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S1 Episode 4 Card

Episode #4 Card (Sept. 11, 2018):

Show Opener: AJ Styles opens talking about how he now has to face three people for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, and how he doesn’t like what Owens and Rollins did to him last week. Owens makes sense, but he expected better from Rollins. Rollins comes out to defend himself and said he only did it to get what deserves. Not only a #1 contendership but a dream match of Styles vs. Rollins. Owens comes out and says you’re welcome to Rollins because if it wasn’t for his idea to team up, Rollins would never been in his title match. McIntyre comes out to attack Rollins and Styles, with Owens getting the hell out of there. Match #1: The Bar vs. The Colons - MATCH DOESN’T HAPPEN -The Colons come out first -As The Colons are waiting for The Bar, we cut to backstage and see the Bludgeon Bros. beating up The Bar. The Colons run backstage, find GM Paige and ask what about their match. Paige makes a Bludgeon Brothers vs. The Colons for next week Match #2: Bayley w/ Nia Jax vs. Sarah Logan w/ Liv Morgan -Liv Morgan tries to distracts Bayley, Jax throws Morgan off of the ring apron into the barricade RESULT: SARAH LOGAN WINS Match #3: Mike Kanellis vs. Sin Cara -The Miz on commentary -Mike Kanellis throws Sin Cara into the announcer table, The Miz fakes his pain, Kanellis takes the turnbuckle off, throws Sin Cara into it. RESULT: MIKE KANELLIS WINS Backstage Segment: Dan Bryan stops Mike Kanellis and The Miz backstage. Bryan expresses his displeasure, The Miz says that Kanellis took his opportunity unlike Bryan. Match #4: Seth Rollins & AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens & Drew McIntyre -McIntyre tags himself in with a headbutt during the match -Styles and McIntyre go for a hot tag, Styles tags in Rollins, Owens leaves McIntyre high and dry, Rollins curb stomps McIntyre for the win RESULT: SETH ROLLINS & AJ STYLES WINS Backstage Segment: English and Rusev talk about last week’s Sing-Off competition, Rusev is worried English is going to ruin Rusev Day, English thinks Rusev is jealous; Elias attacks Rusev, English pulls Elias off of Rusev, Lana helps Rusev Main Event: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Balor -Nakamura goes for a low blow, Balor reverses, coup de grace, wins -Following the match: Balor says “Thank you for the warm welcome to SDLive, Shinsuke. After that win, I hope you like your warm welcome to the Balor Club” RESULT: FINN BALOR WINS

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