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S2 Episode 35 Card

Episode #35 Card (Dec. 20, 2019):

Show Opener: Sami Zayn and Cesaro open Smackdown. Zayn said that last week proves what's missing from Kevin Owens and that is simply a friend. Owens has turned his back on every single person he's known, so much so that no one trusts him. Now Cesaro and I are two of a kind. We have shared roots in NXT, we were rivals in NXT. But we've matured into respectful partners because we can trust each other. We've built trust from NXT, while Owens has only ignored it. Owens has nobody because nobody wants him. Video of Kevin Owens at the Performance Center next to a picture of Sami Zayn with the NXT Title. Owens says that he's taking Zayn's advice and going back to his roots.While he was at the performance center, he stumbled upon this picture. What's ironic about this picture is that it captures the moment you won the NXT title, but what it fails to capture is what happened immediately following which was me powerbombing you through the ring apron. Then, I won the NXT Championship off of you 62 days later. Here's the thing Sami. I know my roots. You seem to have forgotten ours. Match #1: The Miz vs. Elias RESULT: ELIAS WINS Segment: Sasha is in GM Paige's office talking to Paige about getting a title shot. Banks says that she's run through the rest of the women's division, including Natalya the former champion. Paige says that two weeks ago Natalya beat her fair and square. Sasha responds saying that was a fluke win and any random person can get lucky once. Naomi comes in and tells Sasha that if anyone is next in line for the title it's me. Sasha says that she can beat Naomi any day of the week with her eyes closed and to step off. Paige makes the match official. Match #2: Sasha Banks vs. Naomi -During the match Duke, Shafir, and Baszler interrupt to beat down Naomi and Sasha. Natalya runs to the ring in hopes of providing assistance to Naomi but gets beaten down in the process. Baszler and the bois stand tall RESULT: NO CONTEST Segment: Ember moon and Asuka are backstage pulling their RR numbers from the ball when The IIconics interrupt to get their numbers first. Peyton wishes them luck cause once her and Billie are in the ring together, we're gonna dominate the rumble so try not to get in our way. Match #3: The Velveteen Dream vs. Cedric Alexander RESULT: THE VELVETEEN DREAM WINS -Bryan attacks Dream after the match Segment: Sasha comes to the back after their match to find Naomi and Natalya backstage and says look I know the three of us aren't exactly on the same page, but none of us are gonna be able to get close to that title without taking out Shayna's cronies. So I say we put our differences aside for one night to take them out, us vs them and we'll show them who really runs Smackdown. Naomi and Natalya reluctantly agree. Match #4: Andrade w/ Vega vs. Keith Lee RESULT: KEITH LEE WINS Segment: Backstage Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa are being interview backstage. Interviewer asks them if they can explain their actions from last week. Apollo talks about how he and Akira have been friends for years now, traveled the globe together, even were roommates for a couple years. They always had each other's back, especially when they weren't getting their due. Then they both come to WWE. WWE is the pinnacle of sports entertainment. The epicenter. They came to showcase their talent to the world and have the world appreciate them for it. And the WWE Universe did at first. Back in NXT, back in the cruiserweight classic, everyone loved them. But then that love started to die off. Then WWE starting looking past them, giving away their opportunities to others. And we kept smiling, we kept showcasing our talents. And our nation became smaller and smaller. But you know, we don't care anymore. All we know is that we still have each other's back. Akira jumps in and says "One Nation". Apollo says that right's Akira. We are a nation of one now. And you can step to us, but just like WWE management's treatment of us, we'll look past you. Main Event: The New Day vs. Roman Reigns & The Street Profits -During the match, The Pure come out and attack everyone. RESULT: NO CONTEST -After the match, The Revival putting the Street Profits through Commentary booths and what not. Bryan handcuffs Woods and Big E to the ropes while Gulak is beating down of Kofi. Bryan puts Kofi into a heel hook while Gulak tells Kofi that he is cashing in his opportunity and he is adding himself to the WWE Championship match next week. Then Roman attacks Gulak and fights off Bryan and The Revival.

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