my lack of wrestling viewership, know this. I’m lazy.

Scotty: Well you’re also wrong and very behind. You said nothing wrong, but you’re just wrong. Maybe watch some good wrestling and get GLEATed while you’re at it.

Ryan: How dare you sir! You come into my home and tell me to get GLEATed?!? No way. In fact, why don't YOU go GLEAT yourself!

Scotty: Wow this is going off the hinges very quickly. GLEAT is great so I would be HAPPY too. Ever think about that?

Ryan: Of course you would. I bet you’d love to be covered in GLEAT.

Scotty: I... What is happening?

Ryan: I don’t know. I’ve lost the plot on this article. What are we doing here again?

Scotty: Discussing our one-sided Match Race of course.

Ryan: Oh jeez. Yeah, so I’m behind. What of it? My job is ending soon so I’m about have 6 weeks of free time. So get ready my friend for the numbers to go TO THE MOON!!

Scotty: Dammit... you got me there. I am not pulling out any LA Knight quotes to oppose you -- Just kidding. Who’s game is this? Scotty’s game.

Ryan: Well, I was able to watch some solid matches this month so are you ready to disclose yours Mr. LA GLEAT?

Scotty: 1. Hurtful. 2. Yes.

Ryan's Match 3 ~ Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles vs. Riddle: RAW TV, 6/28/21 - 4.00 Stars

Who could have guessed that a goddamn Raw TV match could be great in 2021? If you even suggested this was possible, I would assume you knew Fiend lore. But seriously, this match was great. From left field, Styles, Riddle, and McIntyre put on an amazing triple threat. Styles of course is seemingly the king of triple threat matches, who has put on some of the best in my memory. McIntyre did well as the big man, using his size and storyline desperation to good use. Riddle played his role extremely well, putting out all the stops to shine extremely bright in this match. Plus there was a burning hammer in this match which is an immediate star bump for me. The best move of all time. As live events for Raw are returning, it looks like WWE is ready to finally give us great wrestling to draw us back in.

Scotty's Match 3 ~ Sakura Hirota vs. Mio Momono vs. Miyuki Takase: Pro Wrestling Wave: Catch The WAVE, 6/29/21 - 4.50 Stars

A tomoe battle match is a unique one in the world of professional wrestling, as it mirrors much of what a gauntlet match is but in a different manner. The way to win was that you would need to pin your opponents in consecutive matches. With an injury taking place in their block, Sakura Hirota, Mio Momono, and Miyuki Takase were placed into a tomoe battle to decide the winner of their block once and for all. The opening bout of this one would see Momono and Takase face off. Earlier in the month, they had a fantastic singles bout that was worthy of your time as well. It was much of the same here as they delivered a fantastic 14-minute bout that saw Momono walk out the winner once again. Momono would then face the WAVE Champion, Hirota, with hopes of representing the block. Hirota managed to take the match as Momono’s exhaustion caught up to her, resulting in a submission finish. Takase had another opportunity and would make the most of it, cleaning out Hirota with a devastating clothesline to win the match. She would have one more meeting with Momono in this one and after an incredible sequence of reversals and pin attempts, Takase would roll Momono up for the three. This is one of the best matches all year in any promotion with its uniqueness shining through.

Ryan's Match 2 ~ Thatcher & Ciampa vs. Grizzled Young Veterans: NXT TV, 6/15/21 - 4.00 Stars

Grizzled Young Veterans against the Grizzled Old Veterans in a Tornado Tag Team Match. This match was hard-hitting to the 10s and deserved all the praise it received. It was the best match on TakeOver and it wasn’t even on TakeOver. At the end of the day, this is what wrestling needs to be. Hard-hitting action with stakes and meaning. 4 guys out in the ring to prove who is the best in the company and boy howdy did they achieve that. And I’ll say it. I think Thatcher & Ciampa are quite possibly one of the tag teams of the year, if not the best tag team of the year. They have a real shot and if they strap these guys up and they put on bangers for the next 6 months, you’re looking at career-defining runs. Eat your dumb little heart out Gargano.

