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S4 Episode 10 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #10 (January 8, 2021):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens Raw. McIntyre says he's not here for pleasantries like Keith Lee. I'm not that nice. Last week, Roman Reigns cost me my #1 Contendership. And I don't think I need to talk about why he made the biggest mistake of his life. Roman Reigns get out here. After a pause, no one comes out. McIntyre decides to leave the ring. We cut to backstage and see McIntyre storming the locker room area looking for Roman's room. He passes other wrestlers like Ali & Alexander and Nia Jax and Tamina, holding baseball bats I might add, and Mcintyre asks them if they've seen Roman, they all say no. Eventually, McIntyre finds Roman's locker room with 5 security guards outside. McIntyre starts to dispatch them but then Heyman comes out and stops him. McIntyre grabs Heyman by the throat but Heyman tries to come him down. Heyman tells McIntyre that he has a message from Roman. Heyman tells McIntyre that if you want Roman, you're going to have to come back later, cause he's not here. But Roman wanted me to tell you that he's a reasonable guy. He says he can make sure you become #1 Contender, all you have to do is call him the rightful champion and the head of the table. McIntyre refuses and throws Heyman against the wall.

Match #1: Aleister Black vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Roode


-Ziggler sells the Black Mass like utter death. After the match, Black goes for a second Black Mass, but when Roode gets involved, Black decides to give the Black Mass to Roode

Segment: Backstage Interview with Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke outside their locker room. Charly asks that they've had a lot of recent success as a time and now they have a shot at the Women's Tag Team Championships. What is the cause behind all this great chemistry? Mandy says that they've bonded a lot over their backgrounds. We both struggled a lot when we were younger and we both turned to bodybuilding and fitness competitions to grow in ourselves and our confidence. Dana says that she felt lost growing up and bodybuilding is what got her here, to sign a WWE Contract, to arrive on Raw, and compete on the highest level. That's where our chemistry comes from Charly. We've become confident in our physical fitness and doing so helped us become confident with ourselves. There is nothing that can stop us now. Rose and Brooke thank Charly and walk into their locker room with is just a mess. Shelves are broken and fallen over, clothes tattered. The Medicine ball deflated. A Grade A mess

Match #2: Viking Raiders vs. Reed & Ruas


Video Package: We show a video package from a Bar on New Year's Eve. Truth, Benjamin, Maverick, and Rawley are all there drinking. Mojo says he hyped for the new year. Benjamin says he can't wait for 2020 to be over. Maverick said it sucked. Truth said that the year has been pretty great for him and takes off his 24/7 title and puts it on the table, Truth says that he won that and has had it for a very long time, Truth says he's getting a new job and he's really blowing up on Tik Tok. Rawley says then let's celebrate and grabs a beer for Truth. Truth denies it at first but Maverick and Benjamin egg him on, Truth proceeds to drink the beer, and then we get a mashup of them all drinking, Truth drinking a lot. Maverick throwing his beer into a plant, Rawley purposefully spilling it on Benjamina, Benjamin saying that he's driving them home. Eventually, Truth is passed out drunk at the table. Benjamin, Rawley, and Maverick all stare at each other. They congratulate themselves on a job well done. Then there's a pause and Maverick says that they didn't plan after this did they. The 3 of them immediately grab the 24/7 title and push over Truth on the floor. They all try to pin Truth and eventually Maverick gets the pin, by using Truth's arm as the ref count. The three of them continue to pin each other, eventually, other patrons and wait staff become 24/7 champion. However, the last person who gets the pin is Drake Maverick who promptly escapes. When we come back to the commercial, we announce that Rawley and Benjamin asked for a match with Maverick and that's what we're getting now

Match #3: Drake Maverick vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Shelton Benjamin - 24/7 Title & Triple Threat Match


-After the match, when Benjamin is getting his hand raised, the referee is not the referee of the match, but instead, it's R-Truth. Truth rolls up Benjamin and counts his own 3 counts. Winning the 24/7 title, Truth quickly escapes from the building.

Segment: Drew Mcintyre is standing in the parking lot. When he sees Roman's car pull up he takes a golf club and swings it at his windows, shattering them. Roman gets out and attacks McIntyre. The two go back and forth in a huge parking lot brawl, resulting in Roman Samoan dropping McIntyre onto a car's hood. Roman tells McIntyre that this all could have been avoided if he just did what he was told.

