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S2 Episode 42 Card

Episode #42 Card (Feb. 7, 2020):

Show Opener: Big E opens up the show and talks about The State of the New Day. With both Kofi and Woods out for several months, Big E is left as the lone New Day member. But maybe this is the time to prove to the WWE Universe what he is capable as a singles star. Follow Kofi’s lead. And now with Woods injured there is an open spot for the Elimination Chamber. So this might be his time. McIntyre walks out and McIntyre says how great for him. He can now have a bigger challenge than Little X. No matter what McIntyre's win is inevitable. Big E says that shouldn't he be more worried about Roman Reigns. McIntyre says very angrily that Roman is none of your concern. Big E says that he should be yours as Roman walks out behind McIntyre and attacks. Roman throws McIntyre into the ring. Big E slams Drew McIntyre and sets up for his running splash but McIntyre rolls out of the way. Match #1: Asuka w/ Moon vs. Sasha Banks -During the match, Shayna Baszler comes out of the crowd and attacks Ember Moon. Asuka gets the save but when she reenters the ring RESULTS: SASHA BANKS WINS Segment: Miz and Morrison present the return of The Dirt Sheet, on today's episode we talk about The OC and their past. They cut to a pre recorded skit of them pretending to be Jesse and Festus and are making fun of Gallows. Match #2: Mustafa Ali vs. Andrade w/ Vega - Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match RESULTS: ANDRADE WINS Segment: Street Profits call out One Nation saying that, they want a fair fight, face to face two on two. We know we can beat you and we want to prove it, so we are challenging you guys to a match tonight! Meet us in the ring. Match #3: Street Profits vs. One Nation RESULTS: STREET PROFITS WIN -After the match Mustafa Ali storms the ring and attacks Montez Ford while the Street Profits celebrate and One Nation get the upper hand and beat down the Street Profits and leave with their new member. Segment: Sheamus calls out AJ Styles and says he wants an IC title match at Elimination Chamber, AJ says that he accepts under one condition and that is if Sheamus can beat the The OC in a handicap match next week. Sheamus accepts. Match #4: Naomi vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Cross -Natalya on commentary RESULTS: NIKKI CROSS WINS -After the match, Natalya fakes a congratulatory hand raise and jumps Nikki Cross from behind and attacks her with a kendo stick. Segment: Backstage Interview with WWE Doctor & Kevin Owens, asking whether or not Kevin Owens will be cleared to wrestle at Elimination Chamber. The doctor says that it's going to be close but if Owens doesn't aggravate it any further then he should be good to good. Owens takes the mic and says that no matter what happens, Owens says he will not miss the Elimination Chamber to earn back his spot for the WWE Championship, and Sami, you better win your qualifying match next week, so I can kick your ass. Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs. Big E - Elimination Chamber Qualifier Match RESULTS: DREW MCINTYRE WINS

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