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Se Episode 13 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #13 (July 10, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: A Contract Signing between Bliss, Jax & Ripley, Morgan opens Raw. Alexa Bliss says that being the RAW Women's Champion of course has it's perks but winning the Women's Tag Team Championships will be even better. Nia Jax agrees saying those tag team championships are the only thing that they have not won in their careers and they have been tagging for a long time. It's long overdue. Morgan & Ripley respond saying that they are the next generation of superstars on this roster. Morgan says that there is a hole that Becky Lynch has left in this division that needs to be filled and sadly you two are not getting the job done. Ripley says that when they win at Extreme Rules, one of them will get a title shot, and you Alexa Bliss, will not make it out of that hole. Morgan and Ripley sign the contract. Bliss & Jax start laughing when the contract is slid their way. Bliss asks if Morgan & Ripley really thought for one minute that I was going to give you a title shot. First off, you aren't going to beat us at Extreme Rules. We are the Genetic Goddesses after all. Secondly, this is a match for the Women's Tag Team Championships, this isn't anything else. Maybe you should have read the fine print. Morgan looks to the lawyer present and demands that Bliss & Jax can't do that. Jax laughingly says that they already did. Ripley slaps the contract out of Jax's hand and flips the table. Rhea demands to Nia, you and me, one on one, if we win, you put that clause in the contract, got that lawyer. Lawyer nods. Nia asks what happens when she wins. Morgan says that the Genetic Goddesses can add a stipulation to the match, whatever they want. Jax and Bliss look at each other and Jax punches Rhea in the face and yells you're on.

Match #1: Rhea Ripley w/ Morgan vs. Nia Jax w/ Bliss

-If Ripley wins, they add the Women's Title Shot clause into their PPV Match


-After the match, Ripley and Morgan get Bliss & Jax to sign the PPV contract by moving signing for them with their hands

Segment: Backstage Interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler says that it was hilarious watching that match. They all seem to forget that I am holding this briefcase. Me. And I am happy sitting back and holding this briefcase but there will come a time where I will cash in and win the RAW Women's Championship. It's inevitable. I am inevitable. The question is how much longer can I wait around?

Match #2: R-Truth vs. King Corbin


Video Package: Hype for the main event between Keith Lee and AJ Styles and the build that's lead to the match.

Match #3: Sheamus vs. John Morrison w/ Andrade & Vega - Intercontinental Championship Match


-Andrade attacks Sheamus mid-match; Bryan & Miz make the save.

Segment: Backstage interview with Roman Reigns. Roman says that The Fiend has and always will be a menace in the WWE. There is no denying that and the challenge lying ahead is certainly going to be tough, but not once in his life has he ever backed down from a fight, At Extreme Rules, we will partake in the most insane match ever. But I will make sure to snuff out the flame that is the Fiend one final time. Suddenly R-Truth walks up. The hug and what not. Truth tells Roman good luck this Sunday cause truth understands how difficult a match like that can be, especially since Truth is afraid of fire, you know Caveman style. Truth asks if he can talk to Roman privately for a second and the two walk off but the camera and interviewer secretly watch them. Truth asks Roman man to man if he attacked Al. Truth says that he's asked everybody and he's got some leads but every once in a while some fingers get pointed your way. You had the perfect motive Roman. Did you hire those four guys and attack Al. Roman takes a moment and looks at Truth and tell him, Truth, I did not attack Aleister Black, and I did not hire those guys to attack Aleister Black. Truth thanks him and then walks away with Roman thinking.

Match #4: LLC & The Disicples w/ Rollins, Lana vs. The New Day & The Usos w/ Kingston


-Cesaro pins Woods

Segment: Backstage, Miz thanks Bryan for having his back a couple of weeks, Bryan appreciates it. Andrade runs up yelling in Spanish at the two of them. Zelina Vega informs the Miz that they have just found out that at Extreme Rules it's going to be a rematch for the IC title between Morrison and Sheamus, however, my client Andrade and you Miz will compete in a match next week to determine who gets added into the match. Andrade storms off yelling. Bryan comments about how that was a lot. Miz agrees. Then a slight uneasy silence, and then Miz squeamishly asks Bryan if he doesn't mind being in his corner next week. Bryan agrees. There's another silence and Bryan calls it out saying that it's weird that we are being friendly right now. Miz agrees and they both leave.

