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S2 Episode 11 Card

Episode #11 Card (July 2, 2019):

Show Opener: GM Paige opens SDLive with two announcements. First, due to outside circumstances (wellness policy violation), Drew McIntyre is being forced to relinquish the WWE Championship. Second, because of this, she is announcing a 16-man WWE Championship Tournament, with a new champion being crowned at Summerslam. She announces the participants and the tournament bracket. Match #1: Cesaro vs. Andrade w/ Vega - WWE Championship Tournament Round One Match RESULT: CESARO WINS Segment: Slater and Rhyno are eating at a dinner together. Suddenly, 24/7 Champion Kevin Owens walks in to grab a bite to eat. Slater & Rhyno realize this. Slater takes off his shirt to reveal a referee t-shirt and then the two go attack Owens. Match #2: The Usos vs. Sanity w/ Dain RESULT: THE USOS WIN Segment: The New Day talk about Kofi Kingston entering the WWE Championship tournament and having a match at Stomping Grounds. They are excited for the Summer of Kofi to begin. Then, they talk about last week and how The Revival left them high and dry last week. So as Kofi prepares for his match, Big E and Woods challenge The Revival to a match next week. Segment: The IIconics say that they are better than the Genetic Goddesses and that if they were in the match at Backlash, they would have won and finally make SDLive IICONIC. Match #3: Peyton Royce w/ Kay vs. Zelina Vega w/ Andrade RESULT: PEYTON ROYCE WINS Segment: Natalya comes out and says that Naomi not being appreciated is untrue because she knows for a fact how much her, the women's locker room, and the WWE universe love her. But what Naomi did at MITB was terrible. She sank low and played dirty. And Natalya says she can't forgive that. Naomi comes out and says she did nothing wrong that no one else would do. Take an opportunity. The two then fight and Naomi gets the upper hand. Dana Brooke makes the save. Segment: Slater & Rhyno are fighting against Kevin Owens in the dinner. Think Austin, Booker T-esque. It ends with Rhyno missing a Gore on Owens and hitting the jukebox. Slater then eats a Stunner from Owens, and Owens escapes. Main Event: Braun Strowman w/ Miz vs. Rey Mysterio w/ Jeff Hardy - WWE Championship Tournament Round One Match RESULT: BRAUN STROWMAN WINS

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