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Your funds will go directly to support the network and the shows of your choice.

Become a Count Out! Family Member

The Count Out! Network is run on an audience-funded membership model, which helps keeps our podcasters and writers creative and not flood the episodes with ads. This provides a better listening experience for you and a better experience overall.

But at the end of the day, we rely on you, the listener. Because of this reliance, we are beholden to making exceptional content for you. We ask for support for the shows that you love so we can continue making those shows. The process starts with you.

As a Count Out! Family Member, you get to choose where your support is going. Each month, your support is divided between The Count Out! Network and the podcaster(s)/writer(s). A small portion goes to Count Out! to help pay for merchandising, website costs, etc., but the majority of your support goes directly to the shows you love!

Additionally, as a Count Out! Family Member, you get access to exclusive audio that is just for you and the rest of the family. And with each passing year, that content only grows while the price stays the same, creating an incredible value! This bonus content is our way of saying thank you for all of your support.

Below is an idea of how your Family Membership is split and where it goes to support our podcasters:

How is My Membership Split?

Let's say as an example, you want to support 5 shows. Each show then will get $1 a month from your $5 membership.

The majority of your $1 (70¢) will go to the podcast/writer of your choice. The rest will go to The Count Out! Network to help sustain the entire network.

Of course, you can put all your money towards one show, or two shows, or 3 shows and the writers, but that is entirely up to you! The 70¢/30¢ split will remain but what you do with your support is in your hands.

How is My Money Spent?

For our podcasters and writers, your support can help in a number of ways.​

  • Recording Equipment

  • Housing

  • Wrestling subscriptions and shows

  • Software

  • Just general life!

For Count Out!, that 30% will be put towards the following:

  • Website costs

  • Developing new shows

  • Equipment

  • Creating & Shipping of Merch

  • Podcast Hosting

Once you become a Count Out! Family Member, you will receive a Thank You email, that will include a link to access the exclusive audio only for your and other family member's ears. Here you can scroll through and see the new episodes from this year's drive! We hope you enjoy everything that is in there.

The Count Out! Family Membership will continue to be updated yearly with new content, maybe even sooner. And who knows, maybe when we reach enough members, there will be special exclusive merch as well. But you didn't hear this from me, this text box.

If you have any questions about anything regarding memberships, please feel free to contact us at

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