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Warrior Wrestling - Sweet 16 (10/16/21) Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Warrior Wrestling is an independent wrestling company based out of Chicago Heights, IL at Marian Catholic High School. Saturday 10/16, Warrior ran their 16th show named Sweet Sixteen. Quietly, Warrior Wrestling has featured several top talents over the last 15 shows and this card is no different.

Principal Steve, the promoter, comes out for a promo hyping up the card for tonight. The ring announcer then introduces the guest of honor tonight, Bret Hart. Bret puts over the wrestlers in the back and thanks the fans for their meet and greet interactions. Hart name drops some wrestlers from throughout his career and thanks everyone for being there. Short and to the point, but it is always nice to see Bret Hart. I will not tolerate any Bret Hart slander here.

Jonathan Gresham vs Trey Miguel (c) - Warrior Wrestling Championship Match

Trey Miguel has been champion since September 26, 2020 when he defeated Brian Cage and Brian Pillman Jr in a triple threat match. Trey Miguel defeated Lee Moriarty in his first title defense and Jake Something in his second.

Interesting move to put the title match on first. Trey Miguel starts counting money and hands it to a fan who gives him Jordans? (Sorry sneakerheads, I have no idea). Miguel then hands the shoes to Gresham who rejects them as they do not fit. Now that weird interaction is out of the way we can start the match.

Exciting clash of styles between these two. Gresham starts the match off slow, methodical, and very technically sound. Once Miguel gets the advantage, the pace quickens with a dive to the outside. Once Gresham regains control, he slows the pace down and continues to work over Miguel's left arm. A few quick pins, but I don't feel as though we are anywhere near the end. Gresham begins to attack both arms.

I was also wrong, this match is a great way to start the show and now I'm wondering what will close the show. A clash of styles is always intriguing to me. As we get further into the match Miguel gains the advantage and the speed of the match has reached a new height. Trey locks in a submission hold on Gresham, which just seems like a mistake.

Jonathan Gresham rolls up Miguel for a 2.9 count. Crowd is pretty split on who they want to win and honestly, I see the benefit of both. I think Gresham would give the promotion more options for fresh matches.

Trey Miguel hits a super kick in the corner followed by a high 619 on the turnbuckle. Miguel goes up top and hits a meteora. Wrestlers from the preshow attack Gresham and Miguel. Bret Hart's music hits and Frank the Clown comes out in a dollar store Bret Hart costume. Frank cuts a promo about how he is declaring war on Warrior Wrestling. Frank leaves to "go back to a wedding?" Trey Miguel and Gresham get up and clear the ring of the wrestlers from the preshow. The Match is ruled a no contest.

Rating: B-

Hard to give it a fair rating when the finish was so deflating. Gresham continues to prove why he is one of the best technicians in the game today while Miguel proves that he can put on a good match with anyone Warrior throws at him. Frank the Clown continues to make everything he touches worse.

Beast Man & Warhorse vs. Dan the Dad & Kevin Lee Davidson

The announcers say that Beast Man smells like rotten meat. Can't confirm or deny as I've never smelled the man, but I will say he has quickly become a fan favorite. This match will clearly be character heavy, but that's the beauty of having several different styles on a card. There's a place for everyone.

Warhorse takes a bite out of Beast Man's Brontosaurus bone to get the match started. As soon as the bell rings, Dan the Dad takes off his sweatshirt to show off his dad bod. How does Dan keep his glasses on during the entire match? Warhorse headbangs into the turnbuckle for an uncomfortably long time, but that is his deal. Warhorse then tags in Beast Man who takes a bite out of The Dad. Dan attempts a big scoop slam, but that just isn't happening. Beast Man picks Dan up and holds him for a gorilla press. Beast Man gets a near fall and tags in Warhorse. Dan is able to tag in KLD shortly there after.

We are all waiting for a face off between the two biggest men in the match, Beast Man and KLD. KLD hits a nice slingshot move over the top rope onto Warhorse. Warhorse hits a missile drop kick on KLD who falls into the corner for a tag to Dan the Dan. Warhorse tags in Beast Man.

Beast Man hits a cross body onto Dan the Dad. KLD drags Dan to the corner when he tags himself in. KLD and Beast Man exchange big blows in the center of the ring. Neither man gives an inch! What happens when an immovable object meets another giant object? I don't know! KLD puts Beast Man on his shoulders and hits a rolling senton for 2. Warhorse jumps off the top turnbuckle to break up the pin. KLD throws Warhorse into a corner. Dan the Dad tags in. Beast Man bounces off the ropes and hits a big double clothesline before doing a suicide dive to the outside on KLD. Crazy spot for a big man!

