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S4 Episode 1 Raw & Smackdown Cards

Episode #1 (November 6, 2020):

Raw Card:

Segment: Keith Lee opens Raw. He says that he wanted to return with a bang and he felt like he left quite the impression at Hell in a Cell. I am your WWE Champion WWE universe. I have returned to you all. I have one person to thank and that is after all my main man Aleister Black. Now, we will get to him later but I wanted to continue my return and not make it all about me. Survivor Series is upon us which means Champions of Raw take on the Champions of Smackdown. I know, I can't wait to crush Sami Zayn either. But I wanted to make this road more interesting. You see, I pushed my weight around in the back, I'm not ashamed of it, and I pitched the idea of having every Raw Championship defended between now and Survivor Series. It's a bold move I know. I want to make sure that we have the best of the very best taking on Smackdown. And iron can only sharpen when you turn up the heat, so let's crank that baby up. Ciampa's music hits. Ciampa grabs the mic and says that I'm fairly new here Keith but I'm pretty sure I don't have to defend anything without my saw. What makes you think that can come here and have all of us defend our titles. Keith tells Ciampa to calm down. First, everyone is defending their titles. Including me. And to make it fair, the champions get to choose their challenger. And I know you, Ciampa. You will not choose the easy way here. You are a fighter. You want the challenge. Pick anyone on the roster to defend your title too. Prove yourself. But think about it, Ciampa. You've got time. As for me, my match is happening tonight. And I'll announce it here. I will defend my WWE Championship tonight against the very man that saved my life, Aleister Black!

Match #1: Oney Lorcan vs. Ricochet


Segment: Backstage segment with Edge & Daniel Bryan. Edge says he's happy with winning gold on Sunday and certainly this was a dream team between him and Bryan, cause at the end of the day. I returned to wrestling not just for myself, but for everyone around me. I don't how many years I have left in this business but I am going to make it count. So if that means giving the WWE Universe, I'm down for it. And regarding Keith Lee's statement, we are all for it. Bryan tells the audience that they are still deciding on who it will be. Edge says he thinks Viking Raiders would be great picks, maybe some of the new teams like Ali & Alexander or Ziggler & Roode. Or maybe even a dream team like us. Bryan comes in and says that tonight they are focused on the younger talent from NXT. It's us against Reed & Ruas. A great team down from the performance center. Can't wait to see what they can do in the ring. Edge says that next week they will defend their tag titles.

Match #2: Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Video Package: Recapping the draft and the top picks earned and the top picks lost

Match #3: Edge & Daniel Bryan vs. Reed & Ruas


-After the match, Bryan attacks Edge, leaving behind the RAW Tag Team Title

Segment: Backstage Interview with Daniel Bryan. Bryan says that dreams might be great, but they aren't the reality and the WWE universe and you Edge, need a harsh reality. And you want a harsh reality, Edge. Seth Rollins was right. You are delusional Edge. The future is what's best. I helped you a month ago because I felt guilty about what happened with Gable and I just ran with it. I lost myself. But the former Monday Night Messiah was right. I need to refocus on the future. And that's why, as Raw Tag Team Champion, next week their RAW Tag Team Titles will be defended to the highest bidder. I'm not here to make dreams come true Edge, that's your fantasy. I'm here to win.

Match #4: Tamina vs. Peyton Royce - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: Backstage interview with Detective Truth, in the full get-up. Truth says that Hell in a Cell taught him a lot about what he needs to do to properly defend his 24/7 7/11 I-95 South Hardcore Tv Championship. And he's solved the case. Detective Truth removes his hat and duster, revealing a referee shirt. Truth says that he's going to ref school!

Main Event: Keith Lee vs. Aleister Black - WWE Championship


Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: GM Paige comes to the ring grabs a mic and says "I just wanted to come out here and personally welcome you all to Smackdown! I have a huge announcement to kick things off, with Survivor Series just around the corner Smackdown is going to need a team. Not just any team, however, we need the best of the best to compete to take down RAW. So I am formally announcing that over the next few weeks we'll be seeing some qualifying matches from hand-picked Smackdown superstars competing to see who gets those 5 coveted spots on both the Smackdown women's team and the Smackdown Men's team. To make things even more exciting the first match begins right now!

Match #1: Kevin Owens vs. Sheamus - Men's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: Sami Zayn comes to the ring with his new Universal Title around his shoulder and grabs a mic. "I told you so! I told you, and you, and you, and especially you! I told you all that as soon as the iron was hot Sami Zayn was going to strike, and I did! I'm at the top of the mountain now, and every other superstar scratching and clawing their way towards me will be in for a rude awakening once I knock them right back down to where they started. I'm going to be the greatest Universal Champion of all time and no one will be able to stop the Reign of Zayn."

Match #2: Alexa Bliss vs. Lana - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Video Package: We get a video package hyping up Karrion Kross and Scarlett coming to Smackdown

Match #3: Lucha House Party vs. Morrison & Andrade w/ Vega


-After the match, Metalik helps Kalisto to his feet. Kalisto goes to leave the ring but Metalik doesn't let go of Kalisto's wrist and pulls him in for a Metalik Driver. Metalik stands over Kalisto dominantly then leaves the ring.

Segment: Backstage Interview with Kevin Owens about his win tonight and being the first on Team Smackdown. "Being the first to qualify for team Smackdown is really an honor and responsibility, it's my job to captain the team to victory at Survivor Series, and I can't wait to see who else joins Team Smackdown as the weeks go on."

Match #4: Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay - Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match


Segment: Another interview with Undisputed Era about their tag title retention at Hell in a Cell and how they feel about Survivor Series coming up. Strong speaks up "At Hell in a Cell we proved that we're the best damn tag team Smackdown has to offer, we proved that we deserve these titles more than anyone here." O'Reilly steps in "Not only that but at Survivor Series, we aren't just going to be solidified as the best team on Smackdown, When we beat Edge and Daniel Bryan in the Champion vs. Champion match we'll prove we're the best damn team in the WWE." O'Reilly and Strong walk away and Cole steps towards the mic and says "And that, is Undisputed."

Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor - Men's Survivor Series Qualifying Match

-Kevin Owens on commentary


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