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S2 Episode 39 Card

Episode #39 Card (Jan. 17, 2020):

Show Opener: Kofi Kingston opens the show and announces his injury, and why he feels he let down everybody. New Day come out and tell him not to worry because what he did was historical, not just to the New Day but for all people around the globe. They all celebrate his title reign. Match #1: Roman Reigns vs. Mustafa Ali -During the match, Drew McIntyre pulls the ref during a pinfall and then attacks Roman Reigns and secondarily Mustafa Ali. RESULTS: DQ Segment: OC come out with all the gold to brag about taking over the division and being wrapped in championships. Miz comes to storm the ring and says AJ is lucky that he even has that title, if it wasn't for Sheamus I would be the Intercontinental Champion right now and you know it. AJ responds by holding the mic up to his mouth to say something then just kicks The Miz in the gut and The OC start beating him down and John Morrison comes out to make the save and the MIz and John Morrison take down The OC. Match #2: The OC w/ Styles vs. The Miz & John Morrison RESULTS: THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Sheamus following the previous match. Sheamus says that he deserves the Intercontinental Championship and he will not stop until he gets it around his waist. Match #3: The Empresses of the Night vs. The IIconics RESULTS: THE IICONICS WINS Segment: Backstage with The Pure, celebrating Bryan's win in the most Pure way. Then Dream and Keith Lee walk out and they all get in a tiff and then we get a tag match playa. Match #4: One Nation vs. Street Profits -One Nation attacks The Street Profits during their entrance. Take them to the ring then the match begins. RESULTS: ONE NATION WINS Segment: Sit-Down Interview with Shayna Baszler. Baszler is asked with the Elimination Chamber coming up how will she win. Baszler says she will win how she always does. Main Event: The Pure w/ Bryan vs. The Velveteen Dream & Keith Lee RESULTS: THE VELVETEEN DREAM & KEITH LEE WINS

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