Warhorse and Dan the Dad are now left in the ring exchanging punches. Warhorse hits a headbutt followed by a big clothesline. Warhorse rules some ass and Beast Man gives a cannonball to Dan the Dad. Warhorse hits a big elbow off the top followed by Beast Man covering Dan the Dad for the win.

Rating: C

Nothing wrong with the match. Everyone did their part to make it work. Solid showing by all 4 as Beast Man continues to endear himself to the Warrior Wrestling crowd.

Rok-C (c) vs. Laynie Luck - ROH Women's World Championship

I do like when Warrior is able to spotlight other promotion's championships, but I feel like it gives away the winner before the match even starts. I haven't seen much of Rok-C so I'm interested to see what she brings here.

The women shake hands to start the match. Rok-C did a curtsy after a cartwheel. Rok-C has been working the arm early. Rok-C hits a big arm drag while springboarding off the top rope.

Rok-C extends her hand and Laynie Luck goes for the attack with a big wheelbarrow-uranage. Laynie Luck hits the three amigos for a near fall. Rok-C told the announcer before the start of the show she put the title on the line because Maria Kanellis told her to be a fighting champion. Laynie Luck locks in a crossface, but Rok-C reaches the ropes.

Rok-C locks in a cross face of her own until Laynie rolls her up for a 2. Laynie hits a rough looking wheelbarrow kick to the knee. Laynie hits a rope assisted corkscrew suplex for a 2 count. Rok-C holds her head, but appears to be okay. Rok-C locks in a guillotine choke until Laynie breaks it by running into the turnbuckle.

Rok-C hits a big running uppercut followed by a knee to the face and a side Russian leg sweep. A standing moonsault with her knees landing right on Laynie Luck for a 2. Rok-C locks in another crossface Laynie Luck gets her toes on the bottom rope.

Laynie hits a springboard senton into the ring for a 2 count. Rok-C slides out and hits a knee on Laynie Luck for 2. Laynie Luck hits a German suplex for a 2 count. Laynie rolls Rok-C up twice for a 2 count each time. Rok-C slips off the rope before locking in the crossface again. This time Laynie Luck taps out.

Rating: C

Apparently, ROK-C is only 19. Sounds like the sky is the limit. A few minor miscues knock the match down a bit for me, but both women are good.

Moose vs. Sam Adonis

Sam Adonis might as well be Mister Warrior Wrestling. He is on all of these shows and always puts on a good but often time losing effort. It would be nice to see Sam get a big win over Moose here.

Moose flips Adonis the bird to start the match, odd to do it at a Catholic school, but I digress. The opening sequence is neither man giving an inch until Moose hits a big shoulder tackle. Both men go to the floor for some fighting! Moose asks the crowd to be quiet so he can chop the hell out of Adonis. They oblige. Sam gets in the ring and hits a diving senton through the ropes. He didn't get all of it, but glad he's alright.

A random promo picture of Will Osprey showing up on 12/12 interrupts the feed by accident. So there's that.

Sam Adonis throws Moose into the crowd. Adonis hits Moose with a water bottle that he finds and throws him right back over the guard rail. Sam hits a huge chop on Moose who then smashes Adonis a few times. Sam seems to be firing up over the chops. Adonis throws Moose into the corner and chops him a few times and gets a shoulder tackle for his trouble.

Moose nails a big ol chokeslam. Moose slaps Sam right in the face. Sam is still trying to knock Moose to his feet! Finally, Moose knocks him down for a 2. Moose quickly gets up as Adonis hits a block buster off the ropes.

Moose is sent into the ropes as he climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying cross body followed by a powerbomb for a 2 count. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring until a double clothesline knocks both men down. Neither man has a real advantage until Adonis hits a lariat and a michinoku driver for 2. Pretty impressive to lift Moose with relative ease.

Adonis motions for a 450. He slowly climbs to the top. Moose meets him there for a big superplex. Both men are down as the referee begins to count. Both men beat the 10 count barely and exchange forearms. Adonis tries to fire up the crowd! Adonis hits a few forearms followed by a roll up for the win out of nowhere!

Rating: B-

The entire match was the story of Sam Adonis being a step behind Moose, but in the end he got the win. Big win for Sam Adonis. Glad to see Warrior giving their guy a big win.

Chandler Hopkins vs. Buddy Matthews (fka Murphy)

This is one of Buddy's first matches post WWE. It should be interesting to see his style in a different setting. Buddy looking real jacked baby!

