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S3 Episode 2 Raw & Smackdown Card

Episode #2 (Apr. 24, 2020):

Raw Card:

Show Opener: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman open up RAW. Heyman says that after the travesty that happened at Wrestlemania and what befell Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Heyman says that there was money left on the table. So because he is an advocate for his client Brock Lesnar, a man that loves money much like himself and McMahon, they came to a deal. Get the title off Roman, and give it Brock. Done deal. And guess what we did just that last week. And now RAW is run by YOUR REIGNING AND DEFENDING WWE CHAMPION, BROCK LESNAR. However, there's an asterisk now. Because as of now, my client will never accept any challenge from Roman Reigns here henceforth. That's right Roman. You can try all you want. You will never challenge for the WWE Championship ever again. Match #1: Naomi vs. Liv Morgan -During the match, Bianca Belair comes out and distracts Liv Morgan RESULTS: NAOMI WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax. Jax says she's going to win the Money in the Bank so that she can help defend her friend's title because that's what friends are for. Match #2: The Viking Raiders vs. B-Team -The Disciples watch the match from backstage RESULTS: THE VIKING RAIDERS WIN -After the match, R-Truth comes out and pins Bo Dallas to win the 24/7 title. Video Package: Rhea Ripley is coming to Raw Match #3: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya -Shayna Baszler watches the match from the back. RESULTS: BECKY LYNCH WINS Segment: Sheamus backstage says that he wasn't supposed to be on Raw, he was supposed to stay on Smackdown, but he pleaded with WWE officials to move him to Raw. Why? Because his quest is not over. His quest to become the IC Champion has not ended. He will become a Grand Slam Champion and he will not rest until the IC Championship is around his waist. Aleister Black walks up (making his debut) and stares at Sheamus, eyes him, then says that he was the longest reigning NXT Champion (probably in our universe i don't know). Your chances of winning the IC Title will fade to black. Match #4: Andrade w/ Vega vs. Ricochet - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match RESULTS: ANDRADE WINS -After the match, King Corbin lays out Ricochet Segment: Roman is on the phone with his lawyer. They are talking about what are Roman's options regarding getting back a match for the WWE Championship. Roman learns that he just has to earn his way back cause Paul Heyman is not allowing Roman to have a shot. He needs to find another way into a title shot. At that moment, Andrade walks up to Roman and taunts the fact that he will be taking off the WWE Championship from Brock when he wins MITB and laughs in Roman's face. Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Aleister Black RESULTS: ALEISTER BLACK WINS -After the match, AJ looks mad

Smackdown Card:

Show Opener: Drew McIntyre opens up Smackdown to tell the WWE Universe about his next hunt. He wants the viper, and not just the viper but the universal title over his shoulder. He says he wants to class up this "jungle" well, I like the jungle, it's where the hunter does his very best work and Randy Orton you're next on my list of prey. Then the lights go out and a message appears on the titantron written in red letters. DREW. IT IS NOT WISE. TO LOOK TO YOUR NEXT HUNT. WITHOUT FINISHING WHAT YOU STARTED. The lights come back on and Drew looks confused and we cut to commercial. Match #1: Nikki Cross vs. Mandy Rose - Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match RESULTS: MANDY ROSE WINS Segment: Samoa Joe is in the ring and he wants a match, he wants a challenge, he wants to dominate every single person on this roster and show them that this US Title isn't leaving his hands anytime soon, hell i'll even put it on the line! So Paige, send out anyone you want I don't care! I'll take them down no matter who it is. Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring to challenge Joe. Match #2: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy - United States Title Match RESULTS: SAMOA JOE WINS -Joe grabs a mic after the match and says "Next time, send a real challenge and not some washed up has been." Video Package: Matt Riddle is coming to Smackdown Match #3: Pete Dunne vs. Shelton Benjamin - Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Match RESULTS: PETE DUNNE WINS Segment: The IIconics are backstage in GM Paige's office and they want a shot at the Women's Tag Titles but The Empresses of the Night step in to interrupt and say they want a shot at their titles back! The two teams begin arguing when Paige steps in and says ENOUGH! You both want a shot at the titles then we settle it in the ring. #1 contenders match tonight between you two, good luck. Paige sends them away. Match #4: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak -During the match One Nation storms the ring with a steel chair with "Ali" Spray pained onto it. One Nation takes out both competitors and then proceed to beat Mustafa down with the chair and grab a microphone. RESULTS: DRAW Segment: One Nation Promo : Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa, You pissed off the wrong two people. You should’ve stay with us, we see clearly now! You took us to rock bottom and now that we have felt that, we are going to rise and come back stronger than ever, especially now since we have a common enemy. This isn't the end Mustafa and when we run this show, when One Nation becomes the talk of the WWE you'll WISH you hadn't stabbed us in the back and became one of them. Main Event: Empresses of the Night vs. The IIconics - #1 Contenders Match for Women’s Tag Team Titles RESULTS: THE IICONICS WINS

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