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Count Out! 2021 Year End Awards Winners

Welcome everyone to the official announcement of the winners of the Count Out! 20201Year End Awards! Nominees were chosen by the Count Out team and voted on by you the listeners/readers. Ring Post Radio gave their initial thoughts on the winners that you can listen to here and below are the full rankings, plus some additional stats. Thank you everyone who voted and hope to see you again next year!

Male Wrestler of the Year

1st Place: Kenny Omega - 31 pts

2nd: Bryan Danielson - 21 pts

3rd: Shingo Takagi - 15 pts

4th: Roman Reigns - 12 pts

5th: Effy - 9 pts

6th: Adam Page - 7 pts

7th: Will Ospreay - 5 pts

7th: Jon Moxley - 5 pts

9th: WALTER - 3 pts

9th: Big E - 3 pts

11th: Jonathan Gresham - 2 pts

12th: Lee Moriarty - 1 pts

13th: Jungle Boy - 0 pts

Last Year's Winner: Jon Moxley

Notes: Kenny Omega won 2nd place in this category last year

Female Wrestler of the Year

1st Place: Utami Hayshishita - 29 pts

2nd: Syuri - 21 pts

3rd: Britt Baker - 11 pts

3rd: Thunder Rosa - 11 pts

3rd: Bianca Belair - 11 pts

6th: Tam Nakano - 7 pts

7th: Charlotte Flair - 6 pts

7th: Kris Statlander - 6 pts

9th: Deonna Purrazzo - 5 pts

10th: Ruby Soho - 3 pts

10th: Serena Deeb - 3 pts

12th: Trish Adora - 1 pts

13th: Jordynne Grace - 0 pts

Last Year's Winner: Io Shirai

Notes: Thunder Rosa won 3rd place in this category last year

Tag Team of the Year

1st Place: Young Bucks - 35 pts

2nd: Lucha Bros - 26 pts

3rd: Giulia & Syuri - 15 pts

4th: Bussy - 9 pts

5th: Best Friends - 8 pts

6th: FTR - 7 pts

7th: RK-Bro - 5 pts

8th: 2point0 - 3 pts

8th: MSK - 3 pts

10th: Varsity Blondes - 2 pts

11th: Grizzled Young Veterans - 1 pts

12th: Maine State Posse - 0 pts

Last Year's Winner: Kenny Omega & Adam Page

Notes: MSK & 2point0 both tied with the Lucha Bros with most 3rd place votes

Independent Wrestler of the Year

1st Place: Daniel Garcia - 26 pts

2nd: Masha Slamovich - 16 pts

2nd: Lee Moriarty - 16 pts

4th: Effy - 11 pts

5th: Trish Adora - 10 pts

6th: Davey Richards - 9 pts

7th: Wheeler YUTA - 7 pts

8th: Allie Katch - 5 pts

8th: Willow Nightengale - 5 pts

10th: WARHORSE - 4 pts

11th: MV Young - 3 pts

12th: Jordan Oliver - 2 pts

Last Year's Winner: WARHORSE

Notes: Top 3 placers all ended the year signed to a major wrestling promotion

Promotion of the Year

1st Place: AEW - 40 pts

2nd: Stardom - 27 pts

3rd: GCW - 19 pts

4th: Beyond Wrestling - 9 pts

4th: Enjoy Wrestling - 9 pts

6th: NJPW - 6 pts

7th: WWE - 4 pts

Last Year's Winner: AEW

Notes: Stardom received the most 1st place votes, while AEW received the most 2nd place votes; AEW is the only award to receive 1st place two years in a row

Match of the Year from a Major Promotion

1st Place: Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros (AEW All Out) - 34 pts

2nd: WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov (NXT Takeover 36) - 23 pts

3rd: Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay (NJPW Wrestling Dontaku - Night 2) - 15 pts

4th: Kenny Omega vs. Adam Page (AEW Full Gear) - 13 pts

4th: Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa (AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam) - 13 pts