Bell rings as both men sit in the corner on the lowest turnbuckle. Crowd cheers for Buddy as they shake hands. Murphy looks aggressive and goes after the arm of Hopkins. Very nice chain wrestling starts off the match followed by an indie standoff!

Matthews seems to be toying with Hopkins for the next portion of the match. Hopkins then returns the favor. Matthews hits a flying knee on Hopkins and then starts licking his lips. Matthews starts stomping a mudhole in Hopkins. Matthews starts kicking Hopkins back like a football kickoff. Crowd comes alive for a one more time chant, but Matthews drops on a chin lock.

Matthews keeps the chin lock in until Hopkins hits a jawbreaker on Matthews. Buddy hits a big kick, climbs to the top rope and puts on the cowboy hat of Hopkins. Hopkins hits a big kick to the chin of Matthews as the hat goes flying.

Hopkins runs at Matthews who meets him with his boot. Hopkins hits a handspring kick on Matthews who rolls to the floor. Hopkins hits a suicide dive and then runs back in to do another dive onto Matthews. Buddy is thrown into the ring. Hopkins hits a frog splash for a 2 on Matthews. Referee starts a 10 count.

Both men are up and on the apron exchanging blows. Matthews hits a high knee as they both go to the floor. Hopkins meets Matthews who is perched up on the top turnbuckle. Hopkins nails Matthews with a big kick as he is draped on the ropes. Hopkins goes for a big superplex but Matthews dumps Hopkins to the canvas followed by a buckle bomb and a curbstomp for 2.

Buddy Matthews hits some strikes on Hopkins until Matthews is rolled up for 2. Hopkins hits a Spanish fly for a near fall. Crowd is very into this one. Hopkins drags Matthews to the corner and misses a Shooting Star Press. Matthews nails a series of knees followed by Murphy's Law for the win.

Rating: B+

Very refreshing to see Buddy Matthews go in a setting that isn't WWE. Excited to see what else he can do. Hopkins continues to impress me each time I watch him as well.

Calvin Tankman vs. Josh Alexander

Warrior Wrestling continues to bring fresh matchups with every show. Some matchups you probably don't even think of, until you see it on the graphic. That's probably my favorite part of the promotion. Alexander has been on a great run as of late and I imagine it'll only get better! Tankman continues to seize each and every opportunity he gets.

Calvin Tankman uses his size advantage to start the match and push Josh Alexander into the corner. The story early in the match is that Alexander is trying to get Tankman to the ground in order to limit his strength from a vertical base. Alexander starts to strike Tankman, with little effect. Tankman takes Alexander down momentarily before getting to his feet. Tankman with some speed dodging Alexander before a big shoulder tackle.

Commentary puts over the Alexander vs. Christian match at Bound For Glory. Alexander uses his speed to avoid Tankman before taking him down and grabbing his ankle. Tankman uses his power to knock Alexander off and to the floor. The two men brawl for a bit on the outside.

As Tankman gets in the ring, Josh Alexander hits a cross body through the ropes and back to the outside they go. Alexander goes after Tankman's left ankle. Alexander maintains the advantage throughout the next part of the match including a big German suplex on Tankman. Tankman has that fighting spirit and nails Alexander with an uppercut. A big scoop slam on Alexander and a big splash for 2. Tankman has taken control again.

Tankman climbs to the second turnbuckle and is met by Alexander. Josh puts Tankman on his shoulders for a rolling senton. Josh Alexander goes to the top, but Tankman gets out of the way and nails a pop up powerbomb followed by a clubbing blow. Alexander grabs Tankman's ankle again. He has it tight! Tankman taps out.

Rating: B-

Short match, but didn't need to be longer. This was a clash of styles, something Warrior loves to book. That being said, it works.

They officially announce the return show of 12/12 with Will Ospreay. Bears play the Packers that night. Da Bears.

Janai Kai & Jason Hotch vs. Pretty Proper (Lady Frost & Victor Benjamin)

Announcers are putting over the Butterfinger Peanut Butter Championship that Benjamin came out with. Jason Hotch is a replacement for the injured Yoya. At the last Warrior Show, Hotch took on Evil Uno.

Kai starts the match against Benjamin. Nice to see Warrior not steer away from intergender wrestling, when appropriate. Kai works the arm of Benjamin. She maintained the advantage until Benjamin abruptly cut her off as she tags in Hotch.

