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S3 Episode 3 Raw & Smackdown Card

Episode #3 (May 1, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens up RAW. He says that he's sorry for what has happened. Obviously getting side-swiped by Vince, Paul and Brock was not in this peripherals but it should have been.You can't mess with the boss and expect to get away with it. He's talked to lawyer after lawyer to see if he can get a rematch from Brock but because of that Wrestlemania match contract I signed, I had no rematches for my title, no matter the circumstances surrounding the loss. So Vince was smarter and out contracted me. Basically I'm shit out of luck. But i'm not out yet. There's one thing I can do and that's to enter the Money in the Bank match. However, I don't have a qualifier match tonight or next week. So I look to the guys in the back. Elias, R-Truth, Aleister Black, and Keith Lee. Is anyone willing to give up their spot for me. I know this is insane to ask for but I'm willing to earn it. After silence, Roman starts to leave the ring when Keith Lee's music hits. Keith Lee comes down to the ring and says that he may be an incredibly stupid individual, but he is an incredibly nice guy. I will give you a shot Roman, because you gave me a shot. Tonight, I will put my spot in the Money in the Bank qualifier match on the line. If you win, you replace me in the match next week Roman, but if i win, i stay in the match and face Aleister Black next week and can firmly say that I've beaten Roman Reigns. What do you say? Lee puts out his hand and Roman accepts it. Match #1: Titus O’Neil vs. Aleister Black RESULTS: ALEISTER BLACK WINS -After the match, Sheamus runs in and attacks Aleister Black Segment: Backstage Interview with Bianca Belair & Naomi where they are asked why they attacked Liv Morgan last week. Bianca and Naomi say that they are here to make a statement. We aren't people you walk over, we are people you respect, people you admire. We've accomplished things that will be in the record books for years to come. Liv Morgan just simply isn't on the same playing field as us. So we'll take her, take out some others out and move onto the Women's Tag Team Championships. No one on this roster is at our level. Then Liv Morgan comes out of nowhere to attack both Naomi and Bianca Belair but the fight quickly turns into Belair and Naomi's favor. Match #2: The Usos vs. The Viking Raiders vs. Lucha House Party - Triple Threat Elimination Match -Lucha House Party eliminate The Usos after LLC attack The Usos, Viking Raiders beat LHP RESULTS: VIKING RAIDERS WIN Segment: Carmella cuts a promo saying that since winning the Money in the Bank years ago and becoming one of Smackdown's Greatest Women's Champions, she's lost a lot of her edge. She doesn't know if it's been a lack of focus or more competition, but she's been lower on the totem pole. One thing she does know is that she is Fabulous. And at Money in the Bank, she will climb that ladder back to the top yet again to become a 3 time Ms. Money in the Bank. And when she does, she will cash in on Alexa Bliss and become Raw's Greatest Women's Champ. Match #3: Elias vs. R-Truth - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match RESULTS: R-TRUTH WINS Video Package: Rhea Ripley is coming to RAW Match #4: The New Day vs. B-Team vs. LLC - Triple Threat Elimination Match -LLC eliminate B-Team, New Day def LLC RESULTS: THE NEW DAY WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with John Morrison. The interviewer asks Morrison who he will defend his title against at Money in the Bank. He says he doesn't know and he doesn't care, all he knows is that when the Shaman of Sexy rolls through Money in the Bank, you know the limelight just got a little brighter. He says that as long as it's not his pathetic former partner he will be fine, but since he admittedly doesn't have enough sway like Paul Heyman, he can't ban the Miz from challenging for his title. So because of this, at Money in the Bank there will be a Battle Royale to determine a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship, a person that he will beat later in the night. He says that of course Miz is in the match but he's not worried cause he knows Miz is going to get knocked out at #1. Miz walks up and stares at Morrison dead in the eyes and very seriously tells him that he will win at MITB and he will destroy John Morrison. Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Keith Lee -If Roman wins, he takes Keith Lee's qualifying match against Aleister Black next week RESULTS: KEITH LEE

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: GM Paige opens up SD to introduce the fans to the show and make a special announcement! Every match tonight will be a Money in the Bank qualifying matchup! Any Superstar who walks away with a victory tonight will have a spot in the MITB match, and the first match happens right now!

Match #1: Ruby Riott vs. Dana Brooke - Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match


Segment: Backstage Interview with Randy Orton about Drew McIntyre's challenge last week. Orton says that he doesn't mind a challenge! He welcomes it! However Drew McIntyre is more than just any old challenger he's a hunter with vicious and brutal intentions and if he ever gets a hold of this belt Smackdown will become chaos and I can't let that happen, if he really wants to challenge the viper, meet me in the ring next week face to face and challenge me like a man, and don't get caught up with that other problem you have on your hands.

Match #2: Mojo Rawley vs. Matt Riddle - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match


Video Package: Mustafa Ali sits alone in a room on a steel chair. He says "One Nation, I'm still hurting from last week. You two gave me quite the beating. It's not gonna stop me though, no matter how hard you hit me I'll always get back up and keep fighting, especially against bullies like you. I came to you because I felt your pain and wanted to bring you into the light and make you stars again. However our views on how to get there differed. We started disagreeing more and more and I just couldn't stay on your side anymore. I was becoming the exact thing I want to protect people from and I couldn't do that to myself. So here I am ready to challenge you guys to a face to face fight. I won't be alone however because you see, not only did you mess me up last week, but you messed him up too." Drew Gulak walks out of the shadows and says "One Nation, what you did last week isn't something I can just brush off, so even though we may not see completely eye to eye, Mustafa and I now have our common enemy, and that's you. So next week, we challenge you to a match. Not just any match though, we wanna take you out for good. We challenge you to a Street Fight. If you aren't cowards we'll see you there."

Match #3: Sami Zayn vs. Rey Mysterio - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match


Segment: The IIconics are bragging about how they are the new number one contenders for the Women's Tag Titles! They can't wait for MITB to take those titles and make them II- before they can finish they are cut off by Sasha Banks and Bayley who make their way to the ring. They say at MITB you won't even come close to winning these belts, we are the best champions these titles have ever seen and we plan on staying that way for a long, long time and that is what's really IICONIC then Banks and Bayley take down the Iiconics and leave the ring.

Match #4: Candice LeRae vs. Bayley - Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match


Segment: Asuka finds Ember Moon getting ready for her MITB match tonight against Charlotte Flair. Asuka tells Moon that she's sorry about what happened last week, and that she wants to make it up to Moon by being in her corner tonight for her big match. Moon says it's fine we just had a bit of a misunderstanding no big deal, you can make it up to me with a title match when I win the MITB briefcase.

Main Event: Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon - Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match


-Asuka runs to the ring to apologize to Moon but she shoves Asuka away and heads to the back.

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