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Scott E's Must-Sees: Best Matches of February 2022

Every month, Ring Post Radio's Scott Edwards writes his favorite five matches that he watched and believes everyone should go out of their way to see. Here's a look at the "Must-Sees" of February 2022.

CM Punk vs. MJF (AEW Dynamite, 2/2/22)

CM Punk vs. MJF has been one of the best feuds wrestling has seen in a long time. So much so that they are only one match in and it leaves the world to wonder how much greater can it get. Punk has brought out the best of MJF to the point that he's never been more ready. Their first match was a two-parter but captured the old-school ability that both wrestlers have made such a key in their matches. MJF's inevitable cheating was perfected as the first match saw him use wrist tape to choke out Punk while the ultimate win watched him utilize the diamond ring to knock Punk out cold. They left the room, however, for their next match to be greater. Old fashioned babyface against heel still can be the best formula in wrestling.

Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship (NJPW New Years Golden Series, 2/21/22)

Kazuchika Okada has shut down those who thought he was done. There was a time that "The Rainmaker" felt... well, not like "The Rainmaker." His story of using the Money Clip and not his signature clothesline helped that feeling as Okada turned it down when outside of the title picture. Well, the G1 Climax set those plans in motion of Okada being "The Rainmaker" again. Since winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, he has been unbelievable in each "big match." His title defense against Tetsuya Naito brought some stardust back to NJPW.

Okada vs. Naito is the match that never seemingly fails. It just brings back the magic that fans miss in NJPW. Naito, despite the injuries, rose to the occasion in the match and brought it all. Destino, Stardust Press, and hope for all around the world that somehow Naito would become champion once more. It was Okada who managed to survive and win the match, but it was the closest we have gotten to the NJPW heyday that we've all loved. A must-watch for wrestling fans.

Starlight Kid (c) vs. AZM for the High-Speed Championship (Stardom Cinderella Journey, 2/23/22)

There was not a better match in the month of January than this one right here. Starlight Kid and AZM, for those of you who don't know them, are two of the best young talents in professional wrestling. They are generational rivals with a number of matches against one another but on their biggest stage yet, they wrote the best chapter of their story thus far. If you want to hear all my thoughts about this match, you can check out my Voices of Wrestling review here.

If you claim to be a professional wrestling fan, then this is an absolute must-see.

Saya Kamitani (c) vs. Natsupoi for the Wonder of Stardom Championship (Stardom Cinderella Journey, 2/23/22)

Saya Kamitani has developed into one of the best wrestlers in the world. Each of her matches has become jaw-dropping affairs that leave you wanting to see more out of "The Golden Phoenix." This time was no different. In her second defense of the Wonder of Stardom Championship, Natsupoi brought it from start to finish. Kamitani had to pull out some new moves including a 360 reveal from a top rope German Suplex attempt by Natsupoi and a jumping Spin Kick to the face of Natsupoi as well. These two were hitting bomb after bomb in a battle of who has the final shot. That final shot was the Phoenix Splash by Kamitani to grab the win.

Kamitani is slowly becoming one of the best in wrestling as this performance highlighted the best of the best she has to offer.

HARASHIMA & Naomi Yoshimura vs. Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Ueno for the vacant KO-D Tag Team Championship (DDT Ultimate Tag League Final, 2/27/22)

The best tag team match of the year so far comes from DDT's Ultimate Tag League Final as Konosuke Takeshita and Yuki Ueno battled HARASHIMA and Naomi Yoshimura. The twist on the match was that the winner would also win the vacant KO-D Tag Team Championship. After having what might have been the tag team match of the year earlier in the night, Takeshita and Ueno managed to better that here in the final. The drama worked into the bout perfectly as Takeshita had won the last two DDT tournaments and was aiming to make it a third. With a twist of HARASHIMA and Yoshimura being the team to relinquish the titles as they entered the tournament, it was a real situation where anyone could win.

The pace was fitting of a match that had two teams who wrestled earlier in the night. Winning and doing so as soon as possible was the mission. The drama was there, uncertainty was there, and the closing stretch completed a fantastic tag team match.

Check out January's must-sees edition here.

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