Benjamin tags in Frost. Hotch extends his hand to Lady Frost. She rejects it and takes him down. A sequence of leapfrogs and rolls happens followed by a staredown. Lady Frost extends her hand and Hotch accepts. Benjamin attacks Hotch from behind. Now it is breaking down as the referee has lost all control. Hotch knocks Benjamin to the floor. Hotch gets a 1 count on Frost. Benjamin backs up on the apron and starts choking Hotch. Benjamin is now the legal wrestler and has clear control. Good tag team wrestling as Pretty Proper cuts the ring in half. Benjamin and Frost take turns choking Hotch. Frost follows it up with a few tackles of her own before tagging Benjamin back in. There is an immense amount of tags between them for what feels like about 5 minutes. They follow it up with a double suplex. Frost covers for a 2.

Benjamin tags in and gives Kai a cheap superman punch before standing on Hotch's neck. Hotch hits a big dropkick on Benjamin as the crowd gets behind Hotch. Benjamin goes for a huge kick, but Hotch grabs his leg for submission. Benjamin kicks his way out as both men tag in both women. Benjamin hits a Samoan drop on Kai. Benjamin then picks up Frost and she hits a 450 splash off Benjamin for a 3 count. Wild finish.

Rating: C+

Felt like this one was even quicker than the previous match. Not much offense from Hotch and Kai, but Frost looked great in this one. She is going to be a star very soon.

Ace Austin vs. Davey Richards

Davey Richards starts the match attempting to manipulate the joints of Austin's hand/arm. Austin gets out of it before ending up flat on his stomach. Good chain wrestling between them as Davey gets a 2 count. Ace rolls out.

Once Austin is back in the ring, he gets Davey in a body scissors. Davey rolls through into a surfboard stretch. I don't think people's bodies are supposed to bend like that.

Davey Richards, for the most part, has controlled the pace of the match until a drop kick from Austin sends Davey to the outside. They brawl for a bit as Ace gets to the apron. Ace does a one handed handstand to avoid Richards a few times. Impressive.

They end up both back in the ring and Davey takes control with a kick and a snapmare. Davey goes back to work on Ace's wrist. Back suplex on Austin and Davey again goes after the wrist and fingers of Austin. Every time Ace hits the mat, Davey is going back to the wrist. Richards maintains control until Austin fires up a little bit and takes control. Austin hits a big kick off the ropes for a 2 count. It feels like this is Ace's first real offense. Davey rolls up Austin for a 2 and jumps to the apron. Davey hits a dragon screw on Austin right into the ropes. Davey is now at the top turnbuckle and lets out a primitive yet signature wolf-like yell. Austin rolls out of the way and gets to the apron. Austin hits a kick to the head before missing a move off the top turnbuckle. Davey jumps to the turnbuckle and hits a big double stomp for 2.

Ace Austin hits a super kick. Davey gets a kick in before Austin locks his feet around Davey's head and smashes it into the mat for a 2. Austin goes to the top. Davey meets him there. Davey with a series of headbutts.

Ace springboards into the ring but Davey kicks him in the knee. Davey hits a brain buster for a 2. Davey grabs Ace's ankle for an ankle lock, but Ace gets out temporarily before being locked in a Texas Cloverleaf for a submission.

Rating: B

Crowd cheers for Davey as Davey tells the crowd to cheer for Ace instead. Richards extends his hand as Ace shakes it. Davey raises Ace's Arm. Crowd loves both of these guys and so do I.

The Davey Richards return tour continues! Quality match by two quality performers.

Alex Shelley vs. KC Navarro

KC Navarro is the GMSI (Get My Shot Invitational) Medallion Holder. GMSI functions the same way as Money in the Bank from what I have gathered. The medallion is not on the line tonight.

Navarro is a true blue chip prospect and Shelley is one of the most underrated wrestlers of his time. The announcer just said Shelley has been wrestling for almost 20 years. I now feel old.

Navarro extends his hand and Shelley smacks his hand out of the way in a non threatening manner. Both men are feeling each other out early on as they lock up. Shelley grabs the wrist of Navarro as they chain around a little. Shelley has a deep headlock on Navarro taking him down to the mat. Shelley starts throwing a few punches on the mat. Shelley hits a big shoulder tackle. Navarro pops right up and is met by a big punch from Shelley. The announcers are pushing the narrative that Shelley feels disrespected by Navarro.

KC Navarro is flying around the ring quicker than I'm able to type, but he nails a drop kick to the back of Shelley and seems to finally have control. Navarro is whipped into the ropes, but holds onto the ropes horizontally. Navarro hits a drop kick on Shelley as he rolls back into the ring. Shelley catches Navarro and slams him to the mat face first.

Alex Shelley grabs a big chin lock and temporarily grounds Navarro. Shelley takes control and slams KC to the mat. Shelley starts kicking the heck out of Navarro. Navarro gets back in control and hits a nice moonsault off the top to the floor.