6th: Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi (NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 - Night 2) - 8 pts

7th: Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega (AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam) - 7 pts

8th: Lucha Bros vs. El Hijo del Vikingo & Laredo Kid (AAA: Heroes Inmortales XIV) - 1 pts

Last Year's Winner: Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega & Adam Page (AEW Revolution)

Notes: Young Bucks have been a part of the Match of the Year - Major Promotion two years in a row

Match of the Year from a Minor/Independent Promotion

1st Place: Utami Hayashishita vs. Syuri (Stardom Tokyo Dream Cinderella) - 27 pts

2nd: Atticus Cogar vs. Alex Colon (GCW Tournament of Survival 666) - 9 pts

2nd: Momo Watanabe vs. Syuri (Stardom 5Star Grand Prix Finals) - 9 pts

4th: Will Ospreay vs. Rickey Knight Jr. (RevPro High Stakes) - 8 pts

4th: Alex Colon vs. Drew Parker (GCW Homecoming - Night 1) - 8 pts

4th: The OGK vs. The Briscoes (ROH Final Battle) - 8 pts

7th: Lee Moriarty vs. Darius Lockhart (Enjoy Wrestling Night Moves) - 7 pts

7th: Daniel Garcia vs. Lee Moriarty (Limitless Wrestling Suffer No Fools) - 7 pts

7th: Kenoh vs. ??? Nakajima (NOAH N-1 Victory - Night 6) - 7 pts

7th: Wheeler YUTA vs. Daniel Garcia (IWTV ???) - 7 pts

11th: Effy vs Matt Cardona (GCW Fight Club: Mox vs Gage) - 6 pts

12th: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Arez (RIOT Lucha Libre Covidiotas) - 5 pts

13th: Bussy vs. Second Gear Crew (GCW No Signal in the Hills) - 4 pts

14th: Nick Gage vs. Matt Cardona (GCW Homecoming - Night 1) - 1 pts

15th: Rickey Shane Page vs. Joey Janela (GCW Take Kare) - 1 pts

Last Year's Winner: Jon Moxley vs. Chris Dickinson (GCW: Bloodsport)

Notes: Hayshishita vs Syuri was the most dominant winner of any category this year

Breakout Star of the Year

1st Place: Daniel Garcia - 27 pts

2nd: Maika - 12 pts

3rd: Matt Cardona - 11 pts

4th: Eddie Kingston - 10 pts

5th: Bianca Belair - 9 pts

6th: Danhausen - 8 pts

6th: Miro - 8 pts

6th: Adam Page - 8 pts

9th: Lee Moriarty - 7 pts

10th: Maki Itoh - 6 pts

11th: Allie Katch - 5 pts

11th: Ruby Soho - 5 pts

13th: 2point0 - 3 pts

13th: Jeff Cobb - 3 pts

15th: Drew Parker - 1 pts

15th: MV Young - 1 pts

Last Year's Winner: Brodie Lee

Notes: This category was the most contested category this year, with 7 wrestlers tying for most 1st place votes (Cardona, Danhausen, Itoh, Miro, Garcia, Belair, Page)

The Forbidden Award

This award goes to the best "Forbidden Door" moment of the year.

1st Place: Kenny Omega, The Belt Collector - 27 pts

2nd: Minoru Suzuki's US Run - 12 pts

3rd: Jon Moxley in GCW - 11 pts

4th: Tony Khan making fun of WWE about alleged NJPW Partnership - 10 pts

5th: Ric Flair in AAA - 9 pts

5th: Christian vs. Kenny Omega for the Impact Title on AEW Rampage - 8 pts

7th: Nick Gage vs. Chris Jericho in a deathmatch on AEW Dynamite - 7 pts

7th: KENTA in AEW - 7 pts

9th: AEW ends relationship with Impact - 6 pts

10th: The Good Brothers in the Elite - 1 pts

Last Year: The Lemonade Award: AEW's Brodie Lee Memorial Show

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