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S2 Episode 18 Card

Episode #18 Card (August 20, 2019):

Show Opener: The New Day open SDLive. Kofi is the first to speak and say that at Summerslam another roadblock came between himself and the WWE title. He isn't phased however because he know that no matter what happens he'll beat the odds and his 11 year journey won't be for nothing and that the Summer of Kofi will end on a high note. Woods and E chime in and say that what happened at Summerslam was a robbery and they would like to right the wrong by challenging Pete Dunne and Drew McIntyre to a match tonight and if E and Woods win the match Kofi gets a title shot at No Mercy. Pete Dunne and McIntyre come out and accept the challenge and say that they will make the New Day Old News. Match #1: Ricochet & ALI vs. Andrade & Rusev (Surprise Partner) w/ Vega RESULT: RICOCHET & ALI WINS -After the match, Rusev attacks Ali, Ricochet makes the save but Andrade, Vega, and Rusev leave before much could happen. Segment: Roman Reigns Backstage Interview where he is asked about the team of Daniel Bryan and The Revival. He says that last week was cheap. He called Bryan for a match man to man, to finally settle their differences and instead he turns around and grabs some cronies in the Revival. He expected better from Daniel Bryan. But if that's the way it's going to be, then so be it. Then Bryan and the Revival jump Roman from behind. Bryan grabs the mic and yells that Roman doesn't belong here. WWE is for the mat wrestlers, the technicals, the tag team specialists. WWE is made for The Pure and The Pure alone. They are here to purge out the crap that has infested this locker room until it has become Pure once again. Bryan and The revival leave and then the Usos run in to help Roman get up. Match #2: Robert Roode vs. Apollo Crews - 24/7 Championship Match -During the match, Slater interrupts it to start the 5th Inaugural 24/7 championship call-out. Crews rolls-up Roode during Slater's call-out. RESULT: APOLLO CREWS WINS. NEW CHAMP!!! -Following the match, we see a twitter video of Slater searching for Crews, but we see Roode pin Crews and leave with the title. RESULT: ROBERT ROODE WINS. NEW CHAMP!!! A Moment of Bliss with Special Guest Nia Jax: The two talk about Natalya and her family lineage. Nia Jax says that her Samoan bloodline can beat Natalya’s family of basement rats any day of the week. Bliss agrees saying they both didn’t need to train in a rusted old basement for years on end, but instead they were just born with greatness in their bones and that is why when she defeats Natalya at No Mercy, she will make the SDLive Women's Championship superior once again. Nia says that she thought she was going to challenge for the title first. Bliss says they agree that Bliss gets No Mercy, Nia gets TLC. GM Paige comes out and says that she can make the decision for them. Next week will be Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya, if Alexa wins, she will wrestle for the title at No Mercy. And then the following week, it will be Nia Jax vs. Natalya. If Nia Jax wins, she will wrestle for the title. So the match can be a triple threat if the genetic goddesses play their cards right. Match #3: The Usos vs. The Revival -Daniel Bryan on Commentary RESULT: THE REVIVAL WINS Segment: Backstage Interview with Natalya who responds to Bliss and Jax and GM Paige's match announcement earlier. "Whether it be one of them, both of them, or none of them, I will be defending my title and my legacy at no mercy. Working in the dungeon made her stronger than anybody truly realizes and sure the Samoans are great but they don't have the resiliency or the heart of her family. Next week, she will prove that her training can out number the odds. Match #4: Charlotte Flair vs. Ruby Riott RESULT: RUBY RIOTT WINS -Following the match, Baszler jumps Riott from behind, then attacks Flair. Baszler leaves flashing the four horsewomen sign.

Segment: The Woken Warriors go to Finn Balor backstage and say that it is upsetting to them that Finn Balor is cut off from his DEMONIC PERSONALITY. They offer Finn Balor to come to the Hardy Compound and take a dip in the Lake of Reincarnation to see if that could help him. Match #5: The New Day w/ Kingston vs. Pete Dunne & Drew McIntyre RESULT: PETE DUNNE & DREW MCINTYRE WINS

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