Match #4: Randy Orton vs. Cedric Alexander w/ Ali


-Orton wins with a Spear

Segment: Daniel Bryan, on Gable's behalf calls out Ricochet, telling him that Gable is out for blood, vergence, and the United States Championship. But like with everything, there are roadblocks. And when I demanded our rightful title shot, I was told there was someone we have to deal with first. So, Aleister Black, next week, Chad Gable challenges you to a #1 Contenders Match. And then when we beat you, we continue our training and take down you Ricochet.

Main Event: Create Your Luck - Battle Royal for the #15 spot in the Women's Royal Rumble


Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Sasha Banks opens the show and grabs a mic. "So, The EST of WWE is the next challenger for my Smackdown Women's Championship, Sure she's been on a cute little win streak, and sure she won the Battle Royal, but what she hasn't done is beat The Boss, and that's a milestone she will never be able to add to her list." Bianca Belair comes to the ring and she says "Okay okay okay, I see you, Sasha. You were someone I always looked up to when I was in NXT, always grinding, always had respect for whoever you were in the ring with, and most importantly you never let the success get to your head. Now though? You've changed for the worse. You're cocky, have no respect, and the biggest mistake you've been making is underestimating The EST. Come, Royal Rumble, I'm gonna beat that new attitude right out of you and be the New Smackdown Women's Champion." The two stare each other down before Sasha backs off and walks away.

Match #1: Sonya Deville vs. Alexa Bliss


Segment: Backstage Interview with Dave Mastiff about his recent string of wins on Smackdown and why he separated himself from Seth Rollins. "Seth was a good mentor for a while, he leads me to some success here in WWE. Even though he lead me to the peaks he did, he also brought me to terrifying lows. Some of the things Seth did behind the scenes weren't pretty and I finally became fed up. As for the wins I feel like I've been better off on my own, I don't have to answer to anyone and my success is my own. It feels good." From off-screen, we hear someone say "Feels good to be on your own huh?" Murphy steps into frame and he says "Seth was the only one on Raw who saw potential in us. He was our leader and he leads us to tag team gold! What you did to him is unforgivable and let me be the first one to tell you, you're going to regret it., and I'll personally make sure of it tonight." Murphy storms off and the camera fades on Mastiff's face.

Match #2: Morrison w/ Andrade vs. Dominik Mysterio

-During the match it's revealed this match was requested by Dominik last week


Segment: Interview with a WWE Doctor about the condition of Kevin Owens after the attack from Samoa Joe. "While Owens did suffer some minor scrapes and bruises, he isn't seriously injured." Owens comes out of the medical area and says "Joe won't be able to take me down that easily, I'll be fine. As for what he said about wanting another shot at the Intercontinental Championship he's got it. At the Royal Rumble, I'll beat him again and show him that my win wasn't just luck."

Match #3: Toni Storm w/ Niven vs. Natalya

-Toni has Natalya set up for the Storm Zero and then suddenly Charlotte Flair rushes to ringside and takes out Piper Niven. Toni gets distracted and that gives Nat the opening to lock in the Sharpshooter which causes Storm to tap out.


-Natalya doesn't release the hold and Charlotte throws Niven in the ring and locks in figure 8. After both Niven and Storm are tapping The two release their holds and stand tall in the ring.

Segment: After the attack from Flair and Natalya an interviewer finds them backstage and asks what that was. Charlotte steps to the mic and says "We are two of the most dangerous women on this roster, we both recognized that and realized that the two of us would be a lethal team so here we are, we're going to take over the women's tag division and no one will be able to stand in our way."

Video Package: Scarlett is sitting on a throne with an hourglass beside her and the sand is running. She says "Time, the great equalizer. Kings, Dictators, the most powerful people all eventually succumb to time. Even you Braun, but you see your time is running out quicker than most because you decided to pick a fight with a man, nay a devil. This devil isn't happy about what happened last week and soon Braun, your time will be up. Scarlett knocks the hourglass off the table and it shatters. The base of the hourglass rolls to a stop and on Braun Strowman's name is carved into it.

Main Event: Mastiff vs. Murphy

-Murphy sneaks in a low blow during the match which lets him hit a big knee on Mastiff, but while he's preparing for the Murphy's Law we hear someone yell "WAIT" and Seth Rollins comes to the ring and runs up to Murphy and stops him from attacking Mastiff further and hugs Murphy and says "This one is mine." He runs up to Mastiff and hits him with a stomp. He flips Mastiff over and says "You chose the wrong side." and Rollins and Murphy stand tall.


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