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S2 Episode 28 Card

Episode #28 Card (Nov. 1, 2019): *Halloween Show*

Show Opener: The New Day open up Smackdown and give candy to the audience. Then Orton RKO's Kofi, calls him stupid and leaves. Match #1: Carmella vs. Sasha Banks - Women’s Survivor Series Qualifier RESULT: SASHA BANKS WINS Segment: Elias is tuning his guitar backstage. English walks up and says that they haven't been on the same page for awhile but he wants to make up for it with some outside help. English then walks in with a woman extra, and says that she has a lot of great ideas for their band and that they should listen to her. Elias says they don't need her to be a great band, they never had. They just need to refocus on their music. English ignores him saying that the women said that they should re-challenge The Pure to get the momentum back. Elias says he is not going to be embarrassed by English again, and English agrees. Match #2: Natalya vs. Naomi - Women’s Survivor Series Qualifier RESULT: NAOMI WINS Segment: Naomi is interviewed backstage after her match and is asked how it feels being back on Smackdown. She says that being injured gave her a lot of time to think about how she's going to take down whoever the champion is and how she will be on top of this woman's division, so Shayna, you better watch your back. Match #3: Sami Zayn vs. ALI - Men’s Survivor Series Qualifier RESULT: ALI WINS Segment: The Pure come out to do their Road to Survivor Series Open Challenge, but English & Elias cut them off and ask for a rematch. The Pure say that they don't really do rematches sweetie. English starts singing/begging for a rematch, but English & Elias can't get on the same note. Elias gets annoyed and mad and English for blaming him, then Elias smashes the guitar over English's head. And says he's outta the band and leaves. Match #4: Keith Lee vs. The Velveteen Dream - Future Stars Eliminator RESULT: THE VELVETEEN DREAM WINS Segment: Miz TV w/ Guest Himself and he interviews himself about his time away and turns face and says he is going to go after the Intercontinental Championship. Andrade and Zelina Vega interrupt The Miz and say no, you're at the back of the line, Vega says Andrade deserves to get his gold back in a fair one on one match. Miz says that Andrade had his run and if anyone is in the back of the line, it's you but if you want to fight about it, I can kick your butt any day of the week. Andrade and Vega go to leave but then goes to attack Miz and Miz reverses into a skull crushing finale. Main Event: Lucha House Party vs. The OC - Trick or Street Fight RESULT: THE OC WINS

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