Scotty's Match 2 ~ Chihiro Hashimoto, Mika Iwata & DASH Chisako vs. Mio Momono, Rin Kadokura & Mei Hoshizuki: Marvelous: GAEAISM, 6/13/21 - 4.50 Stars

Emotion goes a long way in these next two. The celebration of GAEA Japan was a special one as it saw the new and old of Joshi wrestling come together for a special celebration. But the main event may have carried more weight than any match in any promotion this year. Six total championships would be on the line as the Sendai Girls World Championship and Tag Team Championships would be defended by Hashimoto, Iwata, and Chisako while the retired AAAW World Championship and Tag Titles would return for one night. This was important to the Marvelous team of Momono, Kadokura, and Hoshizuki as it was their chance to give their promotion gold. As an elimination match, it could not get much better than this. Marvelous would be up 2-1 with Momono and Kadokura up against Hashimoto. But the Sendai Girls Champion would even the odds quickly by taking out Kadokura, leaving it up to Momono and Hashimoto to decide who walks away the winner. Momono’s babyface emotion that is untouchable in today’s wrestling was shining through as you could begin to feel her desperation as she looked for ways to stop Hashimoto. Ultimately, it would be Hashimoto who would put an end to Marvelous’ dreams by hitting a massive German Suplex to Momono, bridging it for the win. A must-watch.

Ryan's Match 1 ~ Kazuchika Okada vs. Shingo Takagi: NJPW Dominion, 6/7/21 - 4.25 Stars

Match of the month for me. And yeah yeah yeah, I know. I didn’t see the actual match of the month, but this match still deserves it’s roses. And not much of a surprise really. Put the greatest wrestler in the past 5 years versus the greatest wrestler today and you get fireworks. Let’s be honest, Okada is on the downtrend of his career here, but he’s not going down quickly. Shingo continues to pull the greatest out of any wrestler. He can take on a broom and have a great match. And when we all thought Okada was going to win this, Shingo showed again why he deserves to be the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. Okada would have been a nice return and probably the safe move, but instead, this match became the true coming-out party for Shingo as champion. God, Shingo is awesome.

Scotty's Match 1 ~ Utami Hayashishita vs. Syuri: Stardom: Tokyo Dream Cinderella, 6/12/21 - 5.00 Stars

What’s there to say that hasn’t been said? If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how much I loved this match. If you follow any wrestling personality on Twitter, you likely know how much they loved the match. Utami Hayashishita vs. Syuri was the match that changes everything for Stardom moving forward. Everything. It not only puts them on the map as one of the best promotions in all of wrestling for those who weren’t watching, but it elevates every single one of their incredible performers as well. Professional wrestling is a very subjective art form, but this was so good that no matter who you are, as long as you’re a fan of wrestling, this was pure magic inside the squared circle. Physically, emotion, and wrestling greatness. I have written about this so many times already, so I will leave it at this -- Watch this match because it is the match of the year. It’s perhaps the best Stardom match of all time and it’s time to get on the bandwagon before it is far too late.

The Race Stats:

The Race Stats:

Matches Seen in June:

Scotty: 320

Ryan: 180

Promotions Seen in June:

Scotty: 23

Ryan: 10

Total 2021 Matches Seen:

Scotty: 1273

Ryan: 967

Ryan: I’m thinking that at this point, I need to finally get Stardom World.

Scotty: After six months, I have finally turned you to the good side of pro wrestling. Took long enough.

Ryan: So to be clear, the good side of wrestling is Stardom, AEW and what, GLEAT?

Scotty: I have only one gimmick and it’s being the Stardom and overall Joshi fan. Oh, and Death Triangle. So this is the good side.

Ryan: Oh jeez, well then, next month get ready for me to finally make my comeback.

Scotty: I am prepared for this lead to crash and fall in my face.

Ryan: Get GLEATed.

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