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AEW Revolution 2022 Preview

The depth of the AEW Roster is on full display with this show as they have unbelievably put together another stellar card for a pay-per-view. With the recent news of Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor, suddenly the roster does not seem so bloated. Of course, nobody really knows what Tony has planned for Ring of Honor besides Tony but it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and it's possible we could see some signs of ROH during this show. That being said, don't hold your breath. I will say the card for Revolution can rival and probably topple any AEW card to date.

Wardlow vs. Keith Lee vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Christian Cage - Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

I'll start by previewing the match that I am the most unsure of, the Face of the Revolution ladder match. There are several viable winners in this one and none of them are named Orange Cassidy. Keith Lee is in for the biggest match of his short AEW career. Giving him a win would go a long way in legitimizing him as a contender. Wardlow getting a big win like this has been a long time coming. Hobbs or Starks would both be fine choices too, but since they're both in the match, I think that they will cancel each other out.

Truth be told, my gut says Keith Lee wins and sets up a match against the TNT champion in Texas.

Winner: Keith Lee

Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy vs. Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara

This match on paper is odd, to say the least. I get it, I watch the TV shows too, but we have Andrade, Matt Hardy, and half of Private Party versus Sting, Darby, and Sammy. I suspect Sammy, Darby, and Isiah are going to do most of the work in this one. I feel like Sting doesn't lose very often and I can't really see him dropping one here. The only way would be MAYBE a Jeff Hardy sighting, but that seems unlikely and truthfully nearly impossible if his noncompete clause is indeed active.

Winner(s): Darby, Sammy, and Sting(y)

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston

This has been built very well. Both Jericho and Kingston are amazing on the microphone and their character work has been phenomenal. I'll be honest though, I'm skeptical about the in-ring aspect of this match. They'll probably start brawling and hopefully keep it together for a solid 8-minute match. Eddie Kingston absolutely needs a win here and I think he gets it. Jericho on the other hand is almost immune to losses which is good because he isn't immune to anything else.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Personally, I want these two to team up and form that great stable with Daniel Garcia and Lee Moriarity. That would just be fantastic. Unfortunately, I think that stable isn't going to include Moxley. I anticipate Moxley getting the win in this one and post-match we see Danielson team up with the younger Daniel and Lee. Who says no?

Winner: Jon Moxley

MJF vs. CM Punk - Dog Collar Match

Another match that has been built well via great promos and stories. It's almost like there's a certain formula that you can follow to ensure people care about your matches. I had originally thought we were getting a double turn in this one, but I have since retracted that thought. Punk bled buckets on Wednesday and I'm sure both men will bleed their fair share on Sunday. I think MJF secures a win maybe wrapping the dog collar around Punk's arm for a submission. Not so sure about the actual finish, but AEW is clearly high on young Maxwell. A win here would set him up as a top challenge for the AEW Championship for Double or Nothing.

Winner: MJF

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Tay Conti - TBS Championship

Eventually Jade will lose...maybe. Revolution is not the night and Tay Conti is not the one to beat her. Again, I think the person who beats Jade is not on the AEW roster yet.

Winner: Jade Cargill

Jurassic Express (c) vs. reDRagon vs. Youngbucks - AEW World Tag Team Championship

Oof, I retract my statement about being most unsure of the ladder match. I'd like to change my questionable pick of the night to this match right here. Any of these 3 teams could win the titles and truthfully, it makes sense for the titles to change here. The issue is, who wins? I imagine we'll see the Bucks and reDRagon teaming up at first until they go head to head over some type of miscommunication. The Bucks already had a tag title reign, so I'm thinking that Fish and O'Reilly get the win here. Giving the tag titles to them would give people a bit of doubt heading into the main event. People would believe there's a chance that the show closes with Cole, Fish, and O'Reilly all holding gold just like...

Winner(s): Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly

Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa (AEW Women's World Championship)

I thought this was a no-brainer for Thunder Rosa to win the title on this show. The build just hasn't been there. I think AEW holds off a few weeks until the St Patrick's Day show. Rosa just needs to hold on a few more weeks. I imagine there are some shady shenanigans for the finish.

Winner: Britt Baker DMD

"Hangman" Page (c) vs. Adam Cole - AEW World Championship

Adam vs. Adam is the main event of the AEW pay-per-view. If a subsection of fans is to be believed, Adam Cole can't possibly win. He's too small. Ridiculous. The man carried NXT while he was champion and now it's impossible to imagine him as world champion? People are crazy. I will admit, I think it's a tad early to end Hangman's reign. I see Hangman holding the title until at least Double or Nothing.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

On paper, this looks to be another hit. Truthfully, I think it is a can't miss show. Can't wait to watch it this Sunday!


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