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S2 Episode 20 Card

Episode #20 Card (Sept. 3, 2019):

Show Opener: The New Day open SDLive. Woods says that they've talked it last week over as a group and as much as he and E doesn't Kofi putting his career on the line, they are brothers and they are going to support. Big E says "besides, this man is a veteran in the ring. He's been doing this for 11 years. He is an 11 time tag team champion, 3 time United States Champion, and four time Intercontinental Champion, but if y'all needed a reminder, Woods and I have put together a little highlight reel for y'all. Highlight reel plays. Come back and everyone's fun. Kofi thanks Woods and E for their support but seeing all of his career highlights really reminds him that he has never won the big one. He's never had the gold around his waist. But this Sunday, that's going to change. Kofi turns to the hard cam and calls out Pete Dunne. Kofi says he's let no opportunity stop him and he doesn't care how great his opponent is, at No Mercy he's going to make his career count and win the WWE Championship. Woods and E hoist Kofi on their shoulders. Match #1: Natalya vs. Nia Jax w/ Bliss -If Jax wins, she's added to the No Mercy Women's title match RESULT: NATALYA WINS AFTER A FAILED DISTRACTION BY BLISS Segment: In-Ring Interview with Rey Mysterio on his thoughts on Velveteen Dream. Mysterio says that Dream is an amazing kid and has a bright future ahead of him but he needs to remember that recognition is earned and not demanded by the WWE universe. Dream interrupts and says when Dream beats the King of Lucha Libre, the WWE Universe will finally recognize who the true king of WWE is. Not a pipsqueak in a mask, but a wrestling icon. Since coming back to WWE, Mysterio hasn't done a thing while the Velveteen Dream has been turning heads every week. I'm a star Rey, you are a has been. Dream swipes at Mysterio and beats him down. Mysterio makes a comeback and attempts the 619 but Dream leaves. Match #2: Finn Balor vs. Eric Young RESULT: ERIC YOUNG WINS -Balor after the match is angry about this loss, very visibly upset Segment: English and Elias come out and address the WWE Universe and say the days of singing about pointless crap just to appeal to all of you heathens is over. However robbing the world of the immense amount of talent between the two of them would be criminal. They start to play a song about how crappy the town is and rag on sports teams and how Heavy Machinery are just two idiots who's win last week was a fluke. HM come out and interrupt the music and storm the ring. E&E bolt out of the ring and head up the entrance ramp. HM challenge E&E to another match at No Mercy to prove that their win was more than just a fluke. Match #3: The Pure w/ Bryan vs. The Street Profits RESULT: THE PURE WINS -Following the match, Bryan hypes up Dawson and Wilder's title match at No Mercy saying that they will take the tag team title belts back from AOP and purify the tag team division. But he has his own personal goal at No Mercy. "You see, the face of professional wrestling company should not be a sports entertainer, it should be of A real professional wrestlers. Someone who has honed their craft in this ring, making works of art out of submission holds, striving for the WWE Championship. It should be me. I am the face of the WWE. Roman Reigns is a run of the mill ex football player that is destroying the sanctity of this squared circle. At No Mercy, I will purify WWE by defeating Roman Reigns. Segment: Heath Slater starts the 6th Inaugural Heath Slater 24/7 Championship calling out Robert Roode. Robert Roode comes out and laughs and Slater’s request, making fun of his 6th failed time at winning the 24/7 Championship. He tells Slater to quit while he’s behind. Slater says he can show Roode who’s really bad if he comes to the ring. Roode is cut off by Viktor of the Ascension rolling him up, but Roode kicks out, then Konnor comes out and tries but fails. Slater sees this and rushes over to get Roode but because Konnor and Viktor are fighting over them stopping each other, Slater fails to catch Roode. Match #4: Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler -Special Guest Referee: Ruby Riott -During the match, Baszler goes to choke out Riott. When Riott drops to a knee, Flair hits Baszler with a Big Boot. Then Flair goes to apply the Figure Four but before she does she flashes The Four Horsewomen Sign but Riott spears Flair. Riott stands tall and leaves the carnage behind. RESULT: NO CONTEST -Later, in the show, we announce Baszler vs. Riott vs. Flair at No Mercy Segment: Backstage Interview with Roman Reigns who accepts Bryan's challenge. He says that he has put in the time in this company. I worked hard to get where I am today, just like Daniel Bryan. I paid my dues and gave my blood, sweat, and tears to be the top dog today. And he can prove all of that to Daniel Bryan at No Mercy. Main Event: Rusev vs. ALI vs. Ricochet - #1 Contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship RESULT: ALI WINS -Rusev is injured for 2 weeks

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