Main Event: Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles - #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship


-After the match, Paul Heyman comes out and shakes Keith Lee's hand and then Brock comes out of nowhere and attacks Lee with a clothesline and shots to the head.

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Randy Orton and The Demon open up Smackdown. Orton says "Last week you all got a good look at what happens when you try to take us on. You wanna come for this title? It's gonna take a whole lot more than just attacking me while my back is turned like the coward you are! In fact, why don't you come out here right now and face me man to man? Orton waits "Oh that's right you're at home licking your wounds after that RKO two weeks ago like the scared little puppy you've become ever since you lost to the Demon!" Braun Strowman comes out to the entrance ramp. "Hey Randy, I know I'm not exactly the guy you're looking for but I do have a message" Strowman pulls out a paper and begins to read it. "Randy, you're probably out in the ring right now running your damn mouth about what you did two weeks ago. Although I may be home right now let it be known that I'm not taking any time off, I'm planning, training, and becoming as dangerous as ever. Anyway, all that aside I think Braun has a little something to tell you." Braun looks up and says "Since you've been attacking people 2 on 1 I figured it was time to even the odds. I talked to GM Paige and got us all a match for next week. Me and Drew vs. you and your little demon, but that's not all. When Drew and I win we'll get you two at Extreme Rules. I take on you Randy for that title around your waist and Drew, well he gets something he's been wanting for a long time now, an EXTREME RULES MATCH WITH THE DEMON! You guys better bring your A-game next week, see you then."

Match #1: Bayley vs. Mandy Rose

-Asuka on commentary


Segment: After the match, Asuka gets in the ring and gets in Bayley's face about last week's brawl. the two begin arguing and yelling at each other. Asuka slaps Bayley, and Bayley retaliates with a swift kick to the gut. the two starts fighting again and the brawl ends up in the backstage area where Asuka gets the upper hand after throwing Bayley into a metal truss. Asuka turns and sees a table with various wires and equipment on it and clears it off, she proceeds to powerbomb Bayley through it. Security, paramedics, and refs all rush to the scene and pull Asuka away and tend to Bayley.

Match #2: Kyle O'Reilly w/ Fish vs. Oney Lorcan w/ Burch


Video Package: Samoa Joe standing in the guerilla holding the chair Dunne beat him with last week. He speaks up. "Dunne, congrats you're officially a blip on my radar. However, I shouldn't really be congratulating you as much as I should be apologizing. Apologizing for what I'm gonna do to you at Extreme Rules in this chairs match. You've had a good run kid, one of the best NXT UK champions that brand has ever seen, beating opponents you have no business being in the ring against and even a WWE Title run! Too bad that's all gonna come to an end after I beat you down so bad that you won't have a career anymore! So say your goodbyes to all your friends and double-check your health insurance cause you'll be in the hospital for a long LONG time when I'm finished with you. Joe walks off the frame and we hear his music hit.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Drew Gulak


Segment: Come back from commercial and Paige is in Asuka's locker room. "Look Asuka I know you wanted that title shot at Extreme Rules but with what you did to Bayley tonight she might not-" Paige gets cut off by Bayley who barges into the locker room limping. She says "Paige don't you dare finish that sentence, I'm fine to fight at Extreme Rules, what kind of champion would I be if I backed down? In fact, let's make it interesting, I want our match to be a tables match!" Asuka looks at Paige, then back at Bayley, and says "You're on." Paige says "All right then, sounds like I should get a contract started, you both sign next week." Paige leaves and Asuka and Bayley stare each other down.

Match #4: Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riott


Segment: Sasha storms to the back and is flipping tables, chairs, breaking everything she can and she gets to her locker room and finds a sealed envelope with an insignia on it. she opens it up and reads it and looks confused. An interviewer steps in the room and starts to ask "Sasha what happen-" A chair flies across the room and barely misses the interviewer and camera op and they take the message and leave. Sasha sits back down and keeps perusing the note.

Main Event: Street Profits vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler


-After the match One Nation comes out and starts beating down the SP when Ali and Mysterio come and make the save Roode and Ziggler get involved and both teams start fighting in the ring. GM Paige comes to the ring with a team of referees and breaks the brawl apart and says "Enough! You wanna settle this we can do it in the ring! At the risk of sounding like Teddy Long, we're gonna have a tag team match! Next week the Street Profits will team up with Mustafa Ali and Rey Mysterio and take on Ziggler Roode and One Nation." The two teams eye each other down as SD comes to a close

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