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S1 Episode 15 Card

Episode #15 Card (Nov. 27, 2018):

Show Opener: The Undisputed Era in the ring, Cole argues that he should have won the match last week and that his hand showed have been raised. AJ Styles & The Bar come out and Styles says Cole won't get the shot at the title because he won. Cole says that he's pretty sure that all of UE has beaten all of them, Sheamus says “lighting doesn't strike twice" and they head to the ring, GM Paige comes out and makes a match for tonight, if Undisputed Era win, they get a #1 Contender shot for both the tag title and the world title, and the match can't end in a draw. Backstage Segment: Mike Kanellis tells The Miz that last time when Mojo Rawley beat him, it was a fluke and that he will beat Mojo tonight, Miz tells him that if he doesn't win, he will no longer be his coach. Match #1: Slater & Rhyno vs. English & Elias RESULT: SLATER & RHYNO WINS Backstage Segment: Flair asks Tamina that since she helped save her last week, can she be in Tamina's corner this week, Tamina says yes. Match #2: Tamina w/ Charlotte Flair vs. Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan RESULT: LIV MORGAN WINS Backstage Segment: Flair is being hard on herself, Tamina cheers her up, says loses happen to everyone and that Flair just has to be ok with that, and she will get the next one, and then leaves Match #3: Mojo Rawley vs. Mike Kanellis w/ The Miz -During the match, Kanellis runs towards the ropes, and The Miz trips him, Kanellis gets distracted RESULT: MOJO RAWLEY WINS -Following the match, The Miz raises Mojo Rawley's hand. Backstage Segment: Dan Bryan backstage Interview, asked about McIntyre, says that he worked hard for coming back and earning the respect from the WWE Universe, and Bryan says that McIntyre is working hard, just what he's doing isn't getting the respect from anyone, McIntyre walks in and stares down Bryan and gives him a devious smile. Main Event: AJ Styles & The Bar vs. The Undisputed Era (Cole, Strong, Fish) w/ O’Reilly -If Undisputed Era win, they become the #1 Contender's for both the Tag Team Championships and the WWE Championship -The match cannot end in a draw -Ceasro gets injured RESULT: THE UNDISPUTED ERA WINS

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