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Elimination Chamber (2021) Preview

Yes, yes, yes. Another week, another WWE PPV. I can probably write this article's intro like that for years to come but the thing is that the Elimination Chamber is this Sunday and honestly, I'm fairly excited. Of all the WWE gimmick PPVs, Elimination Chambers tends to be one of my favorites. The concept, though being around for nearly 2 decades now still feels fairly fresh to me. Cause we have battle royals and ladder matches all the time, but the Chamber comes once a year and only once a year. It doesn't have the terrifying lineage that Hell in a Cell has and it typically leads to an exciting card.

This year is no different. With two Chamber matches and a plethora of solid-looking undercard matches, this PPV has the chance of being great. Of course, take that with a grain of salt, but nonetheless, color me excited.

Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle vs. Keith Lee for the United States Championship

In the United States Championship Triple Threat, expect a new champion. Why do I feel so bold to say that? Well, let's look at these guys. Riddle has been feuding with Bobby Lashley over the US Title for months now. It's a poop or get off the pot situation. The pot being the toilet. He has even stated as such saying that he needs to win the US Title. If this isn't a tip-off to a possible heel turn as well, I don't know what is.

Keith Lee injected himself into this rivalry cause he believes Riddle has had enough chances and someone new should step in. This sounds heelish if you're Riddle but it's a fair sentiment. This feud has been going for a while now and we need fresh blood before the staleness crumbles up and dies.

Bobby Lashley is the most interesting individual in this entire match. Despite what everyone says, Bobby Lashley has been the most protected and credible wrestler in the entire roster. He is main event ready. And with two more shows to go, it would be foolish to keep the title here on Lashley and not have him move up and be a challenger for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. It is his time. Let Riddle and Lee fight over the US Title at Wrestlemania and focus on the bigger pay day. The WWE Championship.

PREDICTION: Riddle wins the United States Championship

Asuka vs. Lacey Evans for the RAW Women's Championship

Obviously, this is a tough match to preview. According to reports, Lacey Evans is actually pregnant (congratulations!!!), meaning she shouldn't be wrestling. However, at the time of writing, the match is still on. So, what will happen. My best guess is we find out the day of Elimination Chamber or the match is scrapped altogether. But it is the only women's match on the entire card so a replacement match is in order. The problem is there is no one WWE can throw in to have a credible challenger in time. Instead of building up a new challenger, they announced Evan's pregnancy. It's important but from a booking standpoint, WWE's hands are tied here. The best challenger would be Peyton Royce since she is tangential to Evans at this point, and that match would rock, but either way you slice it, the outcome is the same.

PREDICTION: Asuka retains the RAW Women's Championship

Nia "My Hole" Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair for the Women's Tag Team Championships

But if that last match is officially canceled, according to the Wrestling Observer, then it looks like we already have its replacement!

The problem with a lot of the women's storyline in WWE is that to put off turns or actual matches, WWE tends to have future opponents team up with each other to attempt to win the Women's Tag Team Championships, and here it feels no different. Before Wrestlemania, Belair & Banks have the chance to win gold together and in any other reality I would be ok with it, but here, I don't like it. It feels filler. It feels like a chance for them to team up, find tension with each other, lose and make a story from there, instead of the story just being Belair won the Rumble and is going to take on Banks at Wrestlemania. Cause that is the thing. I don't want to see them team-up. I want to see them fight each other. That's what I was promised at the Royal Rumble and that is what I'm not getting. Sure they can be friends, but I don't want to see them in the ring together until Wrestlemania. Plus, what if they win. They are just going to lose the titles to whomever at Fastlane? Have them until Mania.

The match will be fine but full of tropes I'm sure. Banks & Belair will coexist until they can't. Baszler will be a great technical wrestler despite forgetting simple rules, and Jax will land on her butt and well, you know the rest.

PREDICTION: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler retain the Women's Tag Team Championships

McIntyre vs. Styles vs. Hardy vs. Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Kingston in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship

These guys are old. But let's look on the bright side. They are also experienced. Between them all, they average 4 and a half Chamber matches, with Orton at the highest with 8, one of which was the 2nd Elimination Chamber match ever. Randy Orton is also the only person here that has won an Elimination Chamber match back in 2014. But despite all of this, I don't like any of these guys' chances of winning the match, and I think that includes Drew McIntyre. You see, WWE is making a big stink again about The Miz's Money in the Bank briefcase. I could easily see The Miz attempt a cash-in post-match after a tired champion wrestled a long match. Either way, I don't want to see that cause I don't care. The Money in the Bank briefcase no longer works in Modern WWE, but that's something for another day. Here a title change this close to Wrestlemania feels out of nowhere. They can easily inject some life into WWE with a change, but I don't see it coming.

PREDICTION: Drew McIntyre retains the WWE Championship.

Owens vs. Uso vs. Corbin vs. Zayn vs. Bryan vs. Cesaro in an Elimination Chamber match

This is really two previews in one because the winner of this match will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship later in the night. To me, this is a huge distinction. This isn't a Wrestlemania match. This is night of. You can use that story to build for a Wrestlemania match, but with the whole Edge thing that WWE doesn't know what to do with yet, the winner here could literally be anybody. That being said, honestly, there is only one pick. Give it to Cesaro.

Many of the other people in here are heels and feel like fodder. Owens has been feuding with Roman so he is an easy favorite for one more match, but that could also be at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan is a really solid pick, but again, that's a Wrestlemania match. If you are doing a one-night push for a guy, why not Cesaro? He has consistently proven his worth in the company. He can speak on the mic, he can have great matches. Plus, it's only night, so who cares! Have some fun! Excite the internet for once in your goddang company's life.

PREDICTION: Cesaro wins the Elimination Chamber but Roman Reigns later retains the Universal Championship.

You can watch WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV on Feb. 21, 2021 on the WWE Network at 7pm EST.


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