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Does AEW Need a Starrcade?

With Wrestlemania upon us, I thought it would be interesting to compare WWE’s pompous and grandiose flair in their product with the loyalist and exciting feel of AEW Dynamite. I’ve seen a question posted on multiple wrestling forums for a while and I wanted to speak my own piece on it. With AEW still relatively young in their history, should the promotion implement a regular Wrestlemania-esque yearly Pay-Per-View? Given that AEW Dynamite is the true successor to WCW Nitro, should AEW have its own Starrcade?

Like Wrestlemania for WWE, Starrcade was the signature PPV for WCW. The biggest events in WCW history happened on Starrcade: Goldberg’s streak ending, Sting winning the WCW title from Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair vs Macho Man Randy Savage. Starrcade stood as the flagship PPV for WCW until their demise. Then WWE turned it into a house show. Two Sweet.

Pageantry is as important to wrestling as bad merchandise is to John Cena. I love my wrestling to have a sense of spectacle to it. So, I would be all in on AEW cementing either Revolution or Double or Nothing as their marquee Pay-Per-View. To make it feel as though it were their super bowl to make history with. However, that’s just not their style.

AEW is committed to competing as an alternative to WWE. That actually means doing things different than just another carbon copy (cough 2010 TNA cough). Having one gigantic yearly Pay-Per-View wouldn’t fit their style. Though, Cody Rhodes has expressed interest in buying the Starrcade trademark from WWE. Since they signed Sting, Jericho, and Christian Cage, I fully believe AEW has the money and would buy it and other WCW PPVs from WWE in a heartbeat. However, I think it’s more important for AEW to build their own brand. Instead of relying from the past. I definitely think Tony Khan needs to think of better names for PPVs but will still take the new over the old.

It’s better for AEW to focus on making each of their four PPVs as equally important. Like it or not, Wrestlemania is the embodiment of WWE. We don’t need or want another WWE, believe me. So in order to be an alternative, AEW should not incorporate the signature style of Vinnie Mac and his funhouse. People in AEW have said it themselves, AEW runs like a large indie promotion. It’s the best parts of PWG with a billionaire budget. Since they’ve signed Sting, Chris Jericho, and The Instant Classic Christian Cage, I fully believe AEW could do a Wrestlemania-esque event if they wanted. Hell, All In certainly felt as though it were a spectacle and would’ve made a ton of sense as their number one marquee PPV.

That’s not the direction AEW wants to embark on. AEW wants four main PPVs and for them each to feel like a marquee event, instead of one show that matters more above the others. AEW wants a big four of truly meaningful PPVs events that deliver iconic moments. Considering they all cost $50 each in freedom bucks (it’s 19.99 in the U.K. btw), I would argue that AEW needs to make these PPVs more important. So for them to have a Starrcade would defeat their purpose in a way. AEW doesn’t need a Wrestlemania or a Starrcade, or a Bound for Glory. They celebrate in the style of Woodstock instead of a Super Bowl anyway.

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