Alex Shelley nails a Russian leg sweep into the guard rail. Shelley drops KC head first onto the apron. The referee gets up to 6 as Shelley throws KC back in. Shelley continues to show his technical prowess as he locks in a straight jacket over his knees. KC gets to his knees as Shelley runs at him, but misses. KC fires back up and hits a big DDT for a 2 count.

Alex Shelley hits a series of ripcord chops on KC. Shelley goes for a side suplex, but Navarro reverses until Shelley ultimately does hit it. KC regains some momentum as he hits a series of kicks. KC hits a running reverse neckbreaker, but Alex gets his foot on the ropes. Shelley rolls to the outside. KC hits 2 suicide dives before jumping over the top. KC throws Shelley back in for a frog splash that he misses. Shelley gets up and hits a clothesline. Shelley hits a modified DDT. KC to his knees as Shelley pummels KC with kicks. Shelley hits an over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver for the 3.

Rating: A-

Loved the story told in this one, KC being the young disrespectful rookie against the veteran Alex Shelley. Match may have been a little long, but I loved it.

Aramis (c) vs Gringo Loco vs Rey Horus - Lucha Championship

I'll be honest I know that I'm not going to be able to do this match justice with my summary, but I will try my best.

Aramis won the title in the War of Attrition Match defeating Arez, Black Taurus, Dragon Bane, El Hijo de Canis Lupus, Golden Dragon, Gringo Loco and Laredo Kid. Aramis has successfully defended his title against Daga and Mr. Iguana in two separate matches. This is his third defense.

The crowd loves Gringo Loco, a hometown favorite. This may come as a surprise, but there is a high population of Lucha Libre fans in the Chicago area. Early in the match, we see several quick pin attempts by each of the competitors before a 3 way staredown. Gringo Loco goes after both Aramis and Horus. Gringo loco hits a sitout powerbomb before Horus and Aramis roll to the floor. Loco hits a dive onto them. Gringo goes for a pin on Aramis for 2. Gringo goes for another pin quickly after for 2. Gringo Loco and Aramis have an exchange in the ring until Horus enters. Aramis hits a nice armdrag before hitting a flying head scissors. Aramis dives onto both opponents off the top turnbuckle. Aramis does a lap on the outside celebrating with the fans.

Horus is thrown back into the ring by Aramis as Gringo remains on the floor for the time being. Overhand chop on Aramis to Horus. These two men are moving extremely quickly. Horus hits a body scissors on Aramis who falls to the floor. Loco is back in the ring with a forearm smash. Horus hits a hurricanrana on Loco on the outside. Aramis hits a dive onto Horus on the outside. All 3 men are laying on the floor which gives me a moment to stop typing. Horus and Aramis are back in the ring. Aramis goes for a pin, but only gets 2.

Aramis is thrown into the middle turnbuckle. Horus is on the top rope, but is met by Aramis. Loco goes under Aramis. 3 Man Tower of Doom straight to the canvas. Loco goes for a few pins, but only gets a 2 count. Loco is thrown to the floor. Horus and Aramis trade shots. All 3 men go back into several quick exchanges until a sunset flip for 2. Loco hits a beautiful springboard cutter for 2. The pace has not slowed down at all. Horus hits a Spanish fly on Loco. Aramis hits a Spanish fly on Horus. Aramis hits a spike rana on Loco. Horus hits a ddt on Aramis. All 3 men are down again, thankfully for my fingers. Loco bounces off the ropes, but Aramis sends him to the floor. Horus and Aramis exchange blows. Aramis dives to the floor and hits a hurricanrana onto Loco. Horus flies to the outside onto Aramis and smashes his leg on the guard rail.

Loco and Horus in the ring. Horus hits a DDT. Aramis hits a torture rack powerbomb for 2. Aramis misses a moonsault from the top. Horus to the top, knocked off by loco. Loco spinning moonsault onto Aramis. Loco yells at the referee. Gringo Loco is rolled up by Aramis for a 3 count.

Rating: B

A lot of moves in this one with very fast lucha action. If this is your thing, definitely check this one out. I enjoy that normally Warrior has a lucha match.

Having a card full of different styles and talent from different companies has helped Warrior grow a lot over the first 16 shows. Their 17th show is scheduled for December 12th featuring Will Osprey, Thunder Rosa, Fuego Del Sol, Brody King, Chelsea Green, Bandido, Blake Christian, Carlos Romo, Trey Miguel, Dante Martin, Mercedes Martinez, Rocky Romero, KC Navarro, Sam Adonis, and Skye Blue. What a lineup! Looking forward to the next installment of Warrior Wrestling!


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