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S2 Episode 46 Card

Episode #46 Card (Mar. 6, 2020):

Show Opener: Roman Reigns opens up Smackdown. He addresses last week with Goldberg announcing that Daniel Bryan is next. Here's the thing, Goldberg, I won the Royal Rumble. I'm next. I don't care how much of a legend you are. You don't get to just waltz in here and demand title matches. We here at Smackdown give opportunities out fair and square., If you want into my Wrestlemania opportunity, you're going to have to through me. Then Goldberg shows up on the tron, and laughs. Goldberg says that Roman's got it all wrong. He wasn't demanding a match against Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. He was telling him. I'm in the match now Roman. I went over your head and GM Paige's and talked to the real big dog in charge Vince McMahon. We saw money on the table and he did the right thing. You're out of the match. I'm in. Have fun in catering. Roman stands there disgruntled. Then storms to the backstage. Segment: Backstage in GM Paige's office, Paige announces to the camera that at Wrestlemania, there will be a 6 man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, she says that she's loved those matches in the past and can't wait for another outing. Besides the champion AJ Styles, she's already picked 4 other competitors and in 2 weeks there will be a match determining the final entrant. Roman then barges into the office and asks to talk to Paige. Paige agrees and tells the cameras to cut, but they secretly continue to roll. Roman asks if he really lost his Wrestlemania match to Goldberg. GM Paige says that this is the first she's hearing about the news as well and she'll talk to VInce right away about it. Paige then asks the camera guys to leave the room. Match #1: Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth RESULT: DREW MCINTYRE WINS Segment: Video Package showing Ember Moon and Asuka's arrival to the main roster. Match #2: Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross RESULTS: SHAYNA BASZLER WINS -After the match, Baszler beats down Cross and then grabs a chair, and says that she proved that Ruby Riott is nothing more than an afterthought, time and time again. I've beaten her several times, I was the last woman standing. And after the steel cage match, that became all the more true. Yet, Ruby has the gall to come back and make me lose my Smackdown Women's Championship? That was funny. Almost as funny as her little sob story last week. Baszler hits Cross with a chair. One month. Another chair shot. Two months. You say Ruby that you hit me for every month you were out. Let's see if that will hold true for Nikki Cross here. Baszler begins to batter Cross with the chair over and over again. Riott runs out and Baszler rolls out, Riott checks on Cross. Baszler says that this match is not going to be easy to get unlike the last ones. Baszler knows how badly you want this match. So here's the thing. If you want the match at Wrestlemania, i've got some offers to make. And you'll hear them next week. Baszler leaves and Ruby helps Cross to the back. Segment: Backstage Interview with John Morrison. Interviewer asks Morrison about his partnership with The Miz and how Miz has announced that he's going to go back after the Intercontinental Championship. Morrison says that Miz is definitely eating more than he can stomach. he's tried several times but has failed at every opportunity. And y'know maybe other people deserve that title shot instead. Interviewer asks if Morrison is talking about Sheamus. Morrison says no because he also lost his chance at the title. Interviewer asks who, but before Morrison can say The Miz walks up and the two greet each other. Miz tells Morrison that it's time to head out and John says he'll be right behind him. John turns and thanks the interviewer and then follows Miz out. Main Event: Tag Team Gauntlet Match with Lucha House Party, Burch and Lorcan, The Pure, One Nation, Street Profits, The OC and Heavy Machinery RESULT: HEAVY MACHINERY WINS -After Heavy Machinery work their way through all the teams The OC's music hits and while Heavy Machinery are recovering and waiting for them OC come out from the crowd and jump Heavy Machinery from behind then while OC are beating them down Street Profits, Burch and Lorcan, and LHP all come to the ring and stop the OC. Once both teams make it to their feet the match officially continues and all the teams that helped HM are surrounding the ring and cheering them on. HM pick up the victory after they hit The Compactor on Anderson. The other teams storm the ring and celebrate with HM. Segment (During Gauntlet Match): Another Eric Young Vignette starts playing and he says that at Wrestlemania he and his lion have a very special and spectacular show for the masses on the world's grandest stage. The lion will be taking out 29 other competitors with no more effort than lifting his finger! it will be a spectacular show full of carnage and destruction come Wrestlemania!

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