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S2 Episode 37 Card

Episode #37 Card (Jan. 3, 2019):

Show Opener: Daniel Bryan opens up Smackdown and applauds Gulak for his perseverance and determination at taking the most of his opportunity at the WWE Championship. Sadly, it did not come to pass. But Bryan still believes that the WWE Championship needs to become Pure again and that is why he is challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. Kofi Kingston comes out and says yes but on one condition. All of your Pure friends are banned from ringside, I know how you all work, I see it every week. And it's not happening at our match at the Royal Rumble. but Bryan don't worry, I'm a fair. If your guys aren't allowed, mine aren't either. Bryan accepts. Match #1: Naomi vs. Sasha Banks RESULT: SASHA BANKS WINS Segment: Video Package Promo with the Miz explaining that he needs to win back the IC Title because it’s his title. He made the IC title the most important title for the past couple of years, and winning it back will validate who he is once again. Match #2: One Nation vs. Burch & Lorcan RESULT: ONE NATION WINS -Post Match Promo on GM Paige’s “apology” to One Nation and how they aren’t accepting management’s apology and it is obvious that management doesn’t actually care about them, so they won’t care about them either. Segment: Backstage Dash Wilder is being interviewed about Scott Dawson's injury. Dash says that it really sucks and he wishes Scott the best of luck in his recovery, but their titles will be in good hands. Drew Gulak walks out and Dash hands him the tag title. Drew Gulak says that as a member of the Pure, his proud to continue on the legacy of pure wrestling and teaching every tag team what it means to be a wrestler. The New Day walk out and say that it sucks what happened to Dawson but the Royal Rumble is around the corner and they are without a doubt going to be the new W-W-E TAG-TEAM-CHAMPIONS once again. The OC come out and say that they should have been in the match because the New Day all ready had their shot and they missed. The Street Profits come out and say something about how at least they won their match last week. All the teams start yelling. GM Paige rolls up and says that New Day vs The Pure has already been decided, but she likes the idea of adding you more tag team into the match. Tonight, it will be The Street Profits vs. The OC, winner gets added to the tag team title match at the Royal Rumble. Match #3: Natalya vs. Shayna Baszler RESULT: NATALYA WINS Segment: Video Package Promo with Sheamus explaining that he believes he should win because simply enough, it’s the only reason he has come back. It’s the only title that has alluded him in his 10 years in WWE. Without it, he is not a grand slam champion, and the title is the only thing stopping from cementing his legacy. Match #4: The Street Profits vs. The OC - Winner joins the Tag Team Championship match at the Royal Rumble RESULT: THE OC WINS Segment: Elias is backstage pulling his number. Elias pulls a 4 which makes him very upset. McIntyre walks in and takes Elias's number and replaces it with his own and leaves. Elias says that his new number is 19 and he is now happy about that. GM Paige questions why McIntyre wants a higher number and Elias says he doesn't care, he just knows that he's going to Walk with Elias on the Road to Wrestlemania. Main Event: The Miz vs. Sheamus - Winner faces AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble -AJ Styles on commentary; talking about how neither of them deserve the IC Title RESULT: THE MIZ WINS

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