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Ryan Neitzey

Co-Host of Hit the Books and Host of G1 And Only. Ryan became a fan of pro-wrestling in 2008, then fell out of love and came back to it full force. He watches everything from WWE to AEW to NJPW to Stardom to MLW to NWA to your local indie. Plus, he’s slightly insane and created a document that tells him who his favorite wrestler is, did he like them more this year compared to their history, and what dream match will he probably like the most, all based on matches he’s seen and rated. Someone help him!

Zach Batista

Co-Host of Independent Waters, Zach Batista’s first memories of pro-wrestling were watching ECW with his dad when he was around four or five years old. While he did go on hiatus from watching pro-wrestling in middle school and high school, he started watching more in college and hasn’t stopped watching since. He usually watches AEW and WWE, but has recently started to expand into watching more indie wrestling thanks to his and Mikey’s podcast!

Sean Laraway

As one of the writers of Count Out!, Sean Laraway is a Theatre Kid, Actor, and Writer from Virginia Beach. He started watching wrestling in 2008 and became friends with Mikey and Ryan in College. His work includes pieces from Last Word on Pro-Wrestling and AIPTcomics. He is the final boss of people who wear Christmas Sweaters. He never misses AEW Dynamite and NXT every week and does Finn Balor's entrance every time he leaves the house. 

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Mikey Manfredi

Co-Host of Hit the Books and Co-Host of Independent Waters, Mikey Manfredi is a wrestling fan from New Jersey who has been watching since he was just 5 years old. He started with WWE and has since been diving into more promotions like AEW, Riptide, Beyond Wrestling, Defiant, OTT and more! His greatest wrestling memory is when he and his friends would blatantly ignore "Don't try this at home" and wrestle with each other on a trampoline for hours. It's pretty amazing that he hasn't gotten injured yet.

Loren Rosenberg

As a writer for Count Out! and host of Your Dose of Death, Loren Rosenberg has been an avid wrestling fan since 2008. As time progressed, he has become a great fan of the independents which has morphed into a love for his favorite genre of Deathmatch. Loren has been very excited to share his love of wrestling that usually slips under the radar such as the indies and deathmatch. You can always see him booting up his IWTV subscription or getting ready for Wednesday night Dynamite looking for the next great star in wrestling! His favorite wrestling memory was his first live wrestling show in the summer of 2016 when he attended NXT Takeover: Chicago, as it ignited his love for going to live wrestling shows for the very first time.

Ashley Parker

Co-host of How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling. Of the two hosts, Ashley is the lady who knows A LOT! Ashley's love of wrestling was reignited in 2015 after taking a long break. She watches everything from AEW to NJPW to the indies. Ashley loves watching old PWG matches and her biggest regret was never going to a show in Reseda. She will always love Kenny Omega.

Amanda Bones

Co-host of How To Talk To Your Friend About Wrestling. Of the two hosts, Amanda is the lady who knows squat about wrestling. She did watch some WWE growing up so she can call out some of the heavy hitters from the 90s, but for the most part, it's all-new. She is diving right in by learning the vocabulary (and using it in a sentence), watching matches from multiple companies and choosing her favorite wrestler, go figure, it's Cody